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Do you know that the Darkest side of us is having the best stories of us...

Eine kanadische Stadt im Bann der Ölförderung, die trotz Unfällen und Arbeitslosigkeit unhinterfragt bleibt: Die Doku Eden ist heute um 22.25 auf unser :

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Barbara Harrison GET OUT NOW! Beautiful, naïve Amber Light falls in love with a tortured artist named Cade Raine. From the first moment she meets him, she is absolutely smitten. , , , , ,

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Bad Fucking Timing (1/2)

Ransom Drysdale / Female reader

Summary: Ransom was in the middle of his moment of clarity when you interrupted him.
And now you are forced to be a part of his twisted sick plan.

;  Okay first of all, you all need to know that this fanfiction will be intense, I made Ransom even more asshole than he is, so beware of the tags!
I made alot of research and tried to be as accurate as the movie, but along the way if I need to change something to make Ransom get away with it and haunt the reader I will ;)
It will be two chapters, maximum three, and will be done in a week, hopefully another chapter of What not to expect when you’re expecting will be done.

Warnings: NON-CON/DUB-CON, VIOLENCE, INTENSE, DARK, face slapping, smut, injustice, unfair, so much of asshole Ransom.




Originally posted by erikisright

“Fuck!” The dogs barked at Ransom, making him quickly cower away from them.

He widened his eyes as he saw the lights leading to one of the rooms upstairs turning on.

He looked back at the dogs, relieved that they stopped bitching. Guess he should come tomorrow where nobody will be there so he can swipe the vials.

His moment of clarity is backfiring.

Did I fuck it up?

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