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For those who are looking for the within the - I think you will find this podcast really useful!

News. eyes more EU aid as funding pays off for Turkey and its Syrian refugees. Laura Pitel and Michael Peel Luxembourg Times Jan 21st 2020 And Economic News Bloomberg.

21-01-2020 เชœเซ‹เชกเชพเช“ เช…เชฎเชพเชฐเซ€ เชธเชพเชฅเซ‡ เชฏเซเชŸเซเชฏเซเชฌ เชชเชฐ. ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

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Being ignored was among the list of things that Nocturne detested, but he couldn’t really become too inconsolable over it.  He may have operated on a different level of morality and understanding, but it was obvious that the clown was only just beginning to grasp for the reigns of consciousness again– which was what had brought him there in the first place.  He could practically taste it.  Was it any surprise he took the first opportunity he could to pester him?  He’d been doing it for so long now; hell, a large part of why the poor jester was in this situation in the first place was because of him.


Slowly, he made his approach; not out of any kind of fear that he might attack, but because at this moment in time at least, he wasn’t trying to startle him or bring him any kind of anxiety.  At least not actively, it was to be expected from an entity such as Nocturne, as his default.

“Well, perhaps not looking it, but…you are conscious.  Your mind was much more difficult to pry through when you were dead, I would appreciate it if you could refrain from pulling another stunt like this in the future.  Look at the mess it’s created.  You’re in a cave, Shaco.”  He didn’t need to, but he gestured about them anyway– it was indeed a cave.  Not the biggest cave in the world, but enough to squat in without much risk of getting wet from the rain or snow.

“And it’s not even a nice cave.  If you like, I could redecorate it for you.  Perhaps provide you with something a bit more comfortable to wear, at that.  What is that atrocious garment?Even if Shaco chose to continue ignoring him, he’d choose to continue talking.  Nocturne was a gabby little specter.

What I am currently focused on:

- Earning my associate in Arts degree & finishing my last semester while maintaining straight A’s.

- Spending time with family, friends, & boyfriend.

- Managing finances, selling clothes on depop & saving Up money for counseling, trip to Boston, birthdays, & cusion $.

- Learning about myself through research in psychology, astrology, neuroscience, & vulnerable communication.

-Taking care of myself by coordinating meals/cooking, skin care routines, & meditating.

- Becoming more responsible by obtaining my driver’s license, making dentist/doctor appt’s, sleeping earlier, reading books, cleaning up the house/staying organized, doing my work/available for potential jobs, listing universities to apply to, & being on time.

Everything outside of these things are on hold until further notice. I am not a superwoman who can focus on so many different aspirations and interest all at once. This list is my only priority as of January 1st, 2020. My priorities are subject to change & the list will be updated. Any projects or requests may have to wait. I’ll try my best to answer if someone needs me.

Thank you,



Stolen Project:

So I’m liking the idea of going with the mirrored box in some form. I want it to give the viewer incentive to look closer, pull them in. I want them to see distorted reflections of themselves in the work. I want it to invite them to circle it and find new angles. I’d like it to almost seem like its moving - not literally, but have it give the impression of change within the work. 

I might be overshooting here, but I think to a certain degree everyone can relate to a feeling of unsurety and anxiety. Not knowing who or what you are in a world that seems to be filled with endless options and opportunities. And with the growing pressure added by the general dread of the future in the current political climate and, you know, the actual climate *insert morbid world war III memes and pictures of injured koalas* it is quite understandable that a lot of people are succumbing to some serious existential crises and anxiety.
I think it’s something that is being talked about more than it used to , but still needs to become a less taboo subject. Its 2020 - fears and mental health are not a myth or a secret - let’s talk about it. 

On a less morbid note;
We discussed attaching the EL wire to an Arduino board and also attaching photo resistors, thus creating the possibility of programming it to react to external light influence. It should end up becoming darker or lighter depending on the ambient light in the room. I think this might work quite well as an analogy for how we interact with our surroundings and they interact with us. -act, react -

Lazily combing lithe fingers through his hair, the clown came to the decision that it was getting far too long for his liking. It wasn’t like he could re-dye it at the moment anyway, and it was starting to look like a mess.

He was never any good at this but it needed to be done. It was only a small knife that he plucked into existence, not really able to muster what magic that was needed to form something more vicious, but it got the job done eventually.
He hacked away at locks of untidy hair until as much of the purple was gone, leaving only black strands, a little shorter to how he usually liked it but it’ll do.



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Word of The Hour: current

English: current

1. running or moving rapidly

2. now passing, as time

3. passing from person to person, or from hand to hand


- French: actuel

- Hindi: प्रवाह

- Italian: attuale

- Portuguese: atual

- Spanish: actual


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