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Tahoe Mountain Report | Year End Market Analysis Hard numbers on all of our luxury core communities. Enjoy!

The outlook for marketing growth is good -- if we can survive Trump, China, Brexit, Shutdown, Privacy! | | Great job today Bruce! Thank you!

Cherie Ding of is using analytics to improve software in hospitals to support clinical decision-making when requesting radiology procedures.

"What's on the other side of the Earth? Interactive Antipodes Map [OC]". Detail: Is Beautiful

La soirée continue à l'ESPGG, avec BattleKarimi qui nous parle du sol et de son intérêt. cafe_sciences

US News ranks Software Developer as the #1 and Statistician as the #2 best jobs in America. Does this help explain the rise of data science? It is a hybrid of both roles. Are analysts stuck in the #2 best job migrating to the #1 best job?

the of is on the data fabric with old & new programs / Always great to hear Container platforms for compute ( ) & data () All roads lead to the data

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Whether virtualized or physical, Rubrik makes it easy to instantly access + recover lost Epic . See how it works

Massive thanks to Bramcote Leisure Centre hosting our first public trial of INCUS swim analytics! We were overwhelmed by the turnout. Definitely more sessions to come!

Use of USB devices, phones are not allowed without prior permission. Client security is a priority over anything else. Outsourcing with us never means risking data security:

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Weather station report: Temperature: 14.100000381469727°C, 57.38°F Rain: , January 17, 2019 at 12:51PM

It’s weird how we kinda look over unorganized the internet is. Take look at art and fandoms, you could go to all of the main websites that art is posted on and archive the fanart of a character that has some kind of tag or marker that indicated that was the character and you wouldn’t be able to fully archive all the art that has been created of said character cause sometimes art is uploaded without being tagged. Even more so you go on google images and you’d find images you’ve never seen before of the character that have been only posted on one place like a thread of a forum, never tagged, never uploaded to a bigger site. Even deeper there are forums and sites that web crawlers can’t access known as the deep web (not to be confused with the dark web) that have fanart, stories and media most of us will never see. Their could be fandoms you’ve never dreamed would have content for making it and sharing it with each other away from any sense of organization and archive. It makes me wonder how much media and information is lost over the years through forums and old websites shutting down.
Your phone is also a surveillance device, and it's turning your life into a map
Our phones' GPS and location capabilities are a key part of what make them magical — enabling them to speed our commutes, hail rides, and find the devices when we lose them.

Key takeaways:

  1. Cell providers resell location info
  2. Tweet locations reveal where you live 
  3. Slack monitors your itinerary

Infographic - Popular and Unpopular Vegetables in The Netherlands for magazine Sir Edmund

This was also an assignment from school. The objective was to take data from the Dutch food magazine, Allerhande and from extra external sources to create an information graphic that could be inserted in the Dutch news Magazine, Sir Edmund from De Volkskrant. This was the result.