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Antique Silver Handle Fruit Dessert Fork & Knife Set

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I don’t know how they do it, but my roommate and his girlfriend somehow manage to dirty every single fork in the house except the one I used at lunch. Pretty much every time they eat more than one meal here. Maybe we just need more forks… though it has happened with spoons before too. 

19th C. American Civil War Era Knife & Fork C.1850-1870
18th C. French Latten Brass Spoon

錆びたブレードのナイフとフォーク アメリカ 19 世紀
真鍮のスプーン フランス 18世紀

フォルムやディテール、素材に惹かれてコレクションしたカトラリー。ナイフとフォークはアメリカ南北戦争時代のもの。スプーンはフランスのノルマンディ地方で使われていたものです。18 世紀から19 世紀半ばのものですが、コンテンポラリーな味わいもあります。


Cake slice and dessert forks, gold tone cutlery boxed set, vintage tea party, tea rooms wedding tableware
Vintage cake slice/knife and 6 cake forks Gold tone metal. Very pretty ornate pattern but unfortunately Ive been unable to identify it. Marked Stainless Steel Japan. In original box and cellophane wrappers. Perfect for vintage tea parties, weddings, tearooms or just to brighten up your cutlery

this poem is dedicated to @dellavacker​ and @project-moonlark

Cutlery me some slack, will ya

Mr Knorkle, at home with his beautiful Spife,
They were Splayd out on the bed.
Knorkle was the little Spoon,
His Spife caressing his head.
“What a night,” Knorkle said,
Spife nodded, “I know,
I wish we also had Ladlele here, though.”
(Ladlele being Knorkle’s twin brother,
And Spife couldn’t decide between one or the other.)
“What the Fork?” asked Knorkle,
“I Spork too soon, it seems,” Spife fled,
To avoid Knorkle flying at her head.
Christmas spoons, 4 Christmas teaspoons boxed set, festive tableware, vintage xmas cutlery
Vintage Christmas spoons, boxed set of 4. one candy cane, one angel playing trumpet, one angel and one gingerbread man. Silver tone metal, no material content or makers marks. Box is marked made in China. Approximately 13 cm long. Ideal for your Christmas table or hot chocolate. Great vintage