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While we don’t know exactly how much sweat we lose in pools, it has been proven that we do in fact sweat in water. Fortunately, we don’t feel it!





Cliché, but nothing better than seeing people on the front row having a great time to your music!

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PIECE | Oh Santorini sun, fiery minx, you set like no other; all dressed in amorous promises, you lean in to kiss the horizon and our voluptuous human longing for romance becomes so tangible. But, alas, the faster you near the embrace, the more passion becomes skirmish. To hell with loving surrender, everybody doesn’t want peace; a piece is what we crave! We miss gentle caresses down here, in this crossfire of sharp elbows and hectic shutter shot staccatos; but none of us can afford time or space for sentiments while demanding our rightful peek. Like the tide below, the second wave of people has arrived to replace the first; yet, the flesh pours in erratically, unlike the smoothly transitioning surf. We are all here, now, but not in the moment and not together. Oh Santorini sun, you lured us with union, but all you gave was divide. Now you wander west to seduce another sorry lot of naïve fools, leaving us in the dark.


Go hard or stay home
Beach 🏖 workout 🏋🏻‍♀️🥇🎯
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@cityofpomona community members looking down at the huge #crowd yesterday at @scarypoolparty @americanidol.official contestant - @downtownpomona #top3 #pomonasidol #voteforalejandroaranda on Sunday. 💙🎼👏👏🤗🎉📽️🎬🎸🎶🎹✔️ (at Pomona, California)

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Adoration of the Crypt God

You wouldn’t understand until you place your hand on its grotesque head. Touching the God of the Crypt brings a blissful sensation that makes you longing for more. It makes you peaceful, happy. An eternal bliss. Anxiety, stress, guilt, fear, all gone after the touch. Come join us!


Vous ne pouvez comprendre sans poser vos mains sur sa grotesque tête. Le simple contact de votre peau avec celle du Dieu de la Crypte vous apporte une joie ineffable, divine. Touchez-le et toutes vos peurs, votre stress, votre anxiété, vos angoisses s’évanouiront. Imaginez ! Une perpétuelle sérénité, prolongé à l'envie d'une simple caresse. Venez nous rejoindre !  

Pencil doodle on A6 sketchbook / Criterium sur carnet A6