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🔁 Se solicitan donadores de cualquier tipo de sangre para: → Kevin Alejandro González López Lugar: Urgencias Pediatría - Centro Médico de Occidente - IMSS Más información: 3411004104 con Blanca López (mamá)

Misty at the top of but beautiful on the saddle to mountain. No better way to spend an Easter Sunday 😊

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RT SonReflexiones: ¡Sigo a 5 primeras personas que me sigan en Instagram! Nombre de usuario: sonreflexiones SonReflexiones

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Money on the hood… 1961 Dart and friend
Mopar Monday


Meru: Everyone! Albert and I got married this morning.
Meru: This makes me the queen of Serdio! Which means you all have to do what I say!
Rose: (Typical Wingly.) Even if you were queen, we’re not in Serdio. You have no dominion here.
Meru: That sounds like high-treason to me! Kongol! I command you to sit on her!
Kongol: Hmm, still better than Doel.


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Rob Cross Pixel - ab sofort dürfen wir ihn endlich versenden🚚📦
Die ganzen Vorbestellungen sind schon verpackt 🥰 Wer sich noch nicht eingedeckt hat kann sich jetzt das 360Grad Video ansehen und ist dann bestimmt genauso verliebt wie wir.
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No-Mag Object log #32381

No-Mag designation is a CZ P10C pistol which is capable of firing the 9mm round (No-Mag Object #11880). It carries 15 rounds in the magazine (No-Mag Object #11881) with an additional one in the chamber. What is truly remarkable about these devices, is their ability to propel a metal projectile at speeds of nearly 1200 feet per second without the use of magic.

Can be countered by a standard shield charm, however if it is not a passive charm (enchanted clothing or gear) it is near impossible to cast a shield charm if caught of guard. Further, a majority of enchanted clothing are not adequate to deal with the characteristics of a bullet. The clothing would need to be tailored towards deflecting physical objects which weakens its ability to block magical attacks.

No-Mag firearms are susceptible to normal disarming charms and require a great deal of skill to use effectively. Further unlike a wand, firearms are dumb weapons. This means that they must be handled with the utmost care in order to prevent unintended consequences. 

I recommend the immediate introduction of firearms, specifically handguns into DART teams. They should only be used in dire situations. As such there need only be 1-2 handguns per team. They provide a unique factor to engagements with dark wizards due to the aforementioned style in which you defend against physical attacks vs magical attacks. The use of both magical and physical attacks have a high likelihood of overwhelming the defenses of any wizard. 

I must reiterate that firearms should only be used as a last resort as they will be used to kill targets, not capture. The mission of the US Auror’s Department and DART are to subdue targets. Only if absolutely necessary should this dictate the use of lethal force. 

However, due to resurgence of the Death Eaters on the British island along with the lack of a proper response from the Ministry of Magic, it is my opinion that field operatives and teams must have the ability to engage threats of all levels at any time. The introduction of handguns would provide this ability. 


It was great to find a good looking dart frog from the Western Ecuador.
Striking colors are use to advertise their dangerous chemical weapons to other forest creatures.
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Champagne Flights - Signature Flights -
Sparkling Flights -
Unsere DartSturm Flights sind auch mit dabei 🥰
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Dart: Thanks again for coming with us, Lavitz. We’ll get Lloyd in no time!
Lavitz When we do I get to kill him. He murdered Albert, and as a knight, I must avenge my king.
Meru: Don’t worry, Lavey. We’ll get him and be back in Serdio in time for your wedding!