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I admittedly love watching Monster high faceups and customs because it actually gives me more inspiration for BJD faceups and outfits to sew. I saw a Pans Labyrinth custom and I was absolutely blown away by the skill of the artist. Her epoxy work made me want to customize an old, broken and beat up BJD. I hope artists like that realize how inspiring they can be.       


So today was quite a day.

I received a NIB Shelby and to my surprise when I opened the box, there was mold throughout underneath the furby and the antenna’s were rotting off. There was significant damage and this lead to the antenna’s being severed.

After doing so I was almost 100% sure she would never work because I figured all the fires ran together and with such damage to the wire she just wouldn’t work.

Well…I was THANKFULLY WRONG!!!!! She works!!! And she is everything I could have wanted minus the rotted antenna’s and mold.

Definitely wasn’t worth my 70$ but I felt like even so it was a good buy…just…a bit unexpected and kinda gross at first.

I’d love everyone to meet my second custom Shelby , 💗Loire💗

there is something so therapeutic and trance-like about sitting down with my dremel and sandpaper and modding a dollfie dream head. I love how cheap they are, I can buy one or two on a whim if my life is getting too stagnant or I need something to take my mind off of my anxiety (and they get to me within a week!). The only problem is that when the heads come out adorable (which is almost all of them) I feel compelled to buy a body for them. Such is life, I suppose.