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β”Š.ΛŽΛŠΛ— γ…€Β· # 嘿‘! / here's the RV ⃕ YerΔ± gΔ±rl_ ΰΌ„ Ι‘nd HyorΔ± β†·_Β» ullzΙ‘ng. γ…€ γ…€πŸ‚ ı’ve never been of the new or unfΙ‘mΔ±lΔ±Ι‘r thΔ±ngs. γ…€

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Hi haha! Mickey’s here~

Idk if i turn mickey to human or i just made human cosplaying mickey mdicjdiʕ•ﻌ•ʔ

Im sorry i didn’t have anytime to draw utapri soo i just gave u my old drawing (╯︵╰,) if u want any request just ask me.. Ill draw it next week (~_^)