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Dragon Ball Super 3D Printed T-Shirt - LE094

Charlie Brown: Pensi mai al futuro, Linus? Linus: Oh, sì…sempre Charlie Brown: Come pensi che vorresti essere da grande? Linus: Vergognosamente felice! (Linus, Charles M. Schultz) • • • 😄 💭 💕 #…

TRUE STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hate the laugh ...but apparently others find it hysterical -hee

Cool comic book yarn art! Would also be awesome as a kids room decoration. -hee

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Sticky Notes (Part Two) - Dallon Weekes x Reader

Request: There should be a second part to this, just my opinion *walks out and closes door*

Word count: 1 952

A/N: Cheers to that friend (you know who you are) who sent me the acoustic version of Choke, which I haven’t gotten out of my head since. Thanks very much -.-

Also: I know Ryan dyed his hair brown again, but in my heart it’s still blue, and: IS ANYONE GOING TO THE IDKHOW SHOW IN BERLIN? If yes, let me know, maybe said friend, you and I can meet up ^^

Part One

Almost two weeks had passed since Dallon and you first talked to each other. After your exam on Saturday, he had taken you to a beautiful small café, where you spent the rest of the day talking about whatever came to mind.

You had to admit that the handsome young man had impressed you from the first moment on. You liked his sometimes shy, but sarcastic comments, his excitement when he got to talk about something he liked, the honest interest he paid to every word you spoke. Talking to him was so different than talking to anyone else. It felt as if he could truly see you. He did not mock some of your stranger decisions you had told him about, did not question your sometimes silly seeming opinions. He accepted you, he listened, and if you approached him with a problem, he tried to help. And you felt like you were able to say the same thing about him too.

Since that first proper meeting in the café, you had met only two more times. Today was the fourth time.

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