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Perfect for the industry due to the toughened safety and durability - our Cronus is one of our best sellers. Watch to find out why:

Time running slowly inside your ? Got yourself a case of the Mondays? Someone steal your stapler again!?! Ditch out early and get yourself a Jumbo Slice and a Soda from in for lunch!

Throwing it back to when we updated the for #Glasgow with our Primo Kn . Completely flush-surfaced, with aluminum frames and a thickness of 42 mm.

Our and products cater for all and . They're so easy to maintain and are available in an array of colours and prints. Try our Design Tool to be inspired

With the flexible System Primo Kn - everything is possible. From WC partitions to changing rooms. From standard size to floor to ceiling. Learn more about Primo here:

Cleaning reduces the risk of patient infections. CS' cubicle curtain systems makes this process quick & easy. Show your facilityโ€™s standard for quality, check out "On the Right Trackยฎ" and visit CS at booth 308.

Just published a new article: Unique Desk Lamps For Your Creative Business

Back to tomorrow... make it more enjoyable. Labyrinth escape for 1 player. Easily playable at a conference table or in your cube โžก๏ธ

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beginning to improve my space at work by whatever cinematic means possible…

this week’s desktop: Bruno Ganz in The American Friend (1977, dir. Wim Wenders)

panel 1: Kathleen Collins, Kinuyo Tanaka, Sondra Locke, Shirley Clarke, Mai Zetterling, Euzhan Palcy, Doris Wishman, Mira Nair, Alice Guy-Blaché, Ida Lupino, Elaine May, Mabel Normand, Margaret Conneely, Muriel Box, Claudia Weill

panel 2: Penny Marshall, Esther Eng, Ava DuVernay, Lois Weber, Maya Deren, Agnès Varda, Kasi Lemmons, Nanfu Wang, Dorothy Arzner, Kathryn Bigelow, Deepa Mehta, Karyn Kusama, Nancy Savoca, Gillian Armstrong, Susan Seidelman

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Buddy - Cubicle (Official Video) ft. 03 Greedo


Cubicle - Buddy ft. 03 Greedo




Runaway Gummy

I was peacefully eating gummies in my cubicle while reading through code. When I accidentally dropped one, it rolled under the dividers to the cubicle next to mine. So far, coworker has not noticed the gummy. I’m still planning how to get it back so I can throw it away and be at peace again…

Last time, a chocolate ball rolled and the person beside me at that time noticed it immediately and it was so embarrassing. XD

Why Choose Modern Day Office Partition, Furniture And Cubicles?

So what made you pick a modular style office setup? Was it the fancy cubicle or the robust office partitions or the gorgeous office furniture pieces? Was it the drawers or the various sizes of cabinets? It could have been anything out of these things and then it could have been all of this.

The primary motive here is that you as an employer are able to provide your employees with a decent and functional work space. This is not just essential for the proper functioning of your office but also very important for the happiness of your employees. Apart from these obvious merits, it also has some other advantages. The most notable merits of having a modular office setup are as follows:

Much Needed Level Of Privacy

Everybody wants some level of privacy in their workspace. Your employees are not going to be comfortable working in an open space environment and you know that for sure. The use and utility of office partitions and cubicles are unmatched and when it comes to making your employees comfortable and feel relaxed in their own space, they prove even more useful. Your staff members can make calls, attend to their deadlines late in the night or come early for client calls without disturbing others and /or creating a mess for others. The whole idea is to give them a space that they can call their own and use as their territory when they want to. A little bit of personalized office furniture also gives them a sense of security and familiarity.

Comfortable Atmosphere

We talked about comfort didn’t we? Cubicles are in particular very popular among several offices in Philippines because of the simple fact that your employees feel comfortable working in such a space. They are able to perform to the best of their abilities and that leads to better productivity. Contrary to popular belief and the changing thought process among many new offices in Philippines, cubicles are still a very good way to keep your employees and associates motivated and comfortable and they don’t even confine them to a finite space. Your employees can relax and keep calm while working and they don’t even have to break away from their workflow if they have to do a little chit chat and socialize with their neighbors to freshen up their mind.

Modern Day Office Furniture Lets You Manage Your Office Space

Cubicles are movable and they are user friendly and of course the level of customization they allow for is remarkable. They let you manage your office space efficiently. Nobody in your office has to be crammed into a corner any more. You can easily put all the equipment and furniture you need in a particular cubicle and use different office partitions to make the interior look more navigable. The fact that they are movable gives you more freedom to alter the interiors of your office without spending much time or any money over it. These were just a few advantages of modern day office partitions, office furniture pieces and cubicles. So, when are you picking a few for yourself?