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The Power of Crystals. Healing crystals are currently extremely popular. But what are the benefits of the crystal infused products? I guarantee these crystals and products will bring good vibes both inside and out! 💎

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Love this color! Amazing display piece or would make beautiful jewelry!

Short Yule Ritual

Basic Altar Set-Up:

On the left side of your altar place a black candle for black draws in light (all light & energy) and keeps us warm  on the longest evening of the year. 

On the right side (across from the black candle) place a white candle because white is the sending of all colours. It’s winter magick is glistening snow, the fur of the snow rabbit, the white caps on the ocean, the gleam of diamonds & cubic zirconias that sends our messages & protective power. The sparkling white of snow & the gleaming of the ice help us to honour the Snow Queen. 

In this exact fashion, place the following candles upon your altar, in this order: 

Silver [Left]- Brings the Moon’s magick to The Earth. It is the frost that kills unwanted evil & harm to Mother Earth. 

Gold [Right]- Is the Sun. To bring light into the darkest days of the year. To honour the birth of The Sun, again. And, the energy to keep our strength & to win above all odds- to heal our self & others. 

Green [Left]- is the ever green of winter. A reminder of survival & life in this so-called “season of death”. It gathers the Sun’s light like emerald jewels bringing growth, wealth, luck & love. And, 

Red [Right]- is the magick of glowing embers- creating passion. It’s the fire that burns in our hearts, the fire of determination, the fire of desire. This colour also serves as a reminder of the fire & warmth still in the red berries & flowers of Winter.

Place a bottle of Protection Potion and a piece of Black Coral on the left side of your altar and some sea salt and a bottle of Altar Oil on the right side. 

Place your chalice on the left & your athame on the right sides as well. In front of you place your Altar Pentacle to define the center of your altar and straddle it with your wand. 

Above it place your cauldron. And, to the left of your tile place a crystal pointing downwards (or towards you) and on the right place a crystal pointed up (and away from you). 

Place a Goddess statue on the right & a God statue on the left. Now you altar is (and you have created) a circuit of energy.

Cast a circle with your wand!

Now, light some Yule Incense. You can make a very simple incense by adding a few drops of a Yule Oil to a powdered base powder available in most Incense-making shoppes or Witch Shoppes, etc.

Now, anoint all the candles with the Yule Potion. And, take a small sheet of parchment- 4 to 5 inches square. And, ask for what you desire. Concluding with the following lines, “I ask that this be for the good of all involved, with harm to none. So mote it be!”

Now, touch the parchment to the candles’ flames and put it in your cauldron to burn. And, you are done.

Crystal and the Legends of the Rebellion - New Era of the Blog /  End of the Shooting Stars Universe

Hey everyone , so yeah as the title of this post says , the SS universe has come to an end , but this also will bring a New era for the blog with a new story , which passes after 1000 of years on the series timeline , the main crystal gems are now part of earth , steven is dead , but he has decedents with one of them having the PD´s gemstone , there are a new diamond authority which´s agains the maon authority that we know


Meet the Reflectors , a team of gems that like to discovered artifacts and gemstone lost in space , in this team we have Crystal , Carminite , Covellite , Fire Agate , Musgravite , Flourite and Yellow Jade


Crystal , the leader of the reflectors , she´s clever and pretty kind , always trying to discover about the foundation of homeworld , the reasons of the diamond authorities war , and the rebelions before that facing enemies and meeting new friends


Covellite , the most faster member of the team , she´s Calm and Charismatic , always trying to find the best solution and which sometimes influences in her lazyness , making her quite one of the most identifying gems compared to most of the humans or aliens


Musgravite , The most protected member of the team , she´s Sweet and Shy , always trying to give attention to others and do the things on the time that´s needed , being one of the members that are quite helpfull in bettles and in researchs


Fire Agate , the most physically strongest member of the team , she´s confident and really honest , her way of fighting makes her being such a important member specially in a search of artifacts , always trying to tell the true and find reasoning for her enemies to fight


Carminite , the most thoughtfull member and the fusion of the team , she´s pretty smart , cool and loyal , she´s a fusion of an Onyx and a Sard , being the second in command in cases of missions or when crystal can´t be at the moment , she´s one of the most stable member of the team


Flourite the most adorable member of the team , she ´s funny and creative , her incredible way of interacting makes the mission more easier and fun no matter in time or space she always will be glad to stay to help , always having jokes on her pocket in case of emergency


Yellow Jade , the most generous member of the team , she´s kind and creativy , her ways of thinking about how the enemy thinks about the situation of what she would do and not do , making her one of the most famous gems on making strategies for attacks and reconciliations

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☆ Himalayan Quartz with Schorl Inclusions ☆

Wonderful Water Clear Himalayan Quartz with Schorl inclusions from Skardu Pakistan. Good Clarity and Top Luster makes it more vibrant and aesthetic. Although specimen is not cleaned well so it can be further clean. Crystal has sharp point with Self re healed Bottom. Available for sale

196g & 8 x 7 x 7 cm

Price is $125 Shipped

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These Eden raids are super fun! My favorite so far. Trying to level up my astrologian also, because I feel like healing through these instances would be a delightful challenge.

I’m also loving the story of bringing life back the The First. After all the heartbreak, and everything that was lost, chaging the world back to something worth saving is so satisfying.

If anyone needs a tank, I’m on Crystal - Diabolos. Message me! I’d love to meet new people to play FFXIV with.


My necklace is done! First pic is before baking, other 3 are after 😁😍 I LOOKS SO GOOOOOOOD YALL THIS COSTUME IS GONNA BE LIT🔥 also side note LOOK AT MY CUTE LIL LEAAAAVES


isometrica_minerals : Quartz with pyrite druze and calcite overgrowth from Panesquiera, Portugal.

Made my very first crystal necklace!😁😁 Its for my newest costume Ive been working on and I just threw it in the oven so hopefully it turns out good!! This is also my first working with polymer clay and it was really fun! I wanna make more but I dont wanna use anything for my current collection lol but I am gonna try rings next! Wish me luck this all hella new to mee 😁❤ might try selling them tho if ppl wanted (Materials: Polymer Clay, Mini Amethyst Cluster, Smokey Laser Quartz)