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Trump’s Funds Shapes Are Forcing Instructors and Contractors to Work as Centralized Penitentiary Watches

Entre 1850 et 1914, a été la capitale mondiale des nouvelles , du business, des arts, de la et de la foi en l'avenir. Comme la maintenant. Puis, la guerre. Et si ça se répétait?

Depuis le toit-terrasse du qui nous accueillait aujourd’hui pour préparer Avril aux Jardins, à retrouver du 7 au 22 avril 2018 à Nice avec

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'I hear you' - Trump uses cue card to remind him to listen to shooting survivors

At the meeting, Trump suggested that he would consider arming teachers as a measure against school shootings.
Read moreThe meeting at the White House was attended by survivors of last weeks Florida school shooting.
Facebook Twitter Pinterest President Donald Trump holding his notes Photograph: Carolyn Kaster/APHow many US school shootings have there been in 2018 so far?
The close-up photograph of the note also revealed that Donald Trump was wearing a shirt with 45 embroidered onto the cuff.
Trump did not appear to directly use any of the questions or phrases on the card at the meeting, but did thank those who had attended.

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I appreciate you answering serah, but you did not specify for when Altmer would be expected to have full control. Just when they are expected not to cause damage. So again. What time would Altmer be expected control over their magical talent, similar to expecting teenagers not to lash out out of hormonal reactions anymore?

Surely the answer is the same, no? Control implies an ability not to cause damage, not to lash out, to stop any leakage. Anything beyond that is a matter of skill, of training, of discipline and dedication. 

One supposes tis true that one would expect an Altmer to have reached their full magical potential by the end of their pubescent years. As the physical develops, so too the arcane. It would be fair, then, to say that by the time an Altmer is, by the latest, some two and a half decades, give or take a few years here or there, the expectation would be for them to have a degree of competence in their abilities, and to have developed their raw talents and capabilities to their fullness by that time. 


Sorry the pictures are so dark :P

But I’m so happy with how the shelves look!! I think the bottom one will be reserved for bigger things like deer and the top will be for smaller skulls and jars and just other little things. Or maybe I’ll put all of the skulls on the bottom? I’ll mess around with ideas for a bit.

In trying to figure out why I’m completely unable to access imgur, I have learned that it is perfectly legal in the UK for an ISP to block websites. Consider me shook.

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There’s very few sites blocked in the US. Those that are blocked clearly violate a law. (Such as child pornography or gambling in a state where it’s illegal.) I don’t believe - correct me if I’m wrong - an ISP has the power to decide that. At least, I’ve never experienced it and it was my understanding that it’s considered North Korea style censorship.

I tried to pirate a small download for a game a couple years ago. I couldn’t figure out how to make it work so I never played it. But that week, I received a stern warning from Verizon that they’d shut off my internet if I was found to be pirating. I was able to access an illegal site with ease. I just wasn’t allowed to use it.

Now I’m not sure still why I can’t access imgur. I don’t want to make any more accusations against Vodafone than I’m already thinking for other reasons we’re having them pull a call log for… but I can’t help but wonder. Not that it matters if it’s a fluke or easily unblocked. Censorship is censorship and I can’t believe it’s legal.

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I’ve always wanted to explore my home town. I’m a native Rotterdammer. I was born and raised here, and I saw that it all changed very fast in the 90’s. There was a breaking point, and it went very fast. So many new migrants from all over the world. I wanted to make a documentary about this, and at the same time, how the local white people are reacting on this phenomenon.
—  Otto Snoek
Arctic temperatures soar 45 degrees above normal, flooded by extremely mild air on all sides

I have sailed boats through [the Arctic Sea] but never this time of year, tweeted David Thoreson, an Arctic photographer.
Capital Weather GangArctic temperatures soar 45 degrees above normal, flooded by extremely mild air on all sidesThe temperature difference from normal over the Arctic averaged over the next five days in the GFS model forecast.
While the Eastern United States simmers in some of its warmest February weather ever recorded, the Arctic is also stewing in temperatures more than 45 degrees above normal.
Perpetual night, but still above freezing.This thaw occurred as a pulse of extremely mild air shot through the Greenland Sea.
Temperatures over the entire Arctic north of 80 degrees latitude have averaged about 10 degrees (6 Celsius) above normal since the beginning of the calendar year, sometimes spiking over 25 degrees (14 Celsius) above normal (the normal temperature is around minus-22, or minus-30 Celsius).

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