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I’m sorry, no, I’m not donating a 100 serving decorated centerpiece cake for your kid’s private preschool fundraiser. It’s going to cost me a lot of ingredients and time and they’re just going to eat it, so how is that going to help with raising funds for the school, exactly?? I am ok to donate the smallest size cake I offer to your silent auction. I’m just a person trying to make a living off selling cakes, and you’re asking way too much of me.

Dear anyone who isn’t black or a black woman and doesn’t work at a register having to serve unruly customers 40hrs a week.

We respect you are customers not to give us an attitude and muttering stuff under your Breathe about our race or in ability to communicate the way you want us to, we are only working to make a way for our children, for a place to live and keeping our ill family members afloat…just like you, right?

This goes for everyone, black, white, asian, Indian, etc. treat people how you want to be treated no matter how shitty your day is, and don’t be a bully.

Why do people want to just point out a fact for the purpose of you being wrong and them being right?

Post-planetarium presentation on the night sky (wherein I mentioned that the 5 brightest objects you’ll see in the sky are 1-Sun, 2-Full Moon, 3-Venus, 4-Jupiter, 5-Sirius/‘A'ā)

Patron: Are you an astronomy student?

Me: I’m an astronomy graduate 😊

Patron: Well one thing about your talk, with the brightest things you’ll see in the sky. In 1054 AD Chinese Astronomers observed a Supernova in daytime so that would have been brighter than Venus

Me:… Me well the function of this star tour was for people to know what they would be observing in their sky now ….

Please start buying items in stores!

I get it, online shopping is SO. MUCH. EASIER. But everyday now a new retail store is announcing it’s closing. Thousands of people are losing their jobs because of online shopping. Even shopping at a company’s website doesn’t help their stores and if their stores don’t generate enough revenue, they’ll still shut down. If you really want the convenience of shopping online, you can place an order for online pick up and the store will get the money of your order.

So please just consider going to stores more for the sake of people’s jobs in this terrible economy.

- il caffè delle 9 -

Con il lavoro che faccio credo di essere tra i primi a scoprire che una donna è incinta.

Una improvvisa avversione per il caffè, il mancato acquisto delle sigarette e lo sguardo sognante di chi si sta addentrando in una grande avventura …

Ripercorro con la mente le mie due gravidanze…

Ho tanti rimpianti e pentimenti, ma i figli no …

Tanti auguri future mamme e ricordatevi che ce la si può fare anche da sole, purché questo figlio sia tra i vostri piani ovvio….


The cancer within modern medicine -  Dr. B and The Sharp Edge.

I always feel bad when I have to say ‘no’ to a request. I just sat here and agonized about what to say in this email for at least half an hour. I’m just a person who makes cakes for people so I can’t be available every single date of the year and I can’t plan my life two years in advance like some of my clients do for thier weddings. My calendar opens for booking only 6 months in advance. I’m sorry, but I really can’t plan that far ahead.