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What the hell is A.D.D.? My friends say I should act my age What's my age again, what's my age again?

stai zitto per favore stai zitto non ce ls faccio mi soavco

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Me and my pirate friend, Tim, at a pep rally. We are still massive dweebs. I wore a Dr. Strange costume to a very important physician meeting last Halloween. I was the only one dressed up. My wife plays D&D with me every week. It definitely gets better. 🥰

mi hanno incastrata in una partita a D&D non capisco un cazz


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why he flexing so hard tho lol dude u going to bust a whole blood vessel watch urself or i’ll make u put ur sweater back on sweetie

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Day 22-Good memories together with Sunwoo ✨Since March 2019 every day is a beautiful day for me💕

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My sweet baby Aera to light the way in these trying times.

tristanzoll  asked:

My friend Roland wanted to play DnD. We started playing, I’m the Dm and 5 PCs. I’m just making up a story using 5e rules and the DMG. We played session zero and it went okay, we’re all new and learning. Roland missed session 1 and we played session 2 last night. Session 1 was awesome we played for almost 3 hours and got a lot done. Session 2 sucked. Roland put a time limit on it and we stopped very unhappy. My question is what should I do? Continue w/o Roland or stop? How do I not hurt him?

This is a super difficult question. I’ve been through this experience before, and it frankly sucks. There is no straight answer for this. You need to evaluate what is more important, the continuity for one person or the experience for the group. I would have a sit down with Roland, and talk over the scheduling issues and if it is realistic to keep him playing. If he can make it on a semi regular basis and can play the whole time, grin and bear it. Or find a narrative way to explain his disappearance. But unless he can find time, it will be like that as long as he plays. I really hope this helps, have a great day!

“The bulette (or landshark) was thought to be extinct until recently when this horror reappeared.  It was the result of a mad wizard’s experimental cross breeding of a snapping turtle and armadillo with infusions of demons’ ichor.”  (David Sutherland illus from title page of the AD&D Monster Manual by Gary Gygax, TSR, 1977)

The last Player Character in my Get Ready to Roll Campaign - Creed Shiey, the Tiefling Rogue!

Creed has one hell of a temper (no pun intended) and while he can easily take down bandits and bears, he seems to have trouble with rats and wasps. He also definitely has a soft-spot for Alona but shhh you didn’t hear that from me. At the beginning of the campaign he was tasked with finding Sidonia and escorting her to a particular city.

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Crowned Doggo (event idea)

Here’s one for you Dm’s that want a royal doggo to make a short appearance in your campaign.

The players are wandering around the capital town of the region, doing there daily things. One of them while wandering around will notice that a peculiar dog is following them around. If they look at the dog, the will see that it is a tiny wiener dog that has a crown strapped to it’s head & a royal cape tied to flow off it’s back. The dog seems very happy & trottles up to lick the player. 

If the player plays with the dog & or picks it up to take it away (as some players tend to do with cute small thigns), a young noble girl will come wandering out & call for there dog. At this point the dog will attempt to go to them (what happens next is up to the dm).

The Night Master Post

Alright! It is time to officially put all the information out here about the nightmare world I have created! This covers most of what you might need to know to have context for some of my posts. Particularly, the ones tagged #The Night . If you have specific questions, feel free to drop an ask.


Some Setting Stuff

The Night is a mix of a fantasy and futuristic setting. Magic and technology are big parts of life for those that inhabit the Night. 

The actual Night itself is a sort of mirror world to our own and is home to many a type of creatures from Shadows to Humans to Vampires. If it could exist, it is probably in that hellscape. It works sort of like a purgatory/hell mixture. 

It is very easy to get into The Night, but much harder to get out. So once you’re there, you better start making the best of it because it is unlikely you will ever get out again.

The Night is divided into 12 districts, with the original plan being one district for each Guardian to rule. This did not last with the rise of Strix, Guardian of chaos and bloodshed. But he was banished so I guess things were okay after.

