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People say " You're naughty", I say "I know" 👅🎆 Join me! My room feels empty without you! 😘

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Un hermoso recuerdo de mi paso por la escuela de ballet del Teatro Colón. Junto a Rodolfo Peñaloza.

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顔をキョロキョロしてしまう人は、見ておいたほうが良い動画。 Madis Abel & Aleksandra Galkina 2019 GrandSlam Standard in Stuttgart Quickstep . # .

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«Sound moves Matter and there’s nothing we can do about it. — We can choose the beat, though»

As I see it, every individual sound brings with it a movement. So, every song also brings its own choreography and it’s up to us allow it to dance through us. — and so I do. 💓 And how is it that I’m Lucky enough to have friends with the ability to CREATE and put together sounds that penetrate deep in my soul only to make it burst into a million pieces and have its own celebration inside me?

Thank you @MARCELS_MUSIC for taking my soul, breaking it into pieces and putting it back together with these beats. 🔮💫✨☁️👁️ YOU ARE MAGIC! - -


Nonstop & lil Nonstop pt2 | Song: Red Lights - Kill Paris (Just A Gent Remix)


Aaaaahahaha! Some art of my big boi, Enma! The best disaster friend a disaster squad could ask for!If he isn’t galavanting about, stirring up rumors, he’s in the middle of questionable quests and punchy bard antics. My wonderful, big ol’ drummer boy. :DI’ve been using him for some DnD (picked tiefling to keep with his looks), but he’s actually a minor character in a story I’ve been working at. He and the disaster trio he supports are the heads of a mercenary company that specializes in information, protection, and retrieval. Each member has a bit of overlap in skills, but each is best at something and he’s best at making friends and wrecking people, physically.


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Shoba (1962-1980)

Indian actress best known for her work in Malayalam and Tamil films.

Shoba (23.09.1962 - 01.05.1980)

At the age of 17, she won the National Film Award for Best Actress for her role in the 1979 Tamil film Pasi. She also received three Kerala State Film Awards: for Best Actress (1978), Best Supporting Actress (1977) and Best Child Artist (1971); and two Filmfare Awards South for Best Actress in Kannada (1978) and Tamil (1979). Considered one of the finest talents to have emerged in the Indian film world, her promising career was unexpectedly cut short as she committed suicide in 1980, due to unknown reasons. Her popularity resulted in considerable public scrutiny of the events that led to her death and also various conspiracy theories. The 1983 Malayalam film Lekhayude Maranam Oru Flashback is supposedly based on her life and death.


Shobha committed suicide at the age of 17. She was married to Balu Mahendra. In an interview to Anu Haasan in Koffee with Anu, Balu Mahendra has said that the tragedy of how Shoba was suddenly snatched away from his life by destiny, as quickly as she came, formed the plot for his next movie Moondram Pirai.