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My heart can't take that much level of cuteness πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– love you

I love my auntie Ali she’s amazing without this lady don’t know where I’d be she’s literally my world 🌍 xxxx

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~ Little tsum tsums (or mochi kororins as my friend insists ~

Cute And Vulnerable

(Hey, fams! OKAY, I GET IT. I’M Lee!BonBon TRASH. I’M SO SORRY. I SWEAR THIS IS THE LAST ONE FOR A WHILE! Okay, so this one is with Baroness and Rumor, my OTP. AGAIN, IM SO SORRY. I can’t help it, they just work so well together! I HC Rumor as the more dominant one.) (WOAH!!!1!1!1!!!)

Desc: //Baroness’ crush on Rumor has gone insane to the point that she wants to feel “less dominant” towards her//

“Rumor, no. Honey, I swear, I’m warning you!” Baroness huffed, backing into the wall. It was sticky with honey, and she suddenly couldn’t move. Rumor stepped closer to her, wiggling her fingers. “It’s too late, sweetheart. I heard that little giggle when I brushed across your cute neck.” Baroness squirmed at her remark. She hated these predicaments. The sticky sweet substance was dripping down her gloved hands and down to her dress. Her blush was as red as ever, and her wobbly smile just grew bigger.

Rumor just tutted at the small figure. She looked so cute there, her pink candy figure melting under the larger woman before she even had touched her. Finally, Rumor just barely wiggled those teasing fingers over her neck. Baroness finally exploded into an enormous cluster of stuttering, giggling, and squirming. She had cursed herself for feeling more vulnerable under the larger figure. Her candy heart skipped two beats faster whenever Rumor happened to waltz by, and now she’s finding out about this damned weakness.

But her wiggling fingers suddenly died down, replaced by a huge raspberry across Baroness’ neck. She suddenly burst out into loud squeals for mercy, thrashing in her honey trap. “RUMOR! Nahahahahaaa! This is NOT fahahair! Enohough!” Rumor’s smirk suddenly turned into a large grin as she titillated at the other’s sides. “How absolutely precious!” She hummed to herself, purring into Bon Bon’s neck. Another squeal rang out from her friend. Wait- no. This couldn’t be possible.

Baroness… liked this? She certainly must be confused. It’s just that… she wants to be protected and held by this woman. This was impossible, right? She was a grown woman of her own kingdom! She couldn’t fall in love now, right? …Right? She couldn’t possibly want to let her pride down for this other woman to protect her. But it’s strange. As much as she hated this… act… she almost wanted Rumor to find out about it. If it were anyone else finding out about this, she would have certainly felt miserable. But she was almost happy about this tickling. What was worse is that Rumor could tell, too.

“Aaaaieee! Plehehease! I can’t tahahake it!” She screeched as Rumor squeezed her hips. “Sorry, hun. You’re just too adorable. I’m afraid that the Tickle Monster can’t stop! Rawr!” She said, nibbling her cotton candy neck. “Mmm, cherry!” She thought aloud as Bonnie squirmed. “IHIHIM NOT ADORAHAHABLE!” She laughed at the unexpected contact. She didn’t think of herself as adorable. She didn’t WANT to think of herself as adorable. What was wrong with her whenever Rumor came around?

Rumor was now tooling with her underarms. “I’m afraid that you are indeed cute, my dear.” Rumor teased, squeezing down her thighs and knees. Baroness was a blushing mess, tears budding at her eyes. What was this feeling? She shook her head back and forth. “Plehehease, Rumor! I-I Cahaha- Cahahan’t stop lahahaughing!” “But you look adorable like this! Look at you, sugarbutton. You’re absolutely precious!” She said, nibbling at her neck once more while toying with her milk chocolate curls.

Finally, she gave the back of Bonnie’s legs one more tickle, sending her into a giggle fit. “Okahahay… I do admit… you’ve had your fun… C-Cahahahan you help me ohout now?” Bon Bon blushed, sweating and giggling. How embarrassing. How could she have loved something like that? “Hold on just a minute, hon. I just want to do one more thing. Close your eyes now.” Though nervous, she closed her eyes. She wouldn’t tickle her again, would she?

But she didn’t feel tickling. She suddenly felt something much different that made her melt. Rumor pressed her lips against the others. They were kissing. Baroness suddenly felt okay and safe. They had so much fun, and now ending it with a kiss. Finally, Rumor picked her up, the honey letting her free. She cradled the smaller figure in her arms. Baroness finally couldn’t hold it in anymore. She looked up at Rumor. “Is… is it okay to feel this way?” Rumor looked down at Baroness’ golden eyes. “Honey, of course you can. I want to protect you now. I… I want for you to be mine, sweetheart. …I love you.”

Baroness perked up. “I… I love you too, honey.” She smiled. She felt safe here. “Although,” she grinned, pecking her new significant other on the cheek. “I think it’s time for my revenge.” She felt all over Rumor’s body for some sort of tickle spot, but she couldn’t find anything. Rumor only smirked. “Sorry, hon. Not ticklish. …Well, not VERY ticklish. Maybe one day you’ll find it.”

Defeated, Baroness plopped back into Rumor’s arms.

Two lovebirds, stuck together by honey and taffy.

Ok, but Cullen making sure everything is all ready when he knows Quizzy is about to come home to Skyhold after a long time. Making sure she has nice, fresh sheets on her bed, a warm bath (with bubbles and scented stuff) waiting for her as soon as she walks in the door, a nice hot meal (preferably one of her favorites), some flowers on her desk, fresh clothes, plenty of cuddles and meeting her at the gates when she returns. Ugh.

Yoongi : *wants to get something special for Hobi*

Yoongi : *finds and hands him flowers*

Hoseok : Aww thank you Yoongi!…..these flowers look a lot like the ones i grow in my garden

Yoongi : Ssshhhh, let’s not mention that. Just admire the thought

Hoseok :….well you tried atleast

Love day

Hello my teanite honey angels I hope you’re doing well after today’s events!! So I just wanted to say I love you and well I just hope you have a good weekend or holidays you know !! I just hope everyone is well and if you’re not please don’t hesitate to message me quickly or ask/inbox me ♡

Much love, angels

spread love and happiness it create good energy and karma