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Archie Giant Series Magazine #220, Archie Comics (1973). Cover by Dan DeCarlo, Jon D'Agostino & Barry Grossman. |

Med detta lätt modifierade omslag från #61 av önskar jag all ett riktigt gott nytt år! / With this slightly altered cover from Betty & Veronica #61 by Dan DeCarlo I wish everyone I know a happy new year.

I often make fun of anime enthusiasts for being sexually obsessed with cartoon women with huge eyes and nonexistent noses, yet I will freely admit to being attracted to the occasional character.

spot the subtle differences between the original and the reprint

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More greatness. I believe those haircuts went on to become pretty damn popular over the past 30 years... Archie's being a little small-town-minded here, but then I think I've had Betty's specific hairdo a number of times in my life...

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Dan DeCarlo was a goddamn incredible artist. This is the coolest looking school I've ever seen, and weirdly reminds me of 2018. 🤩🤩🤩

An addition to my collection of : A complete 8-page -story from 1966. This is the final page. Poor Pepper! Not o good day. page.

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As long as you only buy what you love and never speculate you can't go wrong with . Here's one of the treasures I brought home from : A complete 8-page -story from 1966 by & . 😉"Bring back Pepper!"

Visiting my friend David and admiring his original collection. And fending off his .

A salute to themed covers of old Giant Betty & Veronica Summer Fun comics ... (#13 from '61, #18 from '62, #23 from '63, and #34 from '65) ... cover art by .

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🌙: Please post more

I’m trying but i have like way less mutuals since i remade :/