Now on to important characters, items, concepts, etc.

The Guardians

The Guardians are the demigods that rule the Night. Or rather they used to be. the twelve were the children of the two gods that created the Night, Luna and Solar. As one could imagine, with 12 kids, some are bound to feel left out in terms of attention and gifts. This lead to petty rivalries that lead to full on wars that killed most of the Guardians or got some of them banished. Only three remain. Grey, the Shadow King, Kacy, the Fallen Fae, and Kid, the Ever Watching Eye.

There are only a few ways to kill a Guardian, who are immortal until something they are weak to kills them. These few ways are another Guardian, the Crown, and their specific weaknesses. 

Example - Concentrated magical light could pretty easily kill Grey with enough exposure or of the light itself would kill Grey and if not, weaken them enough to make them killable by the other means.

Grey - With a title like the Shadow King, one might think Grey is a male. This would be incorrect. Grey is mostly made of shadow themselves, so traditional sexing doesn’t really work on them as they can change their form as they like. Grey has shown no real preference to what they are referenced as, as long as they are known to be the superior. Though they do get a chuckle out of people panicking when they don’t know if they should be addressing the demigod before them as sir or ma’am. Grey has domain over shadows, trickery, and madness. They currently have possession of the Crown and the throne, as well as being owner of Grey Industries, their fake company, and what they have called the Grey Army. Grey is capable of creating illusions with their shadows, duplicates of most anything they know, and distorting light with shadow. They prefer to trick and distract their target into opening up and letting their guard down.

Kacy - It was once said that the previous ruling Guardian was a handsome fairy prince that was kind and just to his people. And they were right. Kacy was great when he was ruling and before Grey failed to kill him. After Grey had left the prince to decay and rot away to nothing, he took the form of a skeleton, using his old and weakened body still rather than trying to find Luna after she went missing. Time has made Kacy bitter and cruel with a new habit of shooting first and asking later. He has a great hatred of anyone one who serves Grey, willingly or forced. It makes no difference in his eyes. Kacy is weak to most things that would stop a fairy or fae, with a very strong aversion to pure iron. The more pure the metal, the more it burns and drains him. He is a very skilled marksman and mage. One would be a fool to challenge him to a duel with either. He prefers to simply shoot his opponents down, quickly killing them and moving on.

Kid - Despite his name, Kid is one of the older of the twelve. It is his task to observe and record events for the future to learn from. He isn’t one to intervene often unless the Night itself is at stake. Kid often wears a mask when his is with company, as his “face” is a large mouth full of sharp teeth and one large eye in said mouth. Most people get spooked by it or ask too many questions, so he covers it up. He tends to be laid back and more relaxed than the other Guardians. He doesn’t actually fight enough to have a particular style. He just has seen enough to be able to predict what people are gonna do and moves out of the way, letting his opponent make a fool of themselves for him.

Strix - The Chaotic. He and Grey had an interesting relationship before he was banished. Being entities of chaos and madness respectively, one could imagine they got along well. It is known Strix was the first to start bringing humans to the Night, so Grey could get stronger from their fear and confusion while Strix helped them spread his chaos as they were rather unpredictable and dangerous because no one actually knew how to deal with them at the time. After the first round of Guardian murders he preformed, he was turned into one of the humans he liked so much and set to reincarnate as one for the rest of time before being sent to our world. Strix has no fighting style. They just fight, doing whatever they feel like whether that be ripping your limbs off or making your own loved ones fight you on his behalf, maybe locking you in a room with a moose that just eats walnuts until you tear yourself apart.

Luna - The night mother. The woman in the moon. The healer. Luna has been called many things before. She is the mother of all of the Night. Everything from it’s original inhabitants to its land were created by her hands. Even those her children brought here she loves like her own. It has been many, many years since she has shown herself in her godly form, but has been wandering around in the guise of a kind old healer, helping those she comes across as she can. She is the reason most people will not refuse tea if offered some, as it is considered good luck for a stranger to offer you tea due to her being known to offer people tea. There usually is nothing special about her tea, but she in herself is considered a good omen, and so are her gifts. She isn’t one to get into fights and much rather prefers a peaceful solution, but is not above kicking your ass if you were to refuse listening to reason. As a talented mage and skilled with old magic most do not remember, one could expect to end up more than a little hurt afterwords. Good thing she knows healing, huh?

