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signs global reseller agreement with through which allied partners will be able to deliver Nimble with , Dynamics 365, and services via D&H’s online Cloud Marketplace.

New and requirements are in effect! Our CRM Initial and Recurrent training provides EASA compliant, Transport Canada compliant, and FAA Approved CRM training for your whole operation. Learn more at

Nous terminerons la Béta ce week-end . Pour un lancement semaine prochaine . # New à partir de 29 euros par mois

Your options when launching a new include: hiring an administrator, dropping it in the laps of and IT (and hoping for the best), or partnering with a consultant that offers industry expertise. shares 5 tips to help you choose wisely:

Many businesses have improved their sales process by using and want to integrate with additional . This article shows 3 clever ways to do just that.

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Leverage your to take your customers from mildly interested leads to loyal customers in just 6 steps:

We had a breakfast seminar about customer centricity this morning. Thanks to everyone that attended and took part in the interesting discussions!

Un te permite desarrollar relaciones personales con tus clientes y al mismo tiempo controlar la actividad comercial de tus vendedores. Todo esto de forma sencilla, práctica y centralizada.

¡No pierdas ventas y usa la tecnología a tu favor!

Business communication is essential. Learn about the integration system which logs all calls automatically straight to the where emails have been stored. Visit the link below to learn about all the other extra features. (ad)

Get an inside look at the Microsoft Outlook inbox. Learn how and where your emails end up when sent to an Outlook account:

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You should keep all those fears aside & take up a smart, user-friendly CRM. Here are a few signs that tell you it’s time


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Had an opportunity to speak with #batman to ask him to simplify what #marketing means, his answer is great, use the KISS system 🔥💯🤘 #contentmarketing #seo #ppc #ux #kpi #crm #internetmarketing #socialmedia

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Monthly trending Ruby on Rails repositories. January, 9

Welcome to 2019! The new year has just started but promises to be as awesome as can be. Particularly because we have some great new open source Rails repositories aimed to make your life better and happier. In this monthly trending Ruby on Rails repositories from the 9th of January 2019…


Join us on our Live Webinar which covers the latest updates of Zero BS CRM including PDF invoice

been feelin p well put together today.

went to bed at a reasonable time last night, woke up early today. had time to eat a good breakfast. (1 leftover rib and 3 single serve crepes that my sister didnt want).

left home early, got to work on time, like a person who normally drives to work each day. got my coworker to hand deliver me french fries in the field. 

drove home. ate some creme brulee. B)

now lets see if i can get myself to do something productive or re-fill my car with gas. 

UKRAVIT launches new production plant in Cherkasy

A few years ago Syndicode developed CRM system to streamline everyday work of UKRAVIT’ managers with agro-enterprises and distributors all over Ukraine. Lately, we were happy to share the news that Ukravit was recognized as the most responsible taxpayer in Ukraine. Now we’re inspired to t…