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Shine bright like 1.09ct Diamonds and 1.43ct Blue Sapphires 😍

and are intrinsic to my writing both to help me focus and as storylines... 💎 What's your birthstone? Do you love it? Read the post on link in bio...

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To create your own wealth grid: 1. Stand with your back to the front door. Find furthest left corner 2. Cleanse Citrine, Pyrite & Aventurine x 8 of each & Clear Quartz x 1. 3. Set intention for what you want to achieve

Submit your research abstract at: Innovative Technique for Analyzing the Growth of involves the accurate manipulation of by restraining them to -millimeter

Moss agate bracelet made to order in the size of your choice ♥️📿 Moss Agate is also a stone of wealth, attracting abundance in all forms.     

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Zircon growth rings.

Zircons usually occur as rare and tiny minerals in the rock. They grow slowly as the magma in the Earth’s crust cools down. This slow growing process is captured here by the concentric rings just like in the tree, however the age order of these rings is reversed in this case (center crystallizes first and outer ring last).

What you are looking at is a single zircon grain that is about 0.01 mm across. This grain has been cut in half to reveal it’s inner structure by an imaging method called cathodoluminescence.
Thrift haul | Interior, clothes and crystals!
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A new video is up! I had an aaamazing find at my local thrift store and I cannot wait to show you!


Love these candleholders by @kj_leo_designs using our rose gold and ‘fairycake’ glitter 💃🏻😘❤️
The bottoms of my prayer and meditation candles are so pretty that I had to share.✨💙Since this video, I put just a touch more resin on the inside where the candle fits for a smoother surface- sort of a mini flood coat- but you know I had to add more glitter!✨ Sending love and good vibes😘#crystals #crystalhealing #crystalart #spiritjunkie #tealight #glitter #zen #geodeartist #resinartist #crativesoul #love #friendship #followyourdreams #bliss #meditation #yoga #homedecor #handmadegifts #gold #rosegold #seattle #woodinvillewinecountry #queenannehill #seattlecoffee #bothell #sparkle #glittertherapy #crystaltherapy (at Warrington, England)

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I believe in…

This is going to be confusing as hell. Let me introduce myself, I am Esty and I’m secretly / not so secretly really spiritual. I’m not your local “I read horoscopes for fun” person, I truly believe that something out there controls our fate. (Please, don’t kill me, I am not batshit crzy I swear) I would lie if I told you that every horoscope I read actually comes true. No, of course sometimes they are a bit cliché but you know, it feels nice to know that there’s a chance that something good can happen to you. And no, I don’t ignore if I read something like a negative prediction. I just try to figure out how it would effect me if it really happened.

I also have crystals for cleansing, spiritual growth and development, love and more. I use gypsy cards and about buy my first deck of tarot cards.

My friends and I already did a reading with the gypsy cards for love and financial success. For me, both were positive and I really want to believe that I actually deserve these scenarios, I worked hard for them.

I wrote this down because I read my horoscope today and for the week. It said that I’ll have a new source of income and boy, it was true. Two days ago a mother called me if I could tutor her son. I said yes, of course I did. (Would I be a proper English major if I didn’t tutor kids?)

So yeah, I’m a spiritual person. Whoever ends up with me, has to deal with a lot of crystal. I don’t say they have to believe in the same thing as me, but I want them to be open minded. And listen, crystals are pretty looking too.

Fluorescent Museum Grade Gemmy Zincites for sale on my etsy/ebay pages. (Link in Bio!) Get em while they last! Zincite is an amazing and rare stone, incredible for physical energy, manifestation, creativity, and general zest for life. It is a very stimulating stone, and is easily felt even by those who cannot pick up on the vibes of other crystals… #zincite #crystals #metaphysical #glowinthedark #orange #red #green #yellow #zinchite #zinkite #manifestation #empowerment #creativity #picoftheday

trying out new batches of bath salts with herbs crystals and wildflower glitter • im looking for three witchy, herb loving earthy folk to test them out and tell me what you think before they go into the shop •••• first three commentors are the luckiest

Digital Grimoire Intro

Hey folkies. Yesterday I asked folks if they want me to share my digital grimoire with the community. I got very good responses, so I’ve been working on this for the past 20 hours and I’m now satisfied with the table of contents. I just gotta do that same thing again with everything in the table of contents, AND add research on top of that. No big deal. 

So here’s a snazzy sneak peak for you all to get hyped about. 

I’m not sure when I’ll post the link, but I’ll make individual posts for each section  as I finish them. Maybe I’ll post the link when I feel like I have enough info in it?? I don’t know, any feedback would be appreciated.

I’m currently going in alphabetical order, but if there’s any section you want me to research asap, just let me know.

This is my first time making a digital grimoire, so I would be interested in seeing any other digital grimoires out there for inspiration!

@thegirlanddeath, @zoomaker, @chrolin, @sweetlyminiaturesublime, @alexthehomosexualwitch, @bisexual-goddess Thank you to these people for your positive feedback! Your guys replies inspired me!