Solar - The blazing star. He used to be the fire and passion that kept the Night going. Then he started encoraging the kids to kill each other and Luna found out so he was kicked out to sleeping on the couch. Then he did it again, and Luna got sick of his shit and took the power she had given him to begin with. The only thing she left him with was her gift of eternal life. Solar is currently “working” at Grey Industries and trying to help Grey create something to take out Luna, Kacy, and Kid so they can rule. Solar is starting to regret feeding Grey with the means to do as they wanted as Grey grows more defiant to their father. Solar prefers to knock out his opponents and use them for test subjects later.  

The Crown - A powerful artifact created by Solar to give the current ruling Guardian an edge to defend their throne. It increases a Guardians power immensly. Mortals can wear it and use it, but it will corrupt their mind and body until there is nothing left, making them go mad with power before consuming them and adding their power to itself.

The Districts

There are twelve districts. The ones fully made are as follows.

The Mirror District - The main metropolis of the Night. A big, bustling, glowing city memorable for its fold over that gives it its name. Most people live here or at least stay here for some time. Lots of crime, gambling, clubs/bars, shopping centers, specialty stores, and music. Very neon. It looks like the whole place was one giant rave at some point.

BleakWater - The main port and beach of the Night, right next to what is considered the best view of the sea of stars. They are the number one exporter for star dust, a very common ingredient used in anything from magic teas to crystal lights. It’s not suggested you try to snort it, though. If consumed by itself in large quantities, it will kill you. Aside from the occasional death from star dust, it is a pretty quiet place. Good destination for those looking to be left alone to live a quiet and simple life.

The Wood - A dense and haunted forest that belongs to Kid. Aside from his domain within the district, it is wild and untamed. No one is quite sure exactly what is out there except Kid himself, and he isn’t looking to share that info anytime soon it seems. It is currently the home base for the Resistance, as Kid and Kacy are on good terms still.

The Central - The only true neutral place in the Night right now. It used to be the home of the Guardians and their sort of main hub. Kacy used to be in charge of this place before he was dethroned by Grey. It is the only place that Grey and Kacy can be together in as the rules forbid them from actually fighting there. They can be dicks to each other, but no fighting. They both love and hate this fact. It is currently set up like a fancy club/bar/restaurant to fit the current ruler, Grey. 

Main Characters To The Story

So, I have covered most of the basics aside from the remaining important characters. This will cover them briefly, but if you want more I suggest you look at their tags or drop an ask. Each is tagged with their name. 

Chrys Waters - Chrys has been reincaranting in the Night for a long time. While he does not remember his past lives there or what things were like for him before he crossed over, he still seems to retain some things in the form of instincts or hunches. Like his never ending fear of his “boss”, Grey. Chrys is a cursed and haunted man that does his best to get by and care for his husband and two sons. He generally is polite and kind due to his upbringing, but often is wary of others that he thinks might try to use or take advantage of him. 

Cross Waters - An attempt to make a super soldier from a strand of Chrys’s DNA by Grey Industries. Kacy freed her on one of his many attacks on the company and took her in as his sort of right hand. Rowdy and loud, it’s quite hard to miss her in a party or a fight. She has never actually gone to any school or been around normal people all that much, and only really knows what she does from Kid and Kacy. This has lead to her often getting confused by what most people find common. Cross has a heart of gold though and a friendly demeanor, making her a good friend to keep around.

