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We present you top quality to impress those all important guests! is ! 🍽

Si vous devez aller à les bains, LE de : le à côté de l’église. Un pur régal !

The first signs of while in the hills of opened appetites for delicious at a "guachinche". Our friends enjoyed a spicy octopus stew on with

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Joahua from Mbinga, has recently been and lives with Joyce, his . Joyce is a and hopes that she can save some money to start her own small selling local and tea so she can better Joshua. . Good luck Joyce!

Préparation d'une petite sauce, Avec des champignons frais, Tomates fraîches coupés et sans la peau, persil et fond de veau .🍴🍴

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Pour mémoire nous avions indiqué posséder plus de 400 livres numériques dans notre bibliothèque (Comment se créer gratuitement une bibliothèque sur la cuisine avec des centaines livres :
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Un autre exemple de mes lectures de livres numériques sur mon iPad : l’ePub de 95 pages en Creative Commons : Une petite histoire de l’alimentation française sous la coordination de Théo Galichet. Pour obtenir ce document : #petitehistoiredelalimentationfrançaise #TheoGalichet #alimentation #histoire #epub #livrenumerique #livre #lectures #lecture #livres

Life is pretty gratifying these days.

Last night I made my wife dinner. It had been a while due to her preferring to handle all the cooking. Without even thinking much; I stewed some canned pintos, baked salmon, and steamed rice. I noticed the avocados were ripe, and started halving them. She got home and I served her the meal. She said it was salty, and I realized it was the perfect complaint. I went over to her dish and shaved half an avocado onto it for contrast. I did this two more times. She then commented on how good the food was. I also served her freshly squeezed orange juice. She sipped it and said “I feel so lucky.” with her fruity little smile and tone.

I have been killing it in the kitchen regularly these past weeks. She still cooks half the time and we still go out for dinner regularly. Even competing with her and local restaurants, I have been performing most consistently. I’m glad she had admitted that by showering compliments and saying how good she feels when she eats my food.

Now, if only I could get her to hydrate more regularly…


Bonsoir 💍💍💍
L'Afrodisiac Restaurant ✨
🗝️ 19h-00h
📍 16 rue Thorel 75002 Paris.
(À 50m du Grand Rex)
Ⓜ: Bonne Nouvelle.
Info / Résa : 0951917218
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