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Gorgeous at thanks to the inspiration from ‘s instagram page ! Alsoreceived a lovely from @creativecrystalspiecehall25 for some recommended by @iamreissdaviesausar.

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my all time favourite snack. can’t stop being obsessed with u. i love u more every fkn day!

@deadd-nd-buried xx

The person who inspired me most is my piercing lady. Though I hardly know her, she’s always hella supportive. Here’s some stuff she’s said to me:

  • Oh, you’re a Capricorn! Me too! Trust me, it’ll get better with age!
  • (To my dad) None of these piercings are permanent. I can tell someday he’s gonna do something amazing.
  • (To me, afterword at her chair) You know, I was serious back there. I really believe you’re gonna do something big.
  • (Eyes closed, thoughtful) I sense you’re gonna have an amazing journey—that’s what I’m hearing.
  • Have you ever thought about modeling? Even though you’re shy I think you’d do amazing!
  • I love the freckles on your nose!!
  • I always love when you come in—no seriously—you’re really easy and always smell nice!
  • You have elf ears.

Her compliments mean a lot more than anyone else’s. I pay her for a service, she doesn’t need to say anything like this to me, so I know it’s genuine… She’s one of my favorite people tbh… And gods, do I hope she’s right!


If I did custom embroidered designs (such as god/goddess designs), would anyone buy them? If you think I should pursue this, LIKE or REBLOG (or both!) If interested in buying one, message me for details.



Black tourmaline is a very fragile so these are incredibly difficult to polish into these shapes and they are REALLY hard to come by. (They are priced VERY cheap considering the fact that these aren’t put out in the market often.) Black Tourmaline is protective stone and it repels and protects against negativity. It’s also good for deflecting radiation from your electronics.

I use a black tourmaline bowl by my front door and I put my important things in there like keys. I also have another bowl on my dresser that holds my rings and earrings to charge the accessories with protection against bad vibes when I head out.

Moon $69 - has green tourmaline inclusions

Heart $65 - has clear quartz inclusions


Crystals and Herbs I Own✨

This is mainly just so I can keep track of my crystals and herbs and etc….


Opalite- sexual experience, persistence, strength, removes stale energy

Citrine- balance, motivation, creativity, intuition

Rose Quartz- love, self-love, comfort, peace, friendship, healing

Pink Tourmaline- calmness, soothing, physical healing of heart, balance

Red Jasper- amplifies libido, strength, energy, stamina, spirituality

Smoky Quartz- detoxifying, acceptance, calmness, stress-relief

Amethyst- spiritual awareness, intuition, psychic abilities, tranquility

Clear Quartz- healing, power, intuition, energy, pain-relief

Sodalite- truth, intuition, balance, calmness, self-esteem, acceptance


Rosemary- protection, love, lust, exorcism, youth, sleep, witches herb

Rosehips- luck, peace, love, harmony

Yarrow- courage, love, psychic powers, exorcism

Mugwort- strength, psychic powers, astral projection, healing

Passion Flower- peace, sleep, friendship, amplifies psychedelic effects of weed


Citronella Incense- mosquito repellent, protects, cleanses, strengthening

Palo Santo- cleanses, heals, grounds, clears

Violet Water- cleanses, aids in headache (UVG)

White Sage- spirituality, cleanses, heals, grounds

Rose Oil- love, luck, lust, sex, friendship, buisness

Lavender Oil- attraction, banishing, happiness, intelligence, sleep

Bye loves:)


Here’s one that’s going a bit more successfully — #behindthescenes 😩😆 Needs a name — feel free to drop any suggestions below ☺️ ©IlluminationDesigns
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