Paterson - The general of Grey’s army. A great stratagist and a actions speak louder than words kind of guy, he takes pride in his posistion and likes to rub it in. He also fully thinks he can have whatever he likes due to most people not wanting to mess with a general of a powerful army, thus leading him to be very impatient and persistant about what he wants. He is known to have his eye on romancing Chrys, ignoring the fact that Chrys is married and not interested. He thinks Chrys to be naive and innocent despite the obvious signs Chrys isn’t. He will learn eventually. We hope.

Some Aus

There are a few Aus i have of these dudes. I will list them here. No promises they have tags yet, but you can check.

Vice Of Virtue - Sort of a reverse AU? Sort of an edgey AU? Maybe both? 

College Au - The Night is a prestigious academy and most of the characters are teachers. It is a nightmare.

Apocalypse Au - It is exactly what it sounds like. Everyone finds their own way to survive though.

Fantastic - The fantasy/D&D Au. It gets wild. Like Chrys won’t stop setting himself on fire why did we give him magic please help

Game Night 2019-08-17

The party moves on to explore upper western side of temple after their short rest. Moving cautiously down the hallway, first door on their left appeared to be a potion storage room, but the contents of all the vials are no longer viable, missing, or evaporated. Ignys gives a thorough check around the room and locates a hidden door that opens to a stairwell and another door that seems to line up with the next door in the hallway.They open the door to a 20’ by 10’ room with nothing inside, some of the party step in to investigate but are immediately hit with a wall of flame the engulfs the room, burning them before they step out.

Not descending the stairs for the time being, they move to the next room down the hallway, Ignys picking up some transmutative magic from the room.  The party cautiously enters and find a replica of the castle Driscoll saw in his vision, the castle Ravenloft. Ignys moves to investigate the magical aura he is sensing and is directed to an old wooden chest. Its rusty hinges complain loudly as it opens, revealing an empty chest. The aura seems to be coming from below a false bottom, easily removed when aware of it, and Ignys finds a magnificent red leather bound tome embossed with the visage of bearded sage.

Moving down to the next room at the end of the hall, Ignys senses the auras of illusion, necromancy, and a bit of transmutation from beyond the door. Preparing from some trick, they open the door to the sights and smells of a grand banquet in a well lit room, necromantic energies come from the walls and the transmutation coming from a single wine ewer on the table. Ignys conjures a spectral hand to try to lift the ewer and as it rises off the table, twelve specters appear and converge around the hand, following its movements until Ignys has it placed back on the table. When the Ewer is replaced, the specters all dissipate once more.

Passing through this room undisturbed for now, Ignys and Iskafar step through doors on the east of the room and onto a damaged section of balcony. Unfortunately, the balcony is unable to support the weight of both of them together and begins to crumble. Ignys quickly jumps back through the door but Iskafar tumbles down 30 feet to the floor below, catching himself with a hastily cast levitation spell. Ignys is able to clear the gap with a misty step and appears in the door across the way. Iskafar in the mean time uses his levitate to ferry the rest of the party safely down from one door and up to the other. Vilnius remains behind so as not to touch anyone with his contagion and indicates he will wait back where the party took a short rest earlier. In the newly opened room, Ignys sees a statue on the western side and feels an enchantment try to take hold of his mind.

He struggles for a moment but is able to shake off whatever effect it was. Noticing several skeletons around the statue, he fires several fire bolts into it, weakening the stonework, and then shatters it with the force of a magic missile, stone shards from the statue scattering everywhere. With the statue destroyed, the enchantment fades and Ignys declares it safe for the rest of the party to enter the room. Noticing the symmetry of the temple, the party decide to look for another secret door in this room in the space matching the other side of the temple. Iltharian is able to easily pick out the door and how to open it. Stepping inside 10’ by 10’ square room, he sees another door on the other side of the room, and a chest on the ceiling 20’ up with something written on it. Driscoll, understanding the language, sees something written in Celestial. Fearing a trap, he has everyone clear the room and has Iskafar levitate him closer to read it clearly.

