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Just Pinned to Parenting Tips: This list is the ultimate mommy daughter date ideas with your toddler. From tea parties and dress up to a fun day outside, you'll love these practical and easy date ideas that will make lasting memories.

Could someone with fb plz post this warning in all pet rescue pages. I don't know if they're trapping by today but they are in Concow & . Plz??

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Students in DAT 1 are putting together their podcasts - group discussions, editing RAW files, compiling segments into shows. Looking forward to debuting our first episode next week!

In order to better prepare for your DAT, practice smart by using the PAT generators for as little as 5 or 10 minutes daily! In order to access the PAT generators, click the following link! Best of luck 🤓🦷

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This is a rare personal post but I’m so excited I could die. I GOT INTO DENTAL SCHOOL! After missing the first round of acceptances and 2 post December 3rd Interviews, I was really nervous that I would have to reapply. But here we are- I‘m going to be a dentist! I can’t tell you how relived I am to not have to redo my application. On the off chance you guys have any questions feel free to message me.

Good luck to all you future dentists!

Kentucky Barrel

So, DDT had a new year party. Each of them brought a food. There were staff brought an expensive soba, a steak, even a (surprisingly delicious) home made roll cabbage. Kondo, because he became an owner of orange plantation, he brought lot of oranges from Wakayama (cute as always 😆). And Ono… he brought a Kentucky ‘Barrel’ (which included biscuits (ビスケット) within).

Ono : First we have a party barrel

Kondo : Kentucky-san…

Ono : Oh look, here are also biscuits

Kondo : Eh, biscuit? NO WAY!!! A BISCUIT!!!

Ono : *LOL*


Ono : Okay, okay, I’ll give it to you then

Kondo : Ah, thank you thank you

Ono : With a maple syrup

Kondo : Of course a maple syrup perfectly fit with the hot biscuit!

Ono : This isn’t fine, we’re doing the radio now

Kondo : It becomes slushy

Ono : Splashing around (the table), but well it’s a good timing to eat them anyway

Kondo : Thank you very much. Ono-san, excuse me for taking the BISCUIT!

This alone was so hilarious. Until someone mentioned me to this CM…..

OKKAAAYYYY…. A special offer for Kentucky 'Barrel’, voiced by a certain someone… Now I can imagine he might be the one who asked Ono to buy it pfffttttt

happy belated new year~


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“You don’t look ‘fine’ to me!”


Of course she would be the one to notice. He could hide it easily enough from everyone else. Was it because she too was marked and knew where to look for signs of distress? He hated the greater rifts - the ones he couldn’t seal away himself. Hated putting strain on someone else. Perhaps if he could somehow get stronger with the mark… Somehow… Even so he tried to shoulder most of the effort, perhaps even to the point of putting too much into it. Perhaps that was truly how she knew. He was visibly more exhausted afterwards, and she was aware of just how deep Reiner’s stamina reserves were. The smallest sign of fatigue in Reiner may as well be pure exhaustion in a normal person. There were even running jokes that he was half Qunari - which he assured was not the case, though it certainly gave Bull a laugh and material for his own breed of comments.

A deep breath is drawn and exhaled slowly, “I said I was fine. We’ve done these a few times before, it’s becoming pretty procedural.” The blond cocks his head to the side and rubs the back of his head, looking to the side, “It’s nothing some sleep can’t fix. Probably just staying up too late and waking up too early is all.” He didn’t sound all to convincing, as logical an explanation as it was.