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What I imagine Lore does at 10-Forward during the weekly karaoke night.


Real Lawyer Reacts to Star Trek TNG Measure of a Man (Picard Defend Data’s Humanity) | Legal Eagle

J.C. Penney’s stock recently went below $1 per share, again, so here is their stock history over the last 37 years

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#SciFiFriday and #FanficFriday - 5.24.2019

“Data, what are you doing?” Geordi had been buzzing around Engineering like a bee, prepping for the imminent away mission, but paused when he noticed Data, sitting on the floor in a corner, cross-legged with his eyes closed. What had arrested his movement completely was the fact that Data had plugged himself into the console. A hardware connection was usually unnecessary for Data, unless there was something wrong with his positronic matrix.

Data opened one eye.

“I am attempting to commune with a more primitive being.”

“What?” Geordi walked over and sat down next to Data. Data opened both eyes and began to explain.

“I have noticed that many members of the crew utilize the holodeck for meditation and reflection, usually in settings with no human components, but occasionally with simulations of wildlife.”

“Sure,” said Geordi, although he could not imagine where Data was going with this.

“I have also observed,” Data continued, “that the instances of lifeforms chosen are not less-evolved versions of the crew members themselves. For example, humans rarely choose to simulate other primates, such as chimpanzees or orangutans. Instead, they choose to interact with still more primitive beings- birds, deer, and rabbits.These interactions are not like the relationships they sometimes develop with pets. I would be better able to categorize them if they were.”

“Yeah, I think you would,” Geordi smiled, thinking of Spot.

“Further research indicated that humans and other beings occasionally will commune with these primitive lifeforms because it gives them a more grounded sense of self. I am experimenting to see if I gain a similar sensation.”

“Why not just use the holodeck for the same kinds of nature simulations?”

“I tried that,” Data cocked his head at an angle, “but the results were inconclusive. I hypothesized that this might be because of my lack of any common genetic structure to organic life on any planet. So-”

“-the Enterprise.” Geordi finished the thought, rubbing his chin. “I see where you’re coming from- a completely different order of artificial intelligence.”

“Yes,” Data affirmed.

Geordi nodded. They sat side by side in silence for a minute, listening to the quiet hum of the warp core.

“Riker to La Forge,” Geordi’s com-badge chirped to life, “we’re ready to disembark.”

“Uh, on my way,” Geordi responded, “Sorry, Data, I’ve gotta run. Let me know how it goes!”

Data lifted a hand in farewell- he had also been experimenting more with nonverbal communication- and then resettled himself, closing his eyes to limit the distractions of optical input. He observed the myriad AI processes of the engine- the adjustments being constantly made to the warp core containment field, the cycling of the antimatter injector, the distributions of the plasma manifold. The simplicity of the operations without concern for any adjacent systems or outside factors… a sensation did begin to manifest.

He would have to check with Geordi later but Data suspected that it might be tranquility.