The words on the chest read “Greed has no place in the heart of the scholar, for the truest treasure is knowledge.” Fighting against their curiosity, they decide the chest should probably not be opened and float back down. Ignys joins Iltharian to open the next door and view a lit chamber with fine furnishings, decorations, art, and books. In the middle of all of that, they see a skeletal figure dressed in a fine robe with burning red points of light in its eye sockets. It floats towards and asks “Do you know me? Do you know who I am?” Holding off on hostilities to evaluate the situation, they talk with the lich that does not know its name. It warns them against doing anything with the amber pillars in the rooms as they contain imprisoned powerful and evil entities, and also offers the party in their quest for knowledge.

The lich also explains that he once knew Strahd 400 years ago, before he was corrupted by the entity known as Vampyr that was contained in this temple and released it. He explains how he was an noble, ambitious man doing the best he could to better his realm at the time, but unfortunately fell to Vampyrs influence, murdered his brother Sergei out of jealousy over Tatyana, then was slain himself and arose a Vampire, and ceased his visits to the amber temple. The lich then repeats the warning previously given and appears to forget recent events, and the more conversation proceeds, the more obvious this trait becomes.

After the warning, Ignys shares that he has been seemingly communicating with one of the entities, its presence has been guiding and pulling him to a place beneath where they stand. The lich eyes Ignys warily and advises that he break any connection to the entity as soon as he can, and should he attempt to free it, he would become the target of the liches wrath. Ignys sits down and turns his mind towards the burning sigils in his head. The entity, having traced Ignys lines of thought begins the conversation: 

“One cannot deny that fire is the purest element. The fire that burns within us all can roar brightly, if you only fuel it.” Release us champion, that we may bring justice/purification/flame to this land with the purifying flame. Scour the tyrants/oppressors/villains from this place beginning with Strahd. From the ashes, a new and just kingdom will arise/flourish/unfold. Fear not your bloodlines doom/destruction/fate, our mastery of the flame is total/supreme/inviolate. Together we will incinerate any who oppose our ideals, the flame/heat/star will reign. We are Xelthanon/Burning Judges/Trifold Star, release us from our unjust/wrongful/insulting prison, and burn brightly as our true champion.

Ignys, incensed at the entities use of his families creed to try and coerce his allegiance, redoubles his intended communication and firmly rejects the presence of the entity and any powers it might bestow. The entity replies with nothing more than “So be it.” It tears itself from Ignys mind, wounding him as its fiery tendrils extricate themselves from his thoughts, his magic, and his identity, leaving him exhausted and collapsed on the floor, his spells depleted. As the warmth the entity brought leaves him, his previously flushed skin becomes pale and cold, and the pressing chill of the mountains bites into him.

Iskafar helps Ignys up and they ask if there is any place to recuperate. The lich indicates there is and then shows them to the the library beyond a pair of doors off of his room. Entering the library, the party lay eyes upon 6 massive bookshelves that seem to travel upwards beyond sight in mists far above. Floating lights move around the room and there are enchanted ladders that respond to commands to carry anyone searching for books around the room. As Iskafar gets Ignys settled to rest, Driscoll, remember Vilnius  asks the lich if they have any remedies for disease, to which the lich replies that he does not believe so but he could examine the individual. They describe where Vilnius is and the lich floats off. Realizing it might not be best for Vilnius to be alone and a lich appears with them all of a sudden, Driscoll takes off running, trailed by Iltharian and Iskafar walking behind at a more sedate pace.

Watching the lich float easily past the fallen balcony, Driscoll lowers himself to the floor below and dashes across the large entry chamber to the stairs in an attempt to meet up with it. Halfway across the chamber however, Iskafar and Iltharian watch as a bolt of crackling blue electricity shoots out of the statue on the north of the chamber and strikes Driscoll to the ground, unmoving and smoking from the blast. Iskafar jumps down and quickly runs to Driscoll, uncorking a healing potion and pouring it down his throat. Driscoll stands up and continues running partway up the stairs to the south, Iskafar following close behind. The two of them are struck from behind by another bolt of lightning coming from the statue, Driscoll falling once more. Iskafar picks up Driscoll and teleports to the safe room that they rested in before, then is able to stabilize his condition, leaving him breathing shallowly, his clothes still stinking of electricity.

