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RT lightico "Having a great time at CallCenterICMI . Come learn about next generation technology. We're at booth 720. "

Every time customers shop, they are telling retailers stories about their needs through their behavior. The question is, are retailers listening?

I'm way overdue in giving a nod to leaders and team members at who’ve impressed me with their commitment to live their mission “to open doors to a better life and help families build happiness through homeownership.”

We are entering an experience economy where customers are not just looking for the right service at the right time but looking for one that is engaging and immersive. Improve by being quick to respond:

Americans Like to Buy Online, But Also Expect In-Store Experiences, SAP Study Says:

Having a great time at . Come learn about next generation technology. We're at booth 720.

What part should play when it comes to customer experience? We’ll be discussing this at the this week with moderated by TOMORROW at 12 pm ET. Join us on

Thk g-d for “measuring multi-touch attribution... and RO—(wait for it) —- I-dentity (the whole of the customer); on- and off-line.

“Spend a lot of time talking to customers face to face. You’d be amazed how many companies don’t listen to their customers.” - Ross Perot -

I’m partnering with and other pros to give business leaders real examples of extraordinary happening every day. Details:

3 top take aways from Microsoft Research’s "2018 Global State of Customer Service Report."

Wie sieht das neue Einsatzgebiet für aus? und - Steigern Sie die CX mit innovativer Technologie. Erfahren Sie mehr:

With the Performance Cyclocross Skinsuit you’re covered, so you can focus on your race, not your apparel. | | | | | | | | |

Looking For Inbound Call Center Solutions? You'll Want To Know What Differentiates Us From Other Companies. We are High Touch, Committed to Excellence. RT:

⚙ "Industrie 4.0 au service de l’ et de vos nouveaux modèles d’affaires" 🗓 22 nov 📲 Inscription : 👥 Avec les témoignages de Rexroth-Bosch et Mitsubishi Electric.

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❝ Aw, how romantic. ❞

‘Are  you  teasing  me?’  It’s  a  silly  question  as  it  seems  obvious  even  tho,  this  is  Haru  and  he  only  means  it  in  a  sweet  way.  Rin  likes  to  believe  this,  at  least.  His  fingers  brush  through  his  hair  and  he  picks  up  another  sushi  roll.  'I  just  …  like  the  idea?  Is  it  too  cheesy?  I’m  very  open  for  suggestions  and  changes.  After  all,  it’s  your  wedding  too.’  

His  suggestion  to  add  some  music  really  only  was  like  optional.  After  all,  they  will  be  alone,  just  the  two  of  them  and  there  aren’t  many  people  they  could  embarrass.  Rin’s  cheeks  flush  a  little  anyway:  'I  guess,  the  ocean  sounds  will  be  enough  then.‘  | @mizuketsugo


SpookyCross!! It was a hot & dry one on a great course.
I felt a lot better and it hurt for the good reasons this time! I’m stoked to finish in the top 10 on leaders lap. Julien Bourdevaire took the win and is now the Elite Men series leader. 


Fall offers great cyclocross opportunities in Berlin. 🌞🍂
Im Herbst ist Cyclo-Cross-Zeit in Berlin. 😊🍃 #gravelbike #ilovemybike #allmountain #cyclinglife #indiansummer #leafs #mtbgirls #bikelove #cyclinglife #cx #sunny #allmountainstyle #berlin #bikelife #cyclocross #womenscycling #gravelbikes #bikelovers #rideyourbike #bikeride #nature #cyclechicks #cyclelikeagirl #orange #igerscycling #ridemore #gravelgrinder #biking (at Berlin, Germany)

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Some video shot by @lucky_b_89 at the #BubbaCX race today. Glad she initially stayed home because my dumba** left my helmet at home and she brought it out to me. #cx #crossishere #shotoniphone #cxracing (at Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park)

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#cycling #bike #bicycle #cyclocross #cyclo-cross #cx #sscx #singlespeed #single-speed #sscx #sscxwc #sscxwc18be #bemorebelgian #belgique #belgie #belgium #tournai #doornik #gogoHellcross #beready #thegogoHellcross (à Doornik, Hainaut, Belgium)

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girlie by SAPA
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Haru keeps quiet as Rin leans in to sniff him, not helping the slight blush darkening his cheeks, and before he has a chance to think Haru is rubbing Rin behind his new ears and caressing his face and under his chin. "Do you smell something good?"

‘Mhf!’ A soft noise leaves his lips and he finds himself leaning in a little to give Haru an easy to touch him there. Feels nice… Ah, no no!  Rin pulls back and gives the other a rather embarrassed look. ‘You do smell nice’ he replies and looks away embarrassed. ‘Mh, I cannot leave this bed like that ever again in my life….’ @mizuketsugo