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Why does my food keep giggling every time they hit the pan? 🍳🥓🤤 humm?🤔 I hope you all have a great morning and a week!

For those who dont know, I am obsessed with Bob's burgers. I watch the show all the time and randomly quote it. I am eventually going to get a louise cosplay done too. Possibly even a Linda. I honestly love them all.

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You may or may not know this, but we LOVE ! 🐶  💚 We even love them enough to have a blog dedicated to them! Check out our newest post and find out if you are DOG OBSESSED 🐩   Photo via

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These spoons
brought to you by u/Skim_Cheese @ r/nostalgia

Who made him sad??

Sorry for the low res, i am currently working on Autodesk SketchBook and it always creates a new canvas that’s the size of my screen and of course I always forget to change it. I am working on a Lenovo Yoga and Photoshop just lags too much for my vibe and quickly get annoyed and quit everything :( 

In 2 and a half weeks i will get home and get access to all my juicy and comfy Photoshop brushes but ‘till then, SketchBook it is !

Also, more posts to come so hop on in this blog (:

I made a promise to myself i will sketch and post daily if nothing bad happens with my mood so this blog is all about that !