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Staff working at Sellafield have been told they will not be paid a bonus next month after the company forecast to miss its targets. Story:

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Whitehaven Male Voice Choir has reveals its festive season schedule. Story:

in ? Like ? Then try new skill Cumbria Weather to request a short-range weather forecast, including information about cloud levels!

Hi there πŸ‘‹πŸ˜Š How lovely and inquisitive are Swaledales? I really like how they are just mooching around at the side of the road in the Langdales

One firefighter found himself on the wrong side of a rescue operation, when his own home was hit by the flooding in Cockermouth. Story:

Oh dear , why are you so crass as to destroy the heritage of through the most insensitive & shite rebranding I’ve ever seen (& I used to work in marketing). I love & the which is (or was) your heritage. You’ve destroyed it.

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Cumberland sausage sharing platter with creamy mash, pickled red cabbage, crispy bacon & black pudding...AND A MASSIVE STACK OF ONION RINGS! .

Bus, bandage, boat, B&B bonanza! Try saying that quickly on a Friday night. 1st aid courses (7-8 Dec & 9-10 Jan), MIDAS minibus course (7 Jan), RYA Powerboat Level 2 (23-24 Jan), B&B weekends popular with school staff teams:

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Live Music in December over at perform songs from their current and future releases

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Regulbium (Kent, England).

The original Roman fort was built not long after the Roman invasion, next to the modern-day village of Reculver.  It was connected to Durovernum (Canterbury) by road.  A Saxon shore fort was built around 210, but by 360 the Roman military had mostly abandoned it.

The fort’s design is similar to those along Hadrian’s Wall in northern England.  This is probably because the Cohors I Baetasiorum, who according to the Notatis Dignitatum were garrisoned here, were previously stationed at Maryport in Cumbria, near Hadrian’s Wall.  They probably built the fort of Regulbium as well.  Tiles stamped “CIB” have been found at the site.


‘Still waters of Autumn ‘ by Elizabeth Coles
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The Duke of Portland 19th-century stone boathouse situated nr Pooley Bridge, on the lake of Ullswater with a balcony, standing majestically over the lake with stunning views over the fells. I was totally mesmerised by the mirror reflections on the lake. And waited patiently for a glimmer of light! I think you need more than a week to capture some great imagery, the scenery we saw while on our week’s adventure was immense. The Boathouse is on the western shore of Ullswater in the northeastern Lake District. It’s an easy 15-20 minute drive from Junction 40 of the M6.

I cannot take leave of the country which we passed through to-day, without mentioning that we saw the Cumberland mountains within half a mile of Ellisland, Burns’s house, the last view we had of them.  Drayton has prettily described the connexion which this neighbourhood has with ours when he makes Skiddaw say—

‘Scurfell from the sky,

That Anadale doth crown,

with a most amorous eye,

Salutes me every day,

or at my pride looks grim,

Oft threatning me with clouds,

as I oft threatning him.’

These lines recurred to William’s memory, and we talked of Burns, and of the prospect he must have had, perhaps from his own door, of Skiddaw and his companions, indulging ourselves in the fancy that we might have been personally known to each other, and he have looked upon those objects with more pleasure for our sakes.  We talked of Coleridge’s children and family, then at the foot of Skiddaw, and our own new-born John a few miles behind it; while the grave of Burns’s son, which we had just seen by the side of his father, and some stories heard at Dumfries respecting the dangers his surviving children were exposed to, filled us with melancholy concern, which had a kind of connexion with ourselves.  In recollection of this, William long afterwards wrote the following Address to the sons of the ill-fated poet:—

Ye now are panting up life’s hill,

’Tis twilight time of good and ill,

And more than common strength and skill

         Must ye display,

If ye would give the better will

         Its lawful sway.

Strong-bodied if ye be to bear

Intemperance with less harm, beware,

But if your Father’s wit ye share,

         Then, then indeed,

Ye Sons of Burns, for watchful care

         There will be need.

For honest men delight will take

To shew you favour for his sake,

Will flatter you, and Fool and Rake

         Your steps pursue,

And of your Father’s name will make

         A snare for you.

Let no mean hope your souls enslave,

Be independent, generous, brave;

Your Father such example gave,

         And such revere,

But be admonished by his grave,

         And think and fear.


Dorothy on a walk in the ‘Cumberland mountains’ (now Cumbrian mountains) and William’s Reflections in his “Poem to Burns’s Sons”







“The world was neither flat nor round. The World was mountains.” - Robert Beatty

A short hike up Latrigg fell leads you to this stunning view over Keswick and the surrounding area. Due to the position of the sun these pictures don’t quite capture the extent of what we saw.
Government under fire for approval of new coalmine in Cumbria
Decision coincides with net-zero emissions review and is branded ‘backwards step’
By Helen Pidd

A new coalmine in Cumbria has been given the green light by the government in the same week that the Treasury launched a review into how the UK can end its contribution to global heating. The developer, West Cumbria Mining, said the £165m mine would create 500 jobs. The Cumbrian MP Tim Farron called the decision “a kick in the teeth in the fight to tackle climate change”. Farron had asked the government to “call in” the decision after it received unanimous planning approval by Cumbria county council in March.

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In the 80s the Tories couldn’t close coal mines fast enough. Now that it is realised that fossil fuels should stay in the ground they cannot take them out fast enough.