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BAR Buuではカラオケ歌い放題♪ 最新から懐かしまでたくさん モニターも3台あるよ〜 畳屋町ギャラクシービル4F 営業時間19時から2時まで 日曜日定休日

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why is the handcuffs on a male when the a male any reason for the false images when it’s a done by a male?

Lange fristeten Dartspieler ein und kämpften mit ihrem -Image. Jetzt boomt der . Wie nach kam und worauf es ankommt:

La policía de arrestó al hombre (izquierda) que presuntamente provocó la caída de un hombre hispano (derecha) sobre las vías del tren el pasado lunes. Lo último sobre esta investigación en nuestra edición de las 5 de la tarde por .

Est ce que je me reconverti après ces 2 lourdes défaites sur Hearthstone ??? Je me lance dans les fléchettes

Great exchanges yesterday with Eng. Ronald Lwakatare, CEO, Dar es Salaam Rapid Transit Agency () - a bus-based mass transit system connecting the city’s suburbs to the & which began operations 2016. The financed Phase 1. The is financing Phase 2.

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Da.wynn vs Dart pt3

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Thinking about what to illustrate for the calendar made me think about Elfquest and you know, there is one thing I still don’t get.

So TimTam explained why Cutter and Skywise had a very special connection, right? I mean from adolesence they were brothers in all but blood. They even knew each other soul names. I absolutely despise the «Timmain’s soul broke off and through Cutter recognized Skywise.» I still loathe this reveal with every single fiber of my being despite how neither Skywise nor Cutter are my favorites. It just ruined a core part of Elfquest for me, even if I was already mostly falling out of fandom, and have been for years.

But here is the thing. If that explains why Cutter and Skywise was recognized and that it was a fluke…

… what does that mean for Geoki and Dart?

Hell, what does that mean for Dart in general?

For those who forgot, in Siege of Blue Mountain Dart meets Geoki, a human boy, and they instantly have a connection and know each others names. Either Cutter or Skywise (can’t remember who) even comments on this. Later they both almost die together because of Kureel.

This was done by Wendy. I can fully accept if this wasn’t planned to use the TimTam thing yet but this is still part of canon.

Dart also recognizes Shushen and Kimo (though the latter was retconned) at a later publication.

So what is the deal there? Because there definetly isn’t anything to suggest they have specs of other souls mixed in there.