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RV à 17h30 Plateau 2 avec Michael Bailly pour le talk "Construire et dév. des tableaux de bord pour réseaux sociaux" . Découvrez l'appli de conçue pr , réutilisable pour vos projets. .

Early-bird pricing for Building World-class Business Dashboards workshop on Jan 23 in Tucson *ends this Friday.*

ONLY 01 DAY LEFT TO REGISTER ** 2 Hands-on Workshops in DECEMBER 2019 ** For registration & details, please contact Muhammad Sarim Atique on M: +92-345-8949470; +92-21-345-47141, 345-20093 E:

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📉 KPI Dashboard


Ok, we all know Tumblr can be …. irritating. Just letting you know that there is no longer an indication on my activity page that someone I follow has reblogged or liked one of my posts. It’s been that way for a week or more. Combine that with the new aggregating of info. and it’s difficult to know what’s happening. I find it annoying and inconvenient. 

On the bright side, it’s Friday. I hope you all have a great weekend. : )