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A warm welcome to our Guernsey mummy cow and daughter calf - Lily and Lotus. She will have more friends to play with when more calves are born this Spring at the . Isn't she adorable?! For info

When people eliminate a food or an ingredient in food(e.g , ) and claim to feel SO much better...I always wonder, Was it what they REMOVED from their diet? OR what they ADDED to replace it? Many times I have found they have increased fruits /veg.

Deliverying in difficult parts of but also helping fellow Afghans in trouble. is not only selling but bringing comfort to locals. Asli Watan Mu Afghanistan Da

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Anecdote! The only people I know that drink almond milk are non-vegan trying to reduce . Plus you do know he is referencing California and Europe has its own almonds.

display at Mallow featuring the Isolation Unit and Milk Kart. Are you ready for Calving19? Contact our team today to locate your nearest stockist.

🧀🥛🐄 Have no fear, my loving pals. Following a low eating plan does indeed include a plethora of low-lactose options you can happily enjoy including this easy, 3️⃣ ingredient Crispy Parmesan Chicken.

RT : യഥാര്‍ത്ഥ തൈരിന്‍റെ ഗുണങ്ങള്‍ മലയാളി കാണാന്‍ പോകുന്നതേയുള്ളു 😍 ID MILK - Indira Diary Products call : 9895714299 , 9544446399 , 7025000008 …

We're pleased to be hosting Prof Dr Atze Jan van der Goot at the ProVeg New Food Conference in March 2019! Get your tickets here:

യഥാര്‍ത്ഥ തൈരിന്‍റെ ഗുണങ്ങള്‍ മലയാളി കാണാന്‍ പോകുന്നതേയുള്ളു 😍 ID MILK - Indira Diary Products call : 9895714299 , 9544446399 , 7025000008

giant has announced that it will introduce lightweight, milk caps for all its branded and private-label fresh milk bottles from February 2019.

Zuivelexport 2018 komt op €7,7 miljard. Nederland is in de EU de meest actieve lidstaat op de wereldwijde zuivelmarkt. -export

Did you know that our Milk Protein Powder is made from milk sourced locally - within 25 miles - from our farm-owner's dairy farms? To learn more visit:

This making plant can be controlled by just two operators! Della Toffola designs complete tailor made plants with ultimate technologies and capable of maximum automation. For , , , . Video of this plant:

I know it's tough to believe but this is actual EU legislation on the sale of 'quality' milk products. The EU is also a lot stricter with this legislation than other parts of the world. I believe America's limit is 750,000/ml. We're lucky I guess?

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Just think of me as the pages in your dairy

No one has to know what you’re feeling. No one but me and you….


a lot of times in the dreams i remember i am dressed in women’s clothes or wearing a wig and i guess it goes back to when i was younger i would wear a turtle neck on my head and pretend it was long hair, play dress up with my sister, etc. i’ve never identified as a female but i’ve always almost wished i was a girl instead


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Reposted from @thehumaneleague - Avoiding dairy helps prevent cruelty #DitchDairy [via @mercyforanimals] 🥛 - #regrann

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My time has come

They made a coffee alternative named Koawach. They have different flavours such like klassic (like cocoa), vanilla, cinnamon and pure (klassic without sugar I think). Also after I bought it There was this guy on the street that asked if I like it. I dont know yet but we’ll see. I just heard from it through a colleague of mine so I thought I tried it because especially since the last time I think I could use some coffeine to keep me alive. So its no unbelievable healthy or so but I always thought I cant keep cocoa out of my diet just simply becuase milk fills me up to nothingness! 💪🏻 (also I only drink dairy free milk because we are humans and actually our boddy cant process dairy so I stopped and I feel a lot better… I didnt even knew I felt bad.)

Dairy Cattle Rotation

  • There are so many rectal palpations and I did not enjoy that
  • My arm is sometimes briefly warm, but it’s not worth it.
  • Cows may still try to alligator roll on you even if they are ‘down’
  • Never forget the 5 M’s of a down dairy cow (mastitis, metritis, metabolic (hypocalcemia, fatty liver), musculoskeletal, and massive infection)
  • Would you put that milk in your cereal? If not, culture it!
  • Lameness happens. 90% of lameness is in the hind limb, 90% of that is in the lateral claw!
  • Palpation to determine pregnancy is an art form and I suck at it so far. Sorry, cows.
  • Double glove/sleeve to go in a cow. For palpation or surgery!
  • There’s an effective vaccine for Johne’s disease (map) that is not commonly used in states with high prevalence of TB, which is why I had never heard of it before!
  • Actively dying cows may exhibit rotary nystagmus.
  • It’s really hard to collect blood samples from calves when they are group housed because they all come over to try to suckle your coat, pants, elbow, whatever they can reach
  • Epidurals are pretty awesome because you can hear a vacuum when you get the needle in! Time for lidocaine!
  • Rumen is love, rumen is life
  • Administering a slurry to a cow to help keep their rumen full is a wild ride, but very easy once you get the hang of it!
  • Meconium staining on a neonatal calf is a sign of fetal distress.
  • BIOSECURITY is essential. Anything that has been around cows needs to be kept separate. Boots should be cleaned any time they go to their holding area. Always wear gloves, always wash your hands
  • Barns are still cold. Put on as many layers as you can fit. You can always ditch layers, but you’ll miss the ones you did not bring! Bring gloves to put under your exam gloves!
  • Cows make so much milk. The avg on this farm was 82 lb. milk/day/cow
  • Prevention is the answer to most problems on the farm. Training staff is the hard part.
  • Sand is a very hygienic bedding for cows and comfy too
  • Pasteurization machines can cost upwards of $30,000 US.
  • Cows actually want to be milked! They get excited to come to the parlor and this is even more evident where robotic milking systems are in place. They choose to show up and get milked.
  • Cows are so insanely curious and it’s adorable

Reposted from @mercyforanimals - THIS is how milk is produced. Each of these crates holds three calves, trapped inside for months.⠀
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