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Daniel “Godlike” Robert Wagner is so fucking underrated it really makes me mad! Look at this baby face… He. Is. G O R G E O U S

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So anyway, when’s Greta Van Fleet gonna start releasing concert movies?

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Girrrrl Jake looked so good last night

I know 🤧


Greta Van Fleet: SNL Promo [Black Smoke Rising] [You’re the One]

for @rubyknoby 

Polaroid/retro Jake wallpaper because he looked so good in that video

It was an honor to perform for you on the legendary Saturday Night Live stage last night.


Black Smoke Rising vs You’re The One 2:2

So I absolutely destroyed a Greta Van Fleet hater on twitter last night and I thought I’d share

Greta Van Fleet // SNL promo

just watched gvf’s snl performance and sam is wearing SHOES i do not support


Greta Van Fleet - You’re The One (Live on Saturday Night Live - January 19th, 2019)

You: Greta van fleet

Me, an intellectual: Super Blood Wolf Moon

why aren’t they called this

Greta Van Fleet



Uhhhhmmm wow 😍

The babes all look so good❤

Greta Van Fleet  
🎥: @maryellenmatthewsnyc