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club zoo minami 美女セレクション 一條りおな

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THE 無邪気 お母さんに、絵描けた!見て見て!ってはしゃいでるBaby猛獣🐯 .

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just saved like 200 pictures of girls in dresses to my pinterest… pinterest is now straight up recommending me dresses with no people in them, but little did they know i only saved the pictures for the cute girls. also im pretty sure a lot of the pictures i saved were modelling wedding dresses so idk what pinterest and google think is going on in my life right now

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I think nobody appreciates girls in general enough.

everything about girls is literally so beautiful I can’t describe it: they are soft and small and cute yet so strong and capable and just awesome in general.

I just love girls and I’d be honored till death if I find a girlfriend who loves me cuz damn a wonderful creature feel in love with me. I’m in awe of how awesome girls are.