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Lazy afternoons

Im gonna miss wearing just sweaters/being half naked around me house. I won't be able to do this anymore. lol

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Still have a few sessions available tomorrow West 💕 Text 613-703-0064 or call the club to arrange our time together my hunnies 🐝

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Monday inspiration as I cuddle my sick daughter, arm falling asleep, unshowered, anniversary overnight plans cancelled. Enjoying my precious gem while she still wants the cuddles

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Jennifer is 23 Yеаrs & Wаnt t0 Fuск HERE! 0nlу t0dау! Cliск 0n tехt!
You’re so reckless.

(uhhh theres puking in this, its vague but i know some people don’t like reading about stuff like that so uhh)

Simon couldn’t take it anymore. Bram had been gone for three weeks and Simon had been alone and cuddle-starved for what felt like forever.

Sure, he understood that soccer was important to Bram but these three weeks had really been doing a number on him. And another thing is, that Bram said he’d only be gone for 2 weeks, not three.

So, here he was, feeling quite lied to and lying flat, face forward on the ground, wallowing is self pity, sleep deprivation, and the fact that he felt like actual garbage. Seriously, if not seeing your friends for a week sucks then this is absolute hell. Maybe that’s where he was. Hell. No cuddles from Bram, no kisses from Bram, no anything except a sick feeling in your stomach. Yeah, this has to be hell.

Then, he heard the door open. He looked up and then- It was Bram. Oh MY GOD ITS BRAM.

“Si? Why are you on the floor?” Bram asked.

There was a hint of concern in his voice but it was mostly covered by amusement.

“Uh- Um?”

Simon heard Bram snicker and watched him lean down, a toothy smile decorating his face. Damn. That smile never failed in making Simon feel like he was on cloud nine. Honestly, almost everything Bram does makes him feel like hes on cloud nine.

“Did someone miss me?”

Bram’s tone was teasing and Simon knew there was a chance that Bram would continue making fun of his pitiful 2 weeks without him, but thankfully, he didn’t.


Simon replied. His voice was small and tired, though he hadn’t intended for it to be. But it was understandable seeing as he stayed up late last night, 1. Trying to distract himself from Bram’s absence and 2. Get his English essay done and turned in before 12. He failed in doing one of those two things.

He heard Bram sigh after he answered.

“Did somebody also stay up too late trying to get stuff done?”

He didn’t sound surprised, and honestly, Simon isn’t either. Staying up late and losing sleep was a bad habit Simon had developed when he was around 14 and he guessed it just never stopped cause he still found himself waking up at 8 or 9 in the afternoon after staying up until 5 or the likes.


When Simon replied this time, he sounded even more tired than before. Like he could fall asleep right there on the floor, in front of his wonderful boyfriend. He heard Bram start speaking after his reply but was slowly closing his eyes. He was just glad Bram was back. And Bram cuddles.

“Love, you can’t keep repeating this sleep schedule. You’re gonna pass out at school at some point if you keep this up.”

Bram spoke again and Simon listened to him with closed eyes and hummed. Seconds later, he felt one of Bram’s hands lightly press against his forehead.

“Darling, you’ve worked yourself up quite a fever too.”

He sounded concerned. Really, really concerned. Simon could be so reckless sometimes and it made him worried sick. He was pulled out of his thoughts when heard Simon snoring softly in front of him and he let out a soft chuckle.

Picking Simon up was easy. He was pretty light and Bram was pretty strong. He made it to Simon’s bed quite quickly before setting him down and going to get things to care for his now sick boyfriend.

He had gotten a wet rag and some medicine to help with the fever and the most likely soon to come sore throat, and a glass of water. He was about to leave and get a straw for Simon’s water before he felt Simon’s weak grip around his wrist and turned around quickly.


Bram stayed. Of course Simon was still being taken care of and Bram was sorta being a mother but he missed cuddling with Simon. Even if he woke up to Simon dashing to the bathroom at 3 O’ clock in the morning.

Simon had woken up in a cold sweat before rushing to the bathroom. His stomach did not like whatever he ate. Which so happened to be Oreos. It just had to be Oreos. The sour bile made its way up Simon’s throat as he tried to keep himself steady on the edge of the porcelain toilet seat. Only a couple minutes later did Simon realize Bram had made it to the bathroom to see Simon puke his guts out. He began rubbing circles on his back in hopes of calming the way Simon was shaking.

He looked at Simon worriedly before grabbing a towel from under the sink and wetting it to wipe Simon’s mouth. He wanted Si to feel better and quick. He simply didn’t like seeing his boyfriend so miserable and shaking like a leaf.

When Simon stood he was hit with a wave of dizziness, almost falling only to be caught by Bram who was standing next to him.

Bram could only hope that this was the last time Simon would puke while he was sick as he layed the other in bed and went to refill his water. When he came back, Simon was still awake so he sat him up and made him drink a few sips before laying him down again and wrapping him in a warm embrace.

(so ya boi bacc here with an actual fic.)

ask-glados-queen-of-aperture  asked:

Very important LaaC question: do you think after the events of Portal 2, it'd be a bit of a shock for both Chell and GLaDOS to have to get used to not holding/being held by the other? And, when Chell comes back, would GLaDOS be cuddly?

Omg I hadn’t thought about this……… Maybe they just keep doing it out of habit LOL or maybe GlaDOS is all “no I’m a strong independent computer I don’t need you to carry me” but Chell just….. picks her up anyway because now she has to. 

For whatever reason I think GlaDOS is definitely really cuddly like?? Idk she has this. possessive clingy sort of air that I think would translate into Must Be Touching My Person At All Times. 

anonymous asked:

Sy, I have a question... why is Harry the little spoon? Just curious 💚

well. he was teeny tiny when he met louis and he was shorter at the time so they probably just fit. and then he grew taller and bigger but he’s still louis’ baby and still the little spoon. he’s like those giant dogs who think they’re tiny puppers and insist on sitting in your lap 

I dreamt that I had two funky lesbians cuddling me and one of them was like ‘you can’t fall in love with every girl that kisses you’ and then tried to kiss me to prove it and I wouldn’t let her because I knew she was right

biiiiiiiiiiitch, why are coming for me like that