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Has 2 comfy beds, but insists on always hanging out in the bed he came home in. 📷 by abullynamedchamp ()

Um dia falaram que eu não conseguiria, que isso não era vida pra mim. A resposta está aí, conhecendo o mundo, por apenas 12 reais. Graças a Deus minha mãe mandou eu estudar 🙏🏾♥️ ❄️🔱

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Hey, I came up with some story and characters to get acquainted with for Nova. And so, here he is, dancing (?) with one of his partners (yes, he’s in a polyamorous relationship) - Adrian
And a quick reminder that during the month of March every commission fitting into the theme of Magic Meat March is 50% off

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if you feel like it
But if you’d rather get an art done by me
Or some neat stuff with art already done by me
And if you’d like to play some short visual novels


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Original Artwork: 2019ジタゼタホワイトデー
By Artist: ハタミチ
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Date the creature who lurks in the darkness just outside the light of your doorway. It sits and watches from outside while keeping watch for anything nasty outside. It doesn’t mind being outside, but it does yearn for the warmth of your doorway and what lays beyond it, perhaps waiting on an invitation. It isn’t rude after all, and simply barging in would be absolutely rude.

I wish I had a cg I could go to, so I could vent and they could make it all better. Just baby me and give me lots of love and support. That’d be so nice..

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She went hunting for a mouse the other day, broke through the bottom of the couch (that big hole was already there, she broke through the foam (this couch is older than me)) and then passed straight out while I watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

I love this dog so much