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“Stay ahead of the curve for better customer experience”, VP - Information Technology, Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd. Live at

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New research shows that improving does more than make citizens happy—it has a quantifiable impact on a range of key outcomes.

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Grocery retail is the strongest sector for in 2019. What could your business learn from this? Find out more when you download the 2019 UK CEE analysis.

Today, marketing must focus on educating the customer about herself. In the Transformation Economy, she is buying the promise of a new self-identity. Therefore, she...

We're currently using a chatbot on our new site and are having some great success, how's your website and ?

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frenchweb[] Pourquoi les données sont essentielles pour créer l’expérience client du futur, c'est aujourd'hui à 11h avec AdobeFrance

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Today Folks,

Pumpkin spice launched and my spirits fell. 

I asked someone to please not reach over the bar when they tried to take the gallon of milk I was using. They legitimately wouldn’t stop yelling at me/actually following me to proceed with yelling at me until I stepped in the back and the head manager came out to make them back off.

I became a conscious objector to cold foam because–despite my love for it’s gelato smooth texture–the one pitcher to five million drinks ratio was infuriating.

Someone told me they’d been waiting for far too long for their drink despite the time stamp confirming that they’d ordered five minutes prior and it being rush hour. This isn’t out of the ordinary the tone just made me want to end it all with a pitchers worth of americano water to the face. 

I performed an out of key duet of Moon Dance with my coworker while on the bar and got odd looks from a lot of airline pilots.

We ran out of our standard milk by nine so everyone got skinny beverages for the rest of the day. No one appeared to notice.


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