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今日から100日間!土日を除いて、UIデザインチャレンジ(*´꒳`*) 100日間続けられるのか、、、いや、やるんだ!

📱 Day 5: App Icon My favorite K-pop boy group Seventeen , like many groups do, have their own light stick. But very few let you control the colors. I modified their current light stick app icon design to show their light stick instead of just their logo 💎

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🎲 Day 4: Calculator (there isn't a 0px; " tag="ulator emoji so I used dice instead 😆) A basic 0px; " tag="ulator UI for every day arithmetic like expense tracking, or if we're unsure if 1+1 really is equal to 2.

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Day 005 - Design an app icon. Underwater, an app to find the best places for water sports.

#3 — "Landing Page". This is a concept for a side project some friends and I are working on 😎 Thanks for looking 💛

A landing page for a tabletop RPG companion app.

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:: 002 checkout experience I'm running behind as I got struck in some work but I will to complete them all

Someone asked me to review their app, so I sent them my thoughts. Do you agree with the changes? #006

...something I've wanted to do for a long time 😊 🎉 🎉 🔖 Stay updated via this post ➡ 👋 Day 001 - Signup is done & dusted 🚀 Day 002 ... incoming 🏷 | |

More comfortable designing mobile apps, so decided to challenge myself with a few screens from a concept app I created a couple months ago and trying it in a new software lmk what you think

Music Player アニメまで到達できなかったけど 再生中はカセットがくるくる回って欲しい GOTGが・・・めっちゃすきです

Daily UI #002 昨日より諸作業が慣れたので時間短縮できた。 お遊びとはいえ前後の画面意識していきたいのでカート画面も作ったけど別のお題であるみたい。

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Donuts Subscription - DailyUI 026


Movie Ticket Booking - #1 Navigation
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#5 of the Daily UI challenge. Today’s theme was “App Icon”. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

This one is a bit late, but that’s because I’m currently on a trip and it was difficult to manage enough time to sit down and work on this.

Tools: Adobe Illustrator