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The stage has been set for at Disney's Coronado Springs! ​ For early arrivals, you can pick up your registration badge & swag bag starting at 4 p.m.​

LOVE that is demoing simple of results using ... wait for it ... Excel! 🙌 LESSONS: - use what you have - use what you know - adapt your tools w ease (shorter learning curve to expand) – at Dolphin Convention Center

With or without pics of puppies and blueberry muffins, I never miss an talk! Bonus to have Media Lab’s on stage to chat practical applications (Or as I like to say “Beyond Hunches”)

5 useful Pandas "read_csv" parameters that are often overlooked: names: specify column names usecols: which columns to keep dtype: specify data types nrows: # of rows to read na_values: strings to recognize as NaN

Five Ways Can Drive Growth For Your : 1. Data-driven culture 2. Data-driven decisions 3. Data-driven analytics 4. Data-driven insights 5. Data-driven problem solving And more! via

How can your firm use data and data science to win more business, using software you already own? Media Lab’s and I will show practical applications at ’s track at 3:30 in Southern Hemisphere 3!

Ryan Garnett is Manager-Geospatial Integration and Access from the City of Toronto. Ryan is presenting a case study about Creating an Open Sourced Data-Driven Organization to Increase Citizen Engagement. See you next Sep 10-11

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Field Report: KDD 2019

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hi, my name is niyati! ive had this studyblr for awhile but i haven’t really posted much :/ i love this community though, and i want to be a part of it!

about me

✧ my name is pronounced NEE-yuh-dee (idk how to convey the soft ‘dee’ in text,, but yeah). you can also call me koala :)

✧ i live in the united states

✧ i’m a freshman in college majoring in data analytics (afterwards i will pursue a masters in artificial intelligence)

✧ i love music, languages, and fashion

✧ i’m currently watching jojo’s bizarre adventure

blogs that inspire me

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