He looks up to see the lich confronting Vilnius, accusing him of trying to release one of the sealed powers below. Iskafar sensing that Vilnius is trying to quickly think up another lie makes an intimidating show of power that compels him to cower and truthfully reveal that he was only going to release the dark power because he was promised his disease would be cured, and that he deserves to be cured because he spread the plague he carries to so many villages and killed so many in Fekres name. The lich pulls the amulet off from around Vilnius neck, examines it, and then crushes it to powder in one hand, declaring it to be a key to unlock and shatter one of the amber pillars. They both then banish Vilnius from the temple, to return on pain of death. Vilnius hastily retreats to the howling winds outside and Iskafar watches as he disappears from view down the mountainside.

The party then returns to the library via the path they originally took to get there, the lich casting a spell to carry them back across the gap. Iskafar lays Driscolls unconscious form down comfortably and they settle in for a long rest. They sleep soundly in the still cold air of the library without incident, Ignys feeling a little better in the morning, but not fully recovered, and Driscoll making a full recovery from his injuries. After resting they, decide to examine some of the books, Ignys and Driscoll looking for topics relating to the curse that plagues Ignys family lines, Iltharian looking for some information on repeating lines of reincarnation and memories, and Iskafar looking over the histories of the Amber temple and anything regarding the creation and alterations of ancient elven Mythals, thinking to repair or enhance the forgotten temple they discovered before entering Barovia.

After several hours of research, they decide to look at the area beneath the library and find a few amber pillars, one if which is shattered, likely belonging to Vampyr that was freed by Strahd so long ago. They also see a three foot crack in one of the walls to the south. Sticking his snout in to see better, Iskafar looks into a chamber filled with vast wealth, six piles of coins and statues and carvings and old chests, all watched over by another amber golem. Driscoll comes down to see what all the quiet is about, not having heard anything from Iltharian and Iskafar, who has been ogling all the treasure. After seeing the bounty in the room beyond the cleft in the wall, Driscoll decides that asking the lich if there is anything it would take offence at if they removed the treasure for themselves. The lich advises that it does not want for anything and the treasure in the vault is from the mages who maintained the temple long ago.

Taking that as tacit permission to begin looting, they first eliminate the golem easily as it is far too large to fit through the crack and they have enough ability to attacking it to bring it down before it can widen the crack large enough to pass through. With the golem removed, they begin to comb through the piles of treasure and recovery nothing magical, but several thousands of coins are recovered, as are valuable jewelry, art, and even some gems and preserved incenses that would work Driscolls spells.

Game ends as the party loads the bag of holding with anything valuable that fits inside. 

D&D Characters I’ve Had

So, just realized that I have some fun D&D characters and feel like sharing them on my tumblr that cost Verizon about $2.50

-Doom Damakos: Doom is probably one of my favorite characters. He was a half-tiefling/half-goliath totem-warrior barbarian, with Critical Role’s Titanstone Knuckles because my DM was a huge fan of the Vox Machina campaign. So, with a strength score of 24, he would have been an absolute monster in combat, but I felt like having fun and making it easier/harder for my DM by never wielding an actual weapon, unless it was to use it the wrong way. So anytime we entered combat, Doom, an almost 8′ demon that looked like he was made of stone, would walk over to the nearest enemy, pick them up, and throw them at another enemy. I made essentially made him the embodiment of “I’ll beat this motherfucker with another motherfucker”, and boy was it fun. 2 of my favorite uses of this are 1) we ran into a fight with a pack of wolves, Doom grabs one by the snout and just tosses it into the stratosphere, making it take 10d6 fall damage and turning into paste, and 2) in a fight against a wizard who had 4 large spiders under his control, Doom punched one of the pillars in the room that wasn’t holding the ceiling up, picked it up, and squashed a spider with it, finishing the encounter.

