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La Ing. tiene harta razón. La de Café ☕ sabe buenísima. Hasta de lo sabe.

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Google maps is starting to show predictions on how crowded buses might be in . It's a scale from 1 (many seats) to 4 (full). The prediction shown here is 3-of-4; Google thinks it'll likely be standing room only.

Fabulous day. Kids super excited by the . Ice creams by the pier cracking sunshine. to the last days of the

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Było grane wczoraj w .ie. Po ponad 2 latach bardzo miły, powrót do rywalizacji przy tarczy. Thanks 🖐😉

Jeff Brown, who collects cars among other things, looks at cars as sculptures on wheels. The documentary “D’art” looks at the intersection of design & engineering, where design incorporates art

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Just in, a wonderful . Only two previous owners, thousands recently spent on the body and mechanics this truely is a chance of a lifetime to own such an iconic car. Click the link for more info

Flutter provides an easy way to build and deploy apps both for iOS and Android with a single code base with great native performance, fast development and much more. For more information visit

FSD is currently at the test track before going to the skidpad

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Hey I haven’t drawn in a while so heres a fantroll. Her name is Gahrin and shes a pilot


Ab heute verfügbar. Die V2 von Adrian Gray in L3 ⚔️
#dart #dartsturm #dartsturmisiert #lstyle (hier:

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Wir haben ein super Video von @dartarossa_cgn bekommen. Er stellt unseren C.A.T.01 Steeldart 🐾mit gewechselten Nano Storm Points vor.
Lasst einmal ne Menge Liebe 🥰 da.
#dart #dartsturm #dartsturmisiert #video (hier:

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***sofort lieferbar-sind diese Shirts***
Und wir haben sie alle reduziert 🤑 Seid also schnell
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Small Boats Moored At Low Tide On The River Dart by Frank Paul Silye
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Ikoniske Royal Castle Hotel er et prisvinnende og privateid hotell fra den 17. århundre, liggende på elvebredden til elva Dart. Fra hotellet er det få meter til kaia hvor en tar båten over til Kingswear og veteranjernbanen.

Flo og fjære er i dette området noe helt annet enn det jeg er vant til i Sør-Norge. Småbåthavna blir i så måte et imponerende syn der båtene hviler på bunnen. Jeg var vel der akkurat det rette tidspunktet…