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Moving from EGO-System to Eco-System [Customer Experience]

is suffering from experience 'sameness' created by templated frameworks. explores how to build an experience architecture that supports your unique brand promise:

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If my past-self could go forward in time, he would kick my present-self in the ass and say, "Wake up!" If my present-self could go back in time, he would give my past-self a hug and say, "It's OK."

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The @CXMGuy reflects on the importance of customer centricity, and a customer first culture.

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Ricoh CX4 gets reviewed: slight improvement over the CX3

Well, it looks like Ricoh is still sticking to the if-it’s-not-broke-don’t-fix-it model with its CX series of cameras. Just as it found in its review of the CX3, Photography Blog says that the new CX4 model delivers some modest improvements over its predecessor, but likely not enough to warrant an upgrade – or stand out from the competition, for that matter. The improvements this time around include some improved image stabilization, as well as a handful of new features like a multi-shot night landscape mode and subject-tracking AF, which both apparently work reasonably well. One of the other new changes also proved to be one of the camera’s biggest drawbacks, however, as the reduced handgrip makes the CX4 harder to hold comfortably than earlier models. Hit up the source link below for the full review. Read more

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“now whatchu did that fa…”

paired with her cooing, pity - and some marriage of chiding and disappointment worried her voice, arced the tender dip in her brow; and camille’s bleeding heart followed after the now injured party–still retreating in dejection away from the two of them.

“po’ lil thang… that baby was woikin’ up all they noive ta ask you on a date an’ you gon’ do ‘em like that.”

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Do you give your customers the little extra time they deserve?

The 25 minutes cup of coffee

      This fine cup of black coffee took exactly 25 minutes to be served to me this morning. Although the bitter warm taste of the coffee always balances the awkward start of a day, this morning was an unusual and upsetting long wait.  

While I was sitting and waiting for my coffee, a Swiggy boy, a Zomato boy and another Swiggy boy had entered the coffee shop, picked up their order and left. 

I started wondering inside my half-functional ‘morning’ head what is going on with our coffeeshop experiences today? 

I stumbled on a series of thoughts around bad services and bad management in food business chains. This is no-one’s fault really, as most businesses are yet to be structured to address the disruption of digitalisation in everyday’s live. 

But me being me, I put my designer’s hat on, and with no signs of my coffee yet, I went on a journey to understand this opportunity a little better. 

Did you noticed that online food orders from coffeeshops and restaurants are now faster than walk-in services at their premises?

In India, online food delivery-only aggregators like Zomato, Swiggy and UberEats, are conquering the market and changing the way we experience our coffeeshops and restaurants. What comes after that I don’t yet know, I can imagine what that could be, but what is certain is that businesses and their staff are struggling with the overwhelming demand of online orders. 

Nowadays we see entrances of restaurants and coffeeshops invaded by young boys on small motorbikes wearing branded t-shirts, walking on edge to be on-time, cashing that extra money if they deliver the order before schedule. 

Who is also on edge is the business. These App aggregators do not forgive or forget, they are equipped with star rankings, reviews, offers, promotions, you name it. Your business better be fast delivering to these boys and have better offers then other places, if you want to stay in-business.

Businesses are now more focus on delivering their online orders than serving their customers at the premises, creating the wrong dynamic that will eventually harm the business profoundly.

This could all be resolved if we did a detailed service design study on the business and the way it is managed. Re-thinking their operations and staffing plans would be a start. Unfortunately, most of these businesses have little knowledge of planning for a digital driven economy and fail to address not only their customer needs but also their staff needs, who are overworked and unhappy. 

While witnessing these broken journeys, right there in-front of me, the most surprising thing happened. One of the delivery boys walked out of the coffeeshop with a small takeaway cup.

Wait a minute did I just saw that?

At this moment I wasn’t concerned about my coffee anymore, I know that eventually I would get it, I was not going anywhere, taken by my chain of thoughts, that drove me into a completely different corner of the story….

Do people really order takeaway coffee only and nothing else? One takeaway coffee at the time?

I was astonished, that never crossed my brain. I had a very clear idea why I would ever do that…

1- Delivery charges for a small cup of coffee are a third of the price on the top of total price of the order. Is this worth it? 

2- Wouldn’t you order something more? To compensate the delivery charges but also the fact that you are polluting the environment and increasing traffic in an already crowded city, for only a small cup of coffee?

3- If the person has no physical impairment wouldn’t she rather walk down to the nearest coffeeshop and get a nice cup of coffee? Are we becoming so absorbed in our work-home routine, that a 10 minutes walkout to a coffeeshop feels like impossible? 

As designers we gone need to re-invent these experiences and better understand the connections between - space - human - digital - to help business like coffeeshops to change and to thrive, in times of very different consumers and very different delivery systems. 

The hot black coffee eventually came, after I stared for sometime, at the staff boy, with desperate  eyes. 


Be sure to deliver on the entire customer experience…