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MIT, Stanford Researchers to Fund New ‘Globally Scalable’ Cryptocurrency, ‘Unit-e’

Basing crypto on the right technology platform: The choice of the trading platform technology on which institutions build their business is fundamental, says John Stead .

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Hanging out with the man himself , which by the way has a really cool card on his cowboy hat, the king of coins card.

SUPER ALPHA MAJORS Last Update 2019-01-16 16:00 UTC PERFORMANCE Initial Balance $ $ 10,000.00 Current Balance $ $ 743,038.00 Annual Return % 3591.59% Winning Months 20 Losing Months 4

45+ Factors/Aspects of Fundamental Analysis sorted by subtopics (key figures, idea, technology, team, marketing, community). I think it is a great kickstart for newbies and meanwhile worth reading for more advanced people as well. Educate yourself - RT appreciated

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What if I told you Trading didn’t have to be so difficult ? What if it was as simple as clicking a few buttons a few times a day. Would you believe me…
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