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Outside-The-Box Date Ideas For Homebodies! // The Mrsing Link —  

Wir waren am Wochenende bei der Tagung des (es) . Vielen Dank an unsere -Vertriebsmannschaft für den Einsatz am Wochenende und die tolle Betreuung unserer Kunden dieses Fabrikats.

実家で眠ってた とか いろいろ録りたくて、25年程前に中古で買いました。 動かないだろうと思ってたのですが再生しました。音も大丈夫! さて、使い道を考えよう。(^^;

Vintage 1978 OZARKO Yearbook For Southwest Missouri State University In Springfield Missouri

It's hard to believe the media is ignoring Americans suffering in the Midwest with freezing floods, drowning everything in sight. Praying! For Disaster info, aid, shelter for ppl, pets, livestock, follow

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Wolfverines beat Minnesota golden gophers real bad, setting up da 3rd rematch tryna beat MSU tomorrow to win thee Championship tomorrow 🏀

実家のDATデッキ、20年ほど使ってなかったけど、ちゃんと動いた。(^^; 持って帰って使おうかな。

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Hookup With Kinky Singles!!

anonymous asked:

Will you be using other social media platforms? If not, that’s cool. Just take care of yourself!

pretty much just tiktok! im @burgerkingisrael theree.. i do have an insta but i dont really use it? its @subwayisrael 


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Mod bowl i just want u to know that you've given me a lot of laughs when i meeded them most and for that I'm forever grateful 😭💖

youre a darling thank u follow me on tikto


anonymous asked:

are you deactivating or just leaving?? (i really hope you don’t deactivate)

im deactivating, sorry ldnflkndf im tryina cut off ties with The Blue Website entirely 


thatweirdpredatorgirl  asked:

I want to thank you for all the work you have done with this blog. You may remember me from earlier I'm actually the Anon who told you about how these little pictures and the voice acting/sound effects you do helps ease my anxiety and helps with my depression! I'm very thankful for all that you and the other mods have done and it also brings a tear to my eye that you're leaving but I wish you the best of luck! You and your colleges have made my year better as a whole and I will miss you! 💙😭💙

aww omg i remember you!! ill miss you too thank you very much..


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yo I'm glad you're trying to get yourself in a better headspace, I hope things go well for you!

<333 thank u so much.. im actually doing really well atm my whole life is changing for the better