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Il n’est guère de passion sans lutte... Ce sont nos valeurs et la lutte qui font de ce jour le symbole de la résistance !

La première Journée cantonale de la s’est déroulée avec succès ce samedi 23 mars. Elle a réuni plus de 130 acteurs du milieu au théâtre de l’Heure Bleue à La Chaux-de-Fonds. Communiqué ➡️

"Daada" is Tradition on in Gilgit Baltistan when kids are dressed like and and older citizen of the community take kid on his back walk around wishing and praying for and prosperity.

Little things can tell us a lot about , , and . During a water break at practice, which player is the first to grab a cup and walk away and which player is the first to hand cups to other players? 🏆

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Ralph Fiennes wanted a dancer rather than an actor in The White Crow Ralph Fiennes cast a dancer rather than an actor in 'The White Crow' as the film was ''very financially challenged''. The 56-year-old actor directed a...

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Ancestry Blogging?

I’ve researched ancestry for most of my life. Sometimes I wonder if I should document my discoveries online. Why would anyone care about a strangers ancestry though? It might be interesting to me but not to anyone else…? Maybe I could document how each story I find makes me feel about myself….since the people I’m researching are after all related to me. How I’ve found solace and meaning through ethnic and personal identity? I don’t know. I have some great stories to tell.

Hello Wild Strawberries™! 🍓🌙

Today is a beautiful rainy day and am working on the last March Love readings for Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Cancer. They’ll be up this weekend!

Sending you all so much Love 💖, Healing Light ✨ and Wild Strawberry Vibez! 🍓🌙

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