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Heard the best quote today. “History connects us all.”

Workplace culture can make or break your business! Visit the given link to know how to recreate your company culture for growth.

गुफा निकालेको ceremony of sister.

La Réalisatrice réunionnaise AuréliaMengin, représentante française à la 40ème édition du festival international de film de

Today is ! Check out this blog from 2016 on and , and how cultures interpret emojis differently. What's your favorite emoji and what does it mean to you? 🤔

's "strategic location combines world-class , good exhibition facilities, a relaxed and friendly and excellent and dining options to make it a perfect place for both and pleasure.”

📢 Companies are increasingly responding to the Corporate Governance Code by illustrating an ecosystem with a clear line of sight from purpose and strategy to culture

🔎 Le saviez vous ? 👨‍⚕️ 📖 Louis Ferdinand Céline était aussi un médecin français, et auteur d'une thèse sur Ignace &

[] 📍Prochaine étape de notre festival tour : ! s’associe cette année aux Vieilles Charrues pour accompagner le développement de la démarche d’accessibilité du festival ! Début des concerts demain 😊

: Les petits secrets de 🤫 Les détails deviennent diablement bavards grâce aux anecdotes, histoires rocambolesques, pépites architecturales et trésors méconnus 📆 Vendredi 19 juillet à 18h 👉

RT DavidAaker: RT ProphetBrand: It’s not a lack of capabilities holding companies back in their transformation efforts, it's a lack of . Discover how our unique, human-centered approach can help you create a thriving workplace and workfo…

means A has been made, our lives have been enriched & we take away something of that which will remain w/ us always to BCD for powerful & stories of lives around

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🌻For Free ft @ypghaji, @kristindior_, @waavychi & @deanaugustomo 🌻

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Sea-horse and Nereid. (From an ancient amphora found at Ruvo, Italy.) by Alan
Via Flickr:
Sea-horse and Nereid. (From an ancient amphora found at Ruvo, Italy.)
The end of capitalism has begun
Without us noticing, we are entering the postcapitalist era. At the heart of further change to come is information technology, new ways of working and the sharing economy. The old ways will take a long while to disappear, but it’s time to be utopian
By Paul Mason

An excellent article! The author never mentions solarpunk directly, but this quote sums it up nicely:

“All readings of human history have to allow for the possibility of a negative outcome. It haunts us in the zombie movie, the disaster movie, in the post-apocalytic wasteland of films such as The Road or Elysium. But why should we not form a picture of the ideal life, built out of abundant information, non-hierarchical work and the dissociation of work from wages?”


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They did that? 😩😩😩😳
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Have yall ever gotten a gift from someone who said, ‘as soon as I saw this it reminded me of you,’ and in that moment you knew you two were gonna have to fight. Like you know you should be glad they thought of you, but really? That tired ass print pattern? Or those horses in the back looking boots? So you end up having to sit back and have an existential crisis over how your style is coming across and who you thought you presented to the world vs who the world actually sees. All because of some raggedy gift. The truth is, not all gift giving experiences are as tragic or soul rattling as that. Some of us go out of our way to have someone buy that special thing, after we’ve left about 500 hint drops. You could even be living that sugar baby life, and you let your sugar parent buy what they want to see you in. Do you like when others buy clothes for you? What fulfills your creative fashion flame? What makes you uncomfortable if you don’t like others buying your clothes? Let us know down in the comments!

There is a difference between being invited to participate in a certain culture by people of that culture and stealing from a culture for aesthetic and clout. For example, Nick Jonas was invited to participate in that Hindu wedding and wear what he did. So, no Jennifer, you can’t wear a bindi on your head for Coachella. No, Jimmy you can’t wear a sombrero for Cinco De Mayo. This isn’t just for white people either, this is for everyone.


Usher - Confessions Part 1 vs. Confessions Part 2 | The Joe Budden Podcast #JoeBuddenTv


Road-skates. 1. Ordinary. 2. Motor. by Alan
Via Flickr:
Road-skates. 1. Ordinary. 2. Motor.


Maenad. (From a Greek relief in terra-cotta.) by Alan
Via Flickr:
Maenad. (From a Greek relief in terra-cotta.)

“But I’m not allowing [for things do be done the way my parents did them]. In the future, I’m definitely going to teach my kinds everything about my culture. That it’s important. And my husband should know my culture! There’s nothing wrong with that. I  feel like he could learn mine. I  could learn his. We can blend and teach the children both.”

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