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Don't forget and the will be taking place today at 8.30am

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Tokyo Game Show was a memorable event and I am so happy I went this year!

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alright, well today was pretty good. I woke up some time before my alarm went off and decided I was gonna be lazy and not go to church (which I could do because I hadn’t officially signed up for the babies room, I was just gonna show up because I can do that now) and sleep because I’m still adjusting to this 7 am 5 days a week thing, okay? I’m working on it. So I slept till like noon instead, which felt good. Upon waking up, predictably I messaged Jess and asked if she wanted to get breakfast, she said yes (mainly because she wanted coffee) and we met up 20 minutes later. It’s been like 2 weeks since we’ve been to the breakfast place that we used to be going like, 2-3 times a week to lol so it was nice to go back. they were having a special today for chocolate chip banana bread french toast (as opposed to their normal banana bread french toast, which is a frequent choice of mine) so of course I got that and then made Jess eat the eggs that came with it (because I’m kinda on an anti-egg kick at the moment, no idea why, body just does this sometimes), which combined with her omelet brought her up to 7 eggs, so at least she’ll be good on protein for the week (you think I kid). After we finished we stayed and talked for a bit before coming back to my place. Since we were recently reminded that The Gifted season 2 premiere was coming up this week and we are newly founded Emma Dumont fans after meeting her at HVFF Chicago in April and her seriously being the nicest celebrity I’ve ever had an encounter with and just honestly being so invested in her fans and caring about them (I was there for a friend to get them a surprise birthday gift, and she spent a solid 10 minutes talking to us, writing out a full page letter on the back of the autographed picture, and recorded a 40 second video when all we paid for was an autograph and a photo, but she did the rest out of the kindness of her heart) and honestly it was so refreshing that it turned us into big fans of hers, so in order to be properly prepared we wanted to rewatch season 1 because I at least admittedly was sometimes distracted while watching it the first time (it happens). So we watched the first episode and got into the second when one of my podcast friends messaged me and asked if I could do a Skype call with him because he was doing a test run of the live broadcast site for a live show he’s doing tomorrow night, so we did that and talked to him for like an hour because it was entertaining out of the two of us, and we were very amused knowing that there was at least 1 stranger listening but none of it would ever be published, so we could get away with saying certain things we might not have said publicly lol. so we did that fro a while, and after we wanted to see what we could do with the DC Universe site being that that just launched, I was trying to figure out how to get it onto my tv, in the same way netflix and amazon prime video and hulu are as like “apps” available to open when the blu ray player is turned on, but so far haven’t been able to do that. But being that I have a spare laptop (the baby chromebook) and a HDMI cable we brought it up on there and hooked it up to the HDMI which was being stubborn (probably because a kitty tried to bite it) but after unplugging it and plugging each end back in it finally worked, lol. We didn’t know what to watch out of what they had so we ended up watching the first few episodes of the first season of Young Justice. this show is so funny. the first episode it’s so hilarious to see all of them acting so rebellious and stubborn when they’re just like “we’re just gonna go and blow up this building!!!!” and like, it’s just so funny. And then of course when M’Gann shows up and they’re all like, SO mean to her and I just want to yell at all of them lol but thankfully they learned rather quickly. So that was fun to watch. I had mentioned at some point that I wanted cheese curds and there’s one place we’ve gone to that does them really good even though they give me hellish acid reflux (which I am now paying for) so we decided to go grab dinner there, got the cheese curds and fuck they were so good, and I got their shepherd’s pie like last time, which I previously hadn’t had other than my mother making it when I was growing up. I was always fairly indifferent to the dish until at some point I realized if you add some shredded cheese and then just mix it all together it turns into this mass of cheesy meaty potato goodness and is basically the best thing ever, and this place’s version comes with melted cheese across the top, so of course it’s very good. I did however seemingly get full a lot faster this time than last so I ended up eating less of it, but I did enjoy what I did eat of it. We were pretty stuffed (no room for dessert) so we left and Jess went home, and of course I went back to my apartment. I didn’t really have anything pressing I needed to accomplish so I grabbed my laptop and turned on more episodes of the good cop. it really is a very funny and clever show, Josh Groban as the lead is perfectly hilarious, as is the actor who plays his father. Idk how much it can be considered “cop propaganda” when the father is literally a former corrupt cop who went to prison, but I’m enjoying it at least. So I basically just watched that while I went through a bunch of different buzzfeed articles/lists and figured out a few more cosplay items to get. At this point I should be good on everything for NYCC except brown boots for Squirrel Girl, which I’ll probably wait to get until the brown romper I got for her comes so they can match properly, and I don’t really like buying shoes/boots off the internet because there can be obvious issues with them fitting and I don’t really have a whole lot of time left since the con is in two weeks now, so I’ll probably end up finding them somewhere locally (probably either Target or DSW) so that shouldn’t be a big deal, and as long as they’re moderately attractive I can use them in my normal life too, so that’s good lol. But yeah, after that I decided to start getting ready for bed. I’m gonna have to get up really early tomorrow because I’m going to a “mandatory arbitration” which starts at 8:30 (as opposed to our normal 9:00 am court call) but I’m also supposed to sit in on the witness “prep” for it which takes place some time before that and I texted the lawyer I’m supposed to be with to see what time to get there but she didn’t respond, so I’m just gonna pull my timeline an hour back so I’d be aiming for a 8 am there and ready call time as opposed to 9 am, which means I have to get up at 6 am which I am not crazy about given that it’s already 12:24 am but I’ll survive. Should be interesting to see at least. And yeah, that’s about it. Good weekend, successful in finding cosplay stuff at least so we’ll be at least somewhat prepared for NYCC lol because it’s coming up very soon. Should be a good week. Alright, I’m done now. Goodnight loves. Hope your Monday doesn’t suck. 

Dittonut doesn’t really know why their head is a nut! At least it’s a tool nut and not a food nut, Dittonut is allergic to those.

Dittonut would love to have their head change into all colors of the rainbow at will! Except purple, Dittonut wouldn’t want to be further associated with a certain Pokemon that loves to be a copycat.

Don’t worry, @scarlet-void, Dittonut’s head would be totally safe! Dittonut’s body on the other hand… <O>

give thanks

And when he had said these things, he took bread and gave thanks to God in the presence of them all; and when he had broken it he began to eat. - Acts 27:35

I will give thanks to the Lord in the midst of my trials and tribulations just as Paul did when He was a prisoner and was caught in a shipwreck. I will recall His love and faithfulness to me even when everything seems to be against me. He is the anchor for my soul. I look to Him and Him alone. 

Daily Tarot Reading

Steampunk Tarot: The Tower

The Tower represents the destruction of your current life. It’s a necessary change but is painful and chaotic. However, what rises from the ashes is stronger and more beautiful than ever. Anything that survives this time is meant to be in your life and the rest should be discarded. Build anew and know that you will survive.