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Tonight 8p & 11p on WJLA 24/7 News (formerly NC8) frmr CIA CISO Robert Bigman on the nuts & bolts of in ...1/3

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Fantastic morning in discussing the issue of . This is the new buzzword in cyber and it does require some very useful additional efforts that go well beyond conventional .

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- new connectivity packages go above the offering of traditional telecoms providers. Packages include resillient connectivity, industry-leading network security and government-backed certification:

See Netbaby's live birth video, in the Art and Medicine forum. Where Fiction Meets Medicine.

“We’re proud to continue our partnership with them as a cyber solutions provider, and to bring new capabilities that collect, process, and act on real-time cyber data." - Rob Allegar

threat analyst Ellis talks about global spree and how people can protect themselves from this risk.

Save the date for Tuesday, August 28 at 12pm CST for the cyber security threats . We will help you understand why traditional antivirus applications cant protect your company from -attacks.

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Wolverine and Friends by  Karl Alstaetter and Thomas Mason 


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Whirl was out looking for scraps. Mostly for Sparky. The poor girl was not allowed anywhere near the city. Of course Whirl understood the fear. Sparky was a scraplet hoard after all.

Soon enough they found some edible metals. And even hunted down a turbofox. Once she had gobbled them all down Whirl gave her a belly rub.

They stood atop The rubble of what used to be the City of Polyhex. The newer city was close but Whirl told himself he was happy here. He had his little girl. Well.. little is not the right word to describe her but you get the idea.

( you can consider this my RP starter)


note: I’d completely forgotten about not being able to take my laptop with me on holiday so not a lot got done.

  1. Autumn Moon wip -
    Chapter two is a headache.  I’m going to just re-start it.  I don’t know what’s salvageable at this point.  I’m going to have to outline the entire thing too.

  2. Cyber Wuxia wip -
    The boy from not-Kowloon and the assassin from the megacity are supposed to be the leads but I can’t stop thinking about the Aujeong sisters.  I’m pretty sure the book, if ever I get around to writing it, will start with the eldest.  So I guess I need to start outlining this too…

  3. Zombie wip -
    I think I’m going to shelf the zombie wip.  I really love zombies, and I crave that CFS rep, but I’m pretty stuck.  There was a zombie apocalypse fanfiction years ago that I started and then turned into original work.  And I’ve really let my French slip so I could be doing with the practice.

So since selling fan art and stuff like is technically illegal, does everyone just not give a fuck or… I don’t want to get in trouble on redbubble for selling DC or Skylanders shit

anonymous asked:

Someone called me fat via anon message on a different app (that they wouldn't even be able to tell what I looked like on), and I deleted the message without responding and blocked the user but I still feel really bad/paranoid(?) about the exchange even though I know I probably shouldn't let it get to me but it's the first time I've gotten such a rude/weird message like that before

Anon hate can leave you feeling kind of gross and weird afterwards. It’s kind of just like horrible to feel like someone would be willing to say that to you I think. I think it’s important to remember it’s not in any way a reflection of you. Distractions are good like some music or a show you like or a YouTube video. Making a vent post helped me when I got it before so it might help you. It might be a kind of wait it out thing but the bad feeling will go away.
And don’t listen to anon, anon is a jerk.

Does anyone else have advice?

—Mod Anna