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മയമില്ലാത്ത പാൽ ആണോ വേണ്ടത്? ഐഡി മിൽക്ക് തന്നെ ചോദിച്ചുവാങ്ങു ...!!! Enjoy the richness with ID MILK - Indira Dairy Products ✨✨✨✨✨

Meeting with farm and livestock expert for the dairy farm project 🐂🐂 The expert told us that one cow can eat 40kg grass in a day 😱😱

Can’t help but stop and take a moment to enjoy some natural beauty this morning!

Induced announces a training program on "Basic Animal Nutrition and Dairy Farm Management" through the learned faculty of Trouw Nutrition.

Need a last-minute gift? Bring dad 2 the Watertown Agri-Business Club Dairy Breakfast! Treat dad to a delicious & get a first-hand look at how are cared for on a modern .

Have YOU signed our petition yet?! 🐄 Make your voice heard by signing our on-line petition TODAY! 💯 - Tell Stores Fairlife Milk is Not Fair! ***OFFICIAL ARM PETITION***

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& say the abuse captured on their was an anomaly, and not representative of most farms. Here's what more than a dozen industry insiders have to say:

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Learn how to leverage date for better decision at AgroExpo, Uzbekistan.

We are happy that our dealer network is growing, and this time we starting a new cooperation with our local country dealer ,,UAB Agrokoncerno technika".

Short weather window this time for some 2nd cut but it’s in the clamp now in good order and good bulk earliest I ever remember cutting 2nd cut 👌🏻even had to let dad cart some in this time 👍🏻

The Sunderland family of Bridport is working with to protect and improve the and on and around their . Thank you!

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100% Avusturya fleckvieh, pedigrili, Anne Süt verimleri 7.000 - 14.000 litre. Canlı ağırlık 650 - 700 kg. ☎️ 0532 544 28 85. #dairyfarm #cowsofinstagram #farm365 #farming #cow #cows #inek #süt #mandıra #damızlık #abudabi #agriculture #tarım #köylü #cowstagram #photooftheday #simmental #dubai #milk #köy #çiftlik #brownswiss #unitedarabemirates #çiftçi #veteriner #vet #anadolu #türkiye #hayvan #hayvancılık (Denizli, Turkey)

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100% Avusturya fleckvieh, pedigrili, Anne Süt verimleri 7.000 - 14.000 litre. Canlı ağırlık 650 - 700 kg. ☎️ 0532 544 28 85 #redangus #calvingseason #calving #cattleranch #beefcattle #herefords #cattlefarm #dairycow #heifers #dairyfarm #herefordcattle #aglife #womeninag #ranching #farmher #lifeonthefarm #farmanimals #ilovecows #farmlife #farmlifebestlife #iamcountryside #iamamodernfarmer #lifeoutthere #smallfarm #farmfresh #backyardfarm #farmstead #pastureraised #localfarm #farmersmarket (Denizli, Turkey)

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Credit to @vegan4life616 : Do you consume #Dairy🥛🧀🍦? If so, this is what you’re supporting with your money. Choose compassion. Choose Vegan options🌱 🚫🐄#dairy #milk #cheese #yogurt #icecream #dairyisscary Repost By @arminvestigations: Warning: the way the fairlife corporation and Coca Cola treat their dairy cows and baby calves will make you sick! As part of the largest undercover dairy investigation in history, Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) investigators have followed up on last week’s groundbreaking video with new evidence showing that the abuses of dairy cows and calves at Fair Oaks Farms are widespread and systematic. This is not the result of a few bad apples - this is company malpractice and a failure of the so called “rotary system”.
Learn more below, and at Our investigators need your support to continue to expose the abusive and criminal activities hidden in the dairy industry.
Between February and April of 2019, an ARM Investigator was hired by Fair Oaks Farms in Fair Oaks, Indiana to milk cows on a rotary system. On a nearly daily basis, the investigator witnessed employees punching, kicking, and stabbing cows, sometimes hitting their udders with the milking claws or shoving them with metal tubes and broomsticks. When cows in the milking line would not cooperate, frustrated employees would bend and break the cows’ tail bones as punishment.
On a daily basis, cows with infected eyes, broken bleeding tails, infected udders and afterbirth placentas hanging out from their bodies were seen being forced on the rotary system. The investigator did not witness any of the cows at this Fair Oaks Farms Fairlife dairy receiving medical attention, but did witness multiple downer cows and many cows falling while on the rotary system from poor health, untreated injuries, inability to walk and overall weakness.
It’s important to note the entire milking carousel has surveillance cameras and actions are video recorded and overseen by management. Unfortunately, management did not step in to stop the abuse suffered by the dairy cows.
#gamechangers #undercover #extreme #dairyfree #dairyfarm #dairyindustry #animalabuse #animalabusers #animalw

