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RT MikeQuindazzi: How's your experience? 61% of the say they spend more time getting to work than they’d like >>> via MikeQuindazzi >>> #…

With evolving threats and growing data volumes, protecting data has now become top priority and need of the hour is a real-time integrated and defense platform. , our founder and CEO, speaks with ▶️

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📐📏✏ For those of you thinking I’ve been ignoring @gxprojext …you’d be SO WRONG XD I’m actually working some minor design flaws out to polish off the brand new product 💛💛💛
(๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ Awesome Accounts Worth Some Insta-♡!
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A Moment with NumPy : Using vstack and hstack functions
A Moment with NumPy is a video series which explains the usage of individual functions of Numpy (A SciPy Library). There are times when we need to combine tw...

Combining the nd NumPy Arrays using vstack(…) and hstack(…)

There are times when we need to combine two different NumPy arrays to come up with a bigger array. The NumPy functions vstack(…) and hstack(…) is used for combining the arrays vertically and horizontally.

This video talks about combining 1D and 2D arrays and what are the limitations with respect to the functions and what all combinations can be successful