-Mayhem: By far the most fun I’ve had with a spellcaster, Mayhem will definately be reused when I can find more games to play. Mayhem was mostly homebrew stuff, but the class was one my DM for the campaign picked out and said was okay. She was a FMA style Hommunculus Hexer with the elemtal contract. Hexer is like the standard fantasy witch, you sold your soul or whatever for magical powers and a familiar to do your bidding. For Mayhem, that familiar was a fire snake that I named Udon(like the noodle). What made her so much fun to play was an ability called hexes. Among the hexes that could be cast was one called the ‘Sustaining Hex’ which basically let you cast a concentration spell and not need to focus on it. First time I used this was on a leader of a group of cultists in Hoard of the Dragon Queen. First, Mayhem cast Hold Person on the leader, then I used her bonus action to activate the sustaining hex and keep the boss stuck in place. When my next turn came around, I used Fireball centered on the boss and dealt a lot of damage to her.

-The House Always Wins: First time I ever played a tabaxi and it was a mostly RP campaign with little to no combat, but since I was still kinda new it was okay and fun. The House Always Wins, or House as anyone ever refered to him as, was a Tabaxi Card Dealer with a little it of fiendish heritage giving him the Devil’s Tongue trait tieflings can having instead of the movement burst tabaxi normally get. In combat, House was meant to be the archer, only using a deck of playing cards instead of a bow or crossbow. But combat was rare so we can skip that. In personality, House is supposed to be very persuasive and be able to get anyone to like him. He means well to a degree, but is not afraid to sneak in a bit of vicious mockery to get a threat across. I wish I could have played him more, but it was a club campaign that started before winter break, so I’m just gonna keep him on hand to play at a later date.

-Temperance: Technically I have never gotten to play Temperance since the campaign I was supposed to join her with(at level 15 nonetheless) ended before I got to join.(The DM wasn’t very good according to my brother who was in the campaign before me, so I guess it’s not that bad) Temperance is probably the one character I’ve had the most story for and the one I wanna play the most. Temperance was supposed to be a Lawful Evil Lamia(more MonMusu less D&D, snake from the waist down, lady from the waist up) Plague Doctor with a subclass that was more on the cauterize-with-a-hot-iron-rod, that-leg-looks-infected-better-amputate feel than the make people better kind. The whole aesthetic of Temperance was supposed to be that of a Mob Boss, but with her ties in various alchemy, apothecary, and medical facilities instead of political and governmental places. So instead of paying off the local guard to glance over some of the wrong doings of her ‘gang’, Temperance would pay off the various doctors/healers so they would sell her specific brand of potions instead of the common ones. Her ‘goons’ as they where would have been clerics, druids, bards, and anyone with an affinity for alchemy that wanted to make some gold and not have to pay the same price as everyone else. The ultimate goal that I wanted Temperance to achieve was to make and/or modify some disease that existed in the world so that her group sold the only cure and could make a lucrative profit out of it. It wasn’t gonna be a wide-spread epidemic, just a village or two, maybe a small township, only enough so that it would be talked about and feared to drive people to buy Temperance’s cure.

Sorry for the long post. I just felt like saying something about my characters somewhere and this is the one social media(if you can call it that) that I use. If, for some reason, people use any of these concepts, I would like to now, but understand if you don’t wanna talk to me about anything.



I recognize this is a huge niche, but as we know I am not opposed to that. Whether sci-fi or traditional fantasy, these spells are certain to come in handy! Just make sure to not panic, and never forget where your towel is.

This was made for D&D 5e and feedback is much appreciated!


I made a link post about this, but I figured a traditional sheet might catch more attention. I’m having a commission sale as I change my prices- I’d like to have some more references for the options I’d like to offer on my new commission sheet. 

If you’re interested, please check out my journal with more details! You can message me there or shoot me a message on Tumblr! c:

s and promos are much appreciated!