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🎶 baby shark doo doo doo doo doo doo doo 🎶 saw these in a Claire's store, and thought I'd share as I've never seen them before, and they are CUUUUTE 😱😍 reply if I've put the song in your head 😂 SORRY 😇💕

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Eskadron Platinum Limited Edition 2019 Collection - Matchy Horsey

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MC and Julian with 7?

7) To shut them up

Julian had been rambling all morning about how the leech vendor was out of leeches.

“…I went early this morning! There should have been some! He had just set up shop basically! Who was buying all the leeches??”

MC couldn’t handle it anymore. They had been cleaning the shop and had expected some sort of help from Julian but he had sat himself down and complained. They sighed as they passed him.


“I can’t believe it!!”


“How do you run out of leeches??”

MC placed a hand on Julian’s cheek and leaned in, pressing their lips against his. Julian is stunned for a moment ad MC pulls away.


They smirk at him gently as he mumbles how much he loves you.

I hope that was okay!!! :)