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predictions on key : 🇮🇳India: will be re-elected 🇮🇩Indonesia: will be re-elected 🇮🇱Israel: to win again & will hold onto prime ministership Via :

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predictions on key : 🇦🇺Australia: Labour Party to win single-party governing mandate 🇧🇪Belgium: to lead next governing coalition 🇨🇦Canada: 's Liberal Party likely to retain power Via :

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RT : iab 2019: Von 11. - 15. März kannst du dein Wissen zu Themen wie , , Advertising, , & more vertiefen. Für iab Mitglieder und Basislehrgang Alumni gibt es spez…

iab 2019: Von 11. - 15. März kannst du dein Wissen zu Themen wie , , Advertising, , & more vertiefen. Für iab Mitglieder und Basislehrgang Alumni gibt es spezielle Rabatte:

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Automation creates a great impacts to small business at present. Right technology and tools boost your business. We came across nice below example.

“Occitan Imports” is a home-based, woman-owned business, sells French tablecloths and Laguiole cutlery uses latest technology in their business.
SaaS and automation allows business integrated and optimized while they are focus on growing business.


Repost from @centrifugetraining - “The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.” ― Neil deGrasse Tyson #centrifugetraining #vcqb #datadriven #ballistics #science #fbi #usms #dea #rcmp #nypd #txdps #msp #osp #lawenforcement #forcopsbycops #train #win

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5 Steps to Connect Dollars to Student Achievement - Part 4

(Fourth of a 5-part series on what works and why)

Educational leaders understand the value of providing ready evidence that the innovative practices in their districts result in student achievement gains, and many of them wisely invest in the technological infrastructure that generates reliable data. Good data, coupled with a feedback mechanism for collecting it, provides leaders with the opportunity to optimize the effectiveness of products and programs in which they have invested.

The return on that investment often hinges on the courage it takes to embrace what works and abandon or modify what does not, and effective leaders are comfortable with their responsibility to welcome all feedback and respond accordingly. One of the most valuable attributes of school and district leaders in this process is to rely on the experiences of colleagues locally, regionally, and nationally by maintaining an active interest in learning and sharing what is happening in public education.

Step Four- Sharing and Learning 
Educational leaders who engage in innovation are typically proud of their efforts and eager to share their successes. Hosting visits from colleagues who are interested in learning more about a particular initiative often provides a dual benefit to host and visitor, generating conversations which typically reveal more commonalities than differences in a given pair of districts.

One practical example of this likely outcome can be found among districts at different stages of implementing an instructional coaching model. After a year or two of initial experience, districts that host visits from others considering the practice in their own setting mutually benefit by discussing what is working and why. This organic way of generating ideas is the most natural way to grow a practice in an authentic and productive manner.

Leaders who are eager to learn more about what is working elsewhere as a means of improving their own districts are often the same leaders who can be found in attendance at any number of local, regional, and national conventions. It is the reason why many leaders in public education are inclined to abandon the phrase “professional development” which carries with it the idea that something is “underdeveloped” and in need of remediation.

“Professional learning” more aptly describes the process of collaboration among peers and colleagues. While some may posit that the difference between the phrases is merely a semantics exercise, others who have made the conscious decision to use professional learning to describe their efforts to improve practice can testify to the advisability of doing so.

Leading by example is certainly not a new concept, and demonstrating a continued interest in learning about what’s new and effective in other districts positions school and district leaders for success when they expect the same characteristics in their teachers. This foundational principle is one reason why the initial implementation phase any new product or program must be accompanied by embedded professional learning for practitioners and leaders. 

Providers of new products and programs have long understood that the support they provide is the most critical factor in the successful rollout of anything that represents a change in current practice. Leaders who insist on intensive and embedded professional learning to accompany any new initiative are demonstrating the key characteristic of those who implement change successfully.

The effort to connect dollars to student achievement is a noble goal, best accomplished by remembering and demonstrating the value of actively embracing learning and sharing. The willingness to host visitors, the inclination to describe ongoing training as professional learning, and the frequency with which leaders attend conferences and seminars, are all indicators of transformational leadership.

People in any organization take their cues from the leadership, a fact abundantly clear to school and district leaders who succeed in creating a culture that embraces change and innovation. Clear communication of not only what is happening but why it is beneficial, followed by an investment in the training necessary for successful implementation, are the best ways to demonstrate a sincere appreciation for the professionalism of colleague faculty and staff.

Sharing and learning is a process and not an event. If the standard practice in a district is to embrace innovative change, it is likely due to the behavior of leadership more than any other single factor. The steps to connect dollars to student achievement are each valuable and necessary, and the attitude of leadership at all stages of the process is one of the most critical factors for ultimate success.

The next item in this series will examine the concept of actionable intelligence as a catalyst for change. Issues and opportunities are the fodder for professional learning, especially when leaders welcome reliable data and use it to inform policy and practice. 

Data-driven ecosystemen

Zeker ook één van de grootste digitale ontwikkelingen van 2016! 

Het houdt in dat alle data bijeen wordt gebracht in een database waarin verschillende databronnen worden gekoppeld en met elkaar communiceren.

Op deze manier willen bedrijven een ‘holistisch’ beeld van de consument scheppen. Om zo’n beeld te verkrijgen is er integratie nodig van de verschillende databronnen, ze moeten gestructureerd worden en dan wordt een ‘datawarehouse’ opgezet. 
Via dat datawarehouse kan men via machine learning (algoritmes) adviezen bekomen voor een betere customer journey. 
En het is net zo dat bedrijven waarde toevoegen aan de klantervaring.

Een volgende stap naar evolutie zijn ‘intent-driven’ ecosystemen.
Het houdt in dat marketeers een op maat gemaakte boodschap tonen op het moment dat de gebruiker erom vraagt.  Het zal deuren openen in de toekomst, maar daar ga ik in deze blogpost niet verder op ingaan!

Geschreven door : Roos Martens