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What does a Russia-OPEC alliance mean for U.S. oil producers?

The alliance could set global oil prices and spur the U.S. to become more energy independent along with boosting domestic shale businesses. Yahoo Finance, Julie Hyman, Adam Shapiro, Oliver Pursche, Bruderman Asset Management Chief Market Strategist and Toby Loftin - Hennessy BP Energy Fund Portfolio Manager
List of business and finance abbreviations - Wikipedia

CAO = Chief Administrative Officer
CAO = Chief Analytics Officer
CBDO = Chief Business Development Officer
CBO = Chief Brand Officer
CBO = Chief Business Officer
CCO = Chief Compliance Officer
CCO = Chief Content Officer
CDO = Chief Data Officer
CDO = Chief Design Officer
CEO = Chief Engineering Officer
CEO = Chief Executive Officer
CFO = Chief Financial Officer
CHRO = Chief Human Resources Officer
CIO = Chief Information Officer
CISO = Chief Information Security Officer
CKO = Chief Knowledge Officer
CLO = Chief Legal Officer
CMO = Chief Marketing Officer
CNO = Chief of Naval Operations
COFE = Chief Officer for Esthetics
COO = Chief Operating Officer
CPO = Chief Product Officer
CQO = Chief Quality Officer
CRO = Chief Risk Officer
CSCO = Chief Supply Chain Officer
CSO = Chief Science Officer
CSO = Chief Security Officer
CTO = Chief Technology Officer
CVO = Chief Visionary Officer
CWO = Chief Warrant Officer