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Coimbatore is keeping pace with the global trend of rising cyber crimes. As acknowledgement, Alex, owner of a seven-year-old private detective agency in the city

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Why do we need to fight cybercrime as a team?
Cybersecurity is about data security and cyber world activities. However, when it comes to maintaining cybersecurity, there is a lot to the picture.

Employees have plenty of things to keep in mind the company’s cybersecurity. At the same time, there some guidelines that are followed by customers to maintain cybersecurity.

Internet and the Law

Originally posted by bonitos-pensamientos

The tears are beginning to hit on and off because I know the end is coming to the close for now in my academic journey.  I want to pursue a PhD, but not sure where I can go, but for now I will be taking one year off, since I’ve been in school now for almost eight years without a solid break. 

Now on to the month at hand, this month was class number 11, called Internet and the Law.  When I saw I had this class a few months ago I will be honest I dreaded it, but then when it came up, I smiled and thought to myself, it is time to learn what is legal and what is not.

Part of that thought process changed because back in March, I posted an opinion and people jumped on me saying nasty remarks and judging me, and of course when doing my research and providing the proof (thank goodness for the proper research skills I’ve learned to do this) to the local authorities it was considered cyber bullying.   

So when this class came up I rubbed my hands and said, “oh goodie” and it was great to learn the following:

Jurisdiction: basically learning who has the power to make the decision over a case, and how the process works, what is looked at, and is the claim in the same state or does it cross state or country lines and if so what laws take precedence.

Copyright:  This one I was already familiar with due to being a graphic designer as well as some knowledge in the recording arts area, it is interesting how many people think that when they take a graphic off of google that they can change the color and claim that they ‘own it’.  WRONG!  Just because you change the color or add details or morph it into something different that copyright still belongs to the photographer, and that if you don’t have a 2257 or a 2258 that releases that gives you the right that legal action can be taken against you.  The same argument I get into with others when they think they can add music to a website and nothing can happen, wrong unless you have permission or have paid for the right to use that song you can also have legal action taken against you.

Cybercrime - I enjoyed this very much, because of the class discussion and the opinion and views of others in the class. Some class mates think that laws are too strict, where I find them not strict enough, and of course if someone is phishing for information to gain unauthorized access to information. In all honesty, you cannot tell me they are not aware they are committing a crime, because they are phishing for info to be given to them, they are aware of what they are doing and should do the time for the crime.

SPAM-  No we are not talking about the over processed canned meat that comes in a variety of flavors, but emails you get in your email that some call spam. It is interesting how many people think its unsolicited, when in fact they did sign up for it realizing that they forgot to uncheck a box to not be added to any deals, or special promotions or additional marketing materials.  It was good to learn that there was a way to unsubscribe and know that a company has 10 days to comply with the opt-out request that they MUST have marked clearly on the emails and of course the fines when it is not done in the 10 day period.

Privacy - Just like with cybercrime this was another one where the response of classmates were interesting, some thought that companies don’t have the right to spy, and if one uses company equipment to check personal information like email, or banking if the company has the right to monitor that?  First of all there are always limits to what is considered ‘private’, but if you are going to use company equipment to do personal and private things, then that is your own fault, because again YOU are aware that the equipment is monitored. If you have your own personal device (cell phone, laptop, tablet, iPad) then the company has no right to monitor your usage during your authorized break times and areas where electronic devices can be used for the privacy of information that employees have to avoid it being recorded or screenshot.

Defamation - Is a form of communication of a false statement that harms the reputation of the law, an individual, business, product, group, government, religion, or nation. It is one thing to be upset at a company for a product you ordered and did not receive it. 

On the other hand if you did receive it and you go on any social media platform to say that you did not and begin saying how XYZ is a their, and a liar and begin to say you contacted them (and didn’t) and the representative was rude and make a big stink. 

If you continue to make untrue statements XYZ can and will come after you and pursue legal action against you, especially if they can prove that your statements have caused damage to their business, losing clients and money due to your untrue remarks.

So overall lesson is remember people are entitled to their opinions and can call you an idiot, but they cannot go on a dating site stealing a photo of you and say that you have herpes or AIDS to slander or cause you problems.  Always remember that once you post it, it’s now ‘live” and it will never go away as it is now cached forever.

Onward & Upward 

30 Days to go until graduation 


Cybercrime is a crime that is committed using technology. Some crimes include cyberstalking, cyberbullying, fraud, identity theft, etc. This semester I am taking a course that is dedicated to teaching me about the different types of cyber crimes and which I will share with you guys hence, the name of my blog  “ Darkside of the Internet”. Technology has indeed made life easier, however, as we know the world is about balance there’s good and there’s bad. The internet is an amazing source used to stay connected with family, friends, find jobs, and go to school. Of course, there are some people that use the internet to engage in illegal activities and commit crimes like some mentioned above. 

Stay tuned as I post twice a week analyzing current issues related to cybercrime and the content I learn from the class. 

Until next time,