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Boulder Opal . Calms the inner soul. It is an excellent stone for progress, expansion, and development. It carry not only warm Earth energies, but also the illuminating energy of Fire.

CHRYSOCOLLA | MINERAL MONDAY | Find our what power chrysocolla can bring to your life | FULL VIDEO IN BIO || Images from Google image search / Music: bensound ||

Blue Kyanite is High Vibe energy, balancing the yin and yang by Crystal Vibrations.

Purple is by far the most common species of . It occurs in almost all igneous rocks, during the initial phase. This example is linked to the Third Eye.

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Altar appreciation.🔮💕🌸

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What are your favorite crsytals and how/what do you use them/for?

  • Green aventurine: money, luck, serenity.
  • Amethyst: grounding, intense focus, calm.
  • Labradorite: aura healing/reparing, luck (mainly rainbowy ones and green flashy), relaxation (purple/pink ones), calm (blue flashy ones).
  • Clear quartz: cleansing, banashing, focusing.
  • Rose quartz: self love, self healing

Those are the crystals I most frequently use in my craft :) please note that these are how I use these crystals and if you have a different way to use them then that’s okay! Your craft and connections should be personalized to you!

I want to put together a hunting nice kit for my brother.

My younger brother will graduate this may with a geology degree. He will be the 2nd in my family to even have a degree so it’s a big deal to us. Through his course work he’s been on several class trips to various parks for research and such. With it he’s become a big rock and fossil hunter. So for his graduation gift I want to get him a nice kit with some of the best gear he can have. I know nothing about the hobby, so any guidance on gear would be appreciated.

Rock Collections revealed on eBay!

Hey! I want more witches to follow bc my dash is rly lacking magick atm!!! So like or rb if you post:

  • Informational posts
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  • Info abt different crystals!!!!
  • Abt working w/ deities & simple ways to incorporate them into your craft (n daily life)
  • Different correspondences

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60 Lb 8 oz ~ 36 " Tall ~ HUGE Rose Quartz Crystal ~ Tower Generator Pillar~ Bright Pink ~ Large Polished to Perfection ~ Reiki, Feng Shui

For just $5888.00
Crystal Goddess Presents !!!!!

Bright Pink Rose Quartz Generator ~ 60 Lb 8 oz ~ 36 “ Tall ~ Large Polished to Perfection ~ ~ Reiki, Feng Shui Decor, Crystal Tower, Pillar

I love this rose quartz generator! It is EPIC in size, and the cut is so great, so tall, it really is a monument of beauty : )

This generator is stunning ~ I love the white lines that run crisscross through this massive, bright bubble gum pink rose quartz generator~

Wow!! 60 pounds 8 oz ~ 36 inches tall ~ 7 inches wide ~ super beautiful ~ this will be the center piece of your collection ~ perfection is yours ~ you will cherish this fine specimen forever ~ a perfect work of nature for you, from our home.

This is a one of a kind generator it is huge so tall and very impressive. It is truly a rare display polished to perfection,free standing with a perfect point.

It is my absolute pleasure to pass this fine specimen along. It has been hand selected for it’s quality.

This a lovely specimen is from my personal home collection of crystals and gemstones- I am not holding any back all hand selected for there beauty and display-ability and privately owned by me : ) Never bought in bulk or wholesale ~ my own beloved gemstones I have collected through the years, now being offered to the world. I feel it is important to distribute these divine pieces, as they have served me well, so I will be making my entire collection available.

We are the only owners of this beautiful display piece and we acquired it directly from the miner so this is your chance to own a wonderful a one of a kind , glorious display for your altar, your meditation room, office, yoga room, perfect for your home anywhere really.

I recently retired from figure skating as a United States National Champion, as my new calling is to distribute my crystals and minerals all over the world.

I will be listing many more crystals and minerals daily so favorite my shop for specials and FLASH SAL…


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Affirmation: I am constantly filled with new, healing energy. Keywords: Abundance, Manifestion, Healing Serpentine can be used to attract and manifest what you want into your life - abundance on all levels, prosperity, love, healing, etc. It helps to align your intent with the Heart Chakra and Source energy. #crystals #crystalhealing #healingstones