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Partez pour une sonore ! Les services et Pays d' et d' vous proposent une balade à multiples voix pour découvrir les mystères de Fayet-le-Château le 20 juillet à 17h30 ou 19h30. Prévoir une tenue adaptée Info : Tarifs : 6,50€ / 3€

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Après avoir reçu les équipes de à l’AN, je visitais ce matin leurs locaux du 92 à . Un travail exemplaire d’aide à l’appropriation de sa et de sensibilisation à la sécurité. 👉 Parce qu’être mobile c’est être libre et autonome.

The elusive Nando’s black card it's supposed to give you access to limitless Nando’s

has championed local and in India for over 30 years. This based restaurant is its first overseas location, boasting a vibrant atmosphere and exceptional service!

So folks considering the wonderful sunshine we've been experiencing, we wanted to highlight some of the great charities ready to provide you enjoyment this here at home. Our this week is and UK Attractions - perfect if you're on

Good morning! The National Gallery of Ireland is hosting my Page Story on Facebook+Instagram all this week - giving an insight into daily activity at the wonderful cultural institution. Take time out to explore

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Holly is 24 Year Girl and Seeking Sex Now!

I have a really stupid habit of ignoring one bedtime alarm and since I have three, it often becomes a domino effect until I find myself up past 2 AM for no reason. Sometimes I can tell Loki is waiting for me because he helps me go to bed and I feel a little bad, but it keeps happening. But tonight, as I was redecorating, I thought Loki would come try to collect me to stop procrastinating on sleep and … Thor made a concerned remark about my rest, but Loki put out a hand and stopped him. “Xe needs this. Redecorating helps recalibrate how xe feels inside and then acts externally. We must let xem express, in order for progress. Not to mention that we need to listen to how xe is feeling, too.”

Thor nodded quietly and Loki stood back, arms folded in a black suit. I was surprised and also thankful. My redecorating has only begun, but I’ve been putting it off and finally started it late. It’s “me” time 💙⚡💚


French World Cup riots

Having won the World Cup in Russia, while the whole world was watching the French team do well, one would think that the French football fans would be happy on the streets. The police had to come in to maintain social order, while the football fans attacked the police. Rioting is very common in the French urban areas. Sometimes, the riotings is needed, while other times, the rioting is unnecessary. In the case of winning the World Cup, the rioting is totally unnecessary. Millions of French football were not rioting afterwards when the French football team won the final World Cup in Russia, but the riots in France were not needed for the closing of the World Cup fun. People all over the world were watching the winning football nation. People on the French streets have perfected the art of rioting over many years. Rioting is part of the French culture, unlike the passive British, but these football riots in the French cities were just stupid hooligans taking advantage of the fun.