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Making Friday’s look even better.

I'm actually really sad I'm going to miss Dallas SO much I love you.

Seasons Greetings. I’m here until Monday then off to 17-19 22-Jan 12 January 13-15, 2020 📧

Un gusto coincidir esta noche con el Obispo Edward Burns -amigo de , aliado de iniciativas comunitarias y vocero permanente de contribuciones de las y los migrantes- en la Catedral de para acompañar a la comunidad en los festejos de la

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Flashback Friday! That time I performed in Dallas with fellow S.A. Bboys for the Charity Event hosted by Emmitt Smith of the Dallas Cowboys! Had some flashy costumes! Great Times! I miss performing for an Entertainment Company! #FlashBackFriday #FBF #Performance #Entertainers #Bboy #Dance #Dallas #Texas (at Dallas, Texas)

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Donald called the Impeachment process, SPELLED OUT in the Constitution as a “threat to democracy.”

Donald, the only would be tin pot dictator here is you.

You talk like a rejected Orange Benito Mussolini but with only worse English.

You love dictators and hate democratically elected leaders.

YOU are the Threat



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I creeped who Big Rig was following before insta took away our right to creep and there were a bunch of puppy a day accounts. Big Rig is perfect, I hope we can all find somebody like that!


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Yeah he loves bigger girls, stays out of drama, doesn’t support Trump, stays out of other guys girlfriends dms. Respects women. Believes all women should have a choice whether or not they need an abortion, he’s just a great guy. Raised properly.

who knew men like this existed in the nhl holy

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I’m losing my mind over these Oleksiak asks like I’ve never heard of a guy not fitting what a story thank you for your service to the bunnies in getting this intel anon 😂

i’ve truly been thinking about this mans all day he’s so 🥵

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I’m friends with his sister Penny, we swim together. And Jamie came to one of her meets & introduced me (I’m 21 tomorrow) and he slid into my dms after and told me I was super attractive and wanted to know if I wanted to hang out. So we went to a bar and had some drinks and went back to his place and fucked and then we continued to hook up until he left for Dallas. He’s asked to fly me out a few times cause he misses my 🐱


Green Heron 11/30/2019 Dallas Texas アメリカササゴイ.



ルカ・ドンチッチ&クリスタプス・ポルジンギス 試合前選手紹介



Nov 26th 2019.

Dallas Marvericks-Los Angels Clippers.
American Airlines arena.