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Tout ce que je vous demande, mon cher Dieu, est de protéger ma vie s'il Vous plaît...

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: As long as the keep the 🇺🇸, 🇸🇾is not able to protect you. As soon as you kick them out, both Damascus, 🇮🇷& 🇷🇺(No-Fly Zone) will jump in to protect you against 🇹🇷. And you know that. 🤨 About : !

in floating stand received by Billy Holland from the .. the smile tells it all

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Sky News Arabia: Damascus denounces the Turkish aggression in response to Ankara's plan to establish a safe area in northern Syria.

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denounces the " aggression" in response to 's plan to establish a safe zone in northern

The assessment is that the crew members belong to a classified cargo squadron operating from the Harabad military airport On - axis The captain of the plane was a senior pilot with the rank of Colonel Amir Ghafour Ajwand

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The martyrdom of the young engineer "Mohamed Osama al-Imam" from Damascus under torture in the prisons of 's criminal regime استشهاد الشاب المهندس "محمد أسامة الإمام" من دمشق تحت التعذيب في سجون نظام الاسد الإجرامي

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This is what happened in middle east,if you want to stop it,just kick them out of your region

It's difficult to imagine today but a regular train service between and was some 80 years ago. This is the train schedule in . You could catch a train in Haifa at 08:00 and arrive in Damascus at 19:47.

للشهداء والمعتقلين "Take our blood" A graffiti paint in my room 🎨 We painted before when we were in syria. The first was in damascus and made by graffiti team

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تسعى في محاولة التأهل للدور القادم في هذا الوطن، حتى تتمكن من الطبخ وإطعام أبنائها ربما لمدة أقصاها أسبوعين لثلاثة أسابيع.
حظاً موفقاً لها ولكل من يحاول البقاء في هذه المدينة رغم كل الصعوبات والأزمات.
قدسيا، دمشق في 15/01/2019
Qudsia, Damascus on 15/01/2019

Syria Claims Israel Fired Missiles Near Damascus, Hit Airport Warehouse

Syria Claims Israel Fired Missiles Near Damascus, Hit Airport Warehouse

External image

External image
Smoke rises past a mountain as seen from Damascus countryside, Syria December 25, 2018. REUTERS/Omar Sanadiki

Syria’s state news agency reported that Israeli warplanes fired missiles toward the Damascus area late Friday, according to Reuters. The Syrian government claims that its air defense system shot down most of these missiles. “The results of the aggression so far were limited to a strike on…

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United Arab Emirates reopens its embassy in Damascus, another sign that Assad has won Syria’s civil war
The United Arab Emirates reopened its embassy in Damascus on Thursday, marking the first official acknowledgment by regional adversaries of Syrian President Bashar Assad that he has won the almost eight-year war to dislodge him.
By Nabih Bulos

Yes, he won the moment Russia got involved,