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#redangus #calvingseason #calving #cattleranch #beefcattle #herefords #cattlefarm #dairycow #heifers #dairyfarm #herefordcattle #aglife #womeninag #ranching #farmher #lifeonthefarm #farmanimals #ilovecows #farmlife #farmlifebestlife #iamcountryside #iamamodernfarmer #lifeoutthere #smallfarm #farmfresh #backyardfarm #farmstead #pastureraised #localfarm #farmersmarket (Denizli, Turkey)

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Reposted from @rowdygirlsanctuary - If In order to buy a gallon of milk you had to see a video that clearly portrayed the facts about the dairy industry you wouldn’t drink animal based milk, cheeses, butters or creams. If you had to watch the miserable business of the dairy industry you would be enraged, horrified, and shocked. I truly believe that no human could stand idly by while these sentient, passive animals are sexually violated, stabbed mercilessly, hoisted by cranes while still alive, burned with blow torches, grieving constantly because their babies are ripped from their sides, etc.. If a human can watch these videos that clearly portray the most criminal acts against these little newborn babies and laugh it off while consuming their milk, then that is proof that the world at large is programmed to be desensitized to the suffering of the innocent. It’s called normalized violence, and we are perpetuating violence every second of every day when we participate in this torturous corruption. Who lines up thousands upon thousands of tiny veal crates and puts live little babies in each one? They are forced to grieve, they must endure the elements, and the most painful of all is that their desire to suck their mothers breast milk is so strong that they’ve been witnessed sucking ferociously on fingers, and anything they can get their mouth on. Why do you think this industry has such a high suicide rate? Because, dairy is on the way out! Plant based milks are so much better than animal based milk, and you can be sure that you won’t get any pus or blood when drinking soy milk. It’s time to grow up and go vegan! #dairyfree #dairyisscary #dairyfarm #rowdygirlsanctuary #vegan #tradition #rowdygirlsanctuary #rancheradvocacyprogram #animalrights #mercyforanimals #compassionoverkilling #peta #cow #veal #ilovecows - #regrann

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Reposted from @worldanimalnews_ - Charlie was a week-old #calf who escaped from a #dairyfarm. Now he’s living his best life @cedarrowfs. 🐄🙏❤️⠀
Via @mercyforanimals
🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews - #regrann

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Dairy 4. Cow House

A visit today to one of the uni’s farms, Dairy 4, to see its cow house!

The uni has a number of farms that are used to conduct research on! This cow house was used in a project to try and reduce nutrient leaching from urine spots of cows grazed on pasture. Now it’s used as a stand-off/feed pad to shelter the cows & prevent soil damage from pugging in bad weather.

This is my first time being in a cow house! In New Zealand dairy cows are grazed out on pasture and few farms have cow houses like this.

(p.s. see the blue brush to the left where the cows can have a scratch? Cute! X3)

Fascinating! Isn’t it?!

A cyst-looking growth spotted on the leg of a Friesian dairy cow on a farm up the road that I was relief milking on last summer!

Was noted down and quickly treated by the owners when they returned to the farm the next day!

Cysts like this can be caused by small wounds getting infected and small ones like these thankfully don’t cause the cow too much discomfort (its a bit like a large pimple!).

If your really up to it, there are plenty of gross videos of people draining huge cattle cysts on youtube!!


Farming stuff-up moment at Kirihau! (no… we’re not looking at you dad XD)

Earlier in the year I asked mum for an update on what was happening on the farm while i’d been at uni, she sends me this… *facepalm*

The palm kernel trailer (filled with ~1 tonne of PKE) jack-knifed & the tow-bar went over the rear-axle of the ATV when dad realized the gate at the bottom of the hill was closed & he had to stop in a hurry! Don’t worry! the tractors there for back-up!


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If this doesn’t piss you off then you can’t possibly have a soul. #Repost with @Repostlyapp @glass.walls Yesterday we uncovered a shocking practice at the Yagur dairy farm.
Not only was the newborn abducted from his mother, but the she was also electrocuted with an electric prod immediately after she had given birth. They were both kicked by the farm worker.

Separating newborn calves from their mothers is a standard practice in dairy farms all over the world, yet in this case they were not allowed even one moment together. The mother was unable to lick her baby even once! They will never meet again but will share the same fate – a violent death inside a slaughterhouse.
Please share this video to show dairy consumers the heartbreak caused to mothers and their offspring in this heartless industry

#total_liberation_israel #calfs #cows #animals #animalliberation #totalliberation #israel #vegan #dairyindustry #dairy #dairyindustrycruelty #dairyfarm #milk #food #notyourmomnotyourmilk @nausikhal @naturalist3 @harikaraonai @_veganjade_ @bengaltigress101 @naghaniey @itishree_mahanta

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