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Accept compliments and constructive criticism. You need encouragement and building up when you hit the lows.

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My critical spirit speaks more about who I am than who or what the other person is doing or not doing. I need to work at being the best version of me and worry less about others.

True Progress "Those who are busy protecting their little egos; their petty little selves against - close all venues toward - , , and . Someone who cannot bear criticism can never progress in ." ~ – at Anand Ashram Ubud

How Do You Handle Criticism?? If you have been in ministry long enough it happens and you can either embrace it or allow it to ruin your week. Read More Here:

Foreword This Week: Reviewers Interviewing Authors Reviewer Camille-Yvette Welsch Interviews Luba Jurgenson, Author of Where There Is Danger

Acting and directing learned how to handle in . In , I share the 3 ways she learned to thrive with unfair H/T

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Constructive criticism can be helpful. But not when it’s unwanted.

Imagine somebody’s writing is their home. If I invite you into my home and I ask “how could I improve” or “what would you change” or “any advice”? Then of course it’s okay to give constructive criticism. It’s okay to tell me the plant would look better on the windowsill or you’d have different curtains. But if you just walk into my home and start telling me what you’d change when I haven’t asked? That’s not helpful or constructive and it can really make somebody who was proud of their work feel demotivated. Please be mindful of this when giving criticism on posts.

Note: this does not apply to calling out racism/homophobia/anti-semitism/any other prejudice. That is always necessary.

All my love, Nightlight x

I played the adventures of Captain Spirit on my YT channel and did commentary, which was fun, but wasn’t interested in playing this game(life is strange 2) myself.

I didn’t like the ending to this one, none of the endings. I played life is strange on my own time, before doing YouTube, and it was more interesting to me than this one.

I feel as though before the storm(prequel and sequel) and LIS2 were a bit rushed. Too much done at once. My opinion, I just watched gameplays, including jacksepticeye’s, and I didn’t feel this game.

Not that I didn’t comprehend some of the struggles and how America is now: I do.

I felt as though they could’ve focused on one thing it would’ve been great.

I barely wanted to play after Captain Spirit, and after watching a few gameplays by episode 2, I was done.

What I did like however, is the instrumental music to this.

This one’s my favorite.

The scene with their mom in episode 5 is my fave too!

They had really good music choices, so I thought I’d share my thoughts on this game.

Make me think of the outdoors and the stars and melancholy thoughts.

The art style was awesome too, but the story could be tweaked a lot.

I didn’t want to rag on the whole thing but the story is just too much.

Pros: art style and music

Cons: too much going on in the story. There was no real groundwork to make me feel connected to the characters. Zoom in on 1-2 topics like they did with the first one.

Okay, rant over!

Enjoy the instrumental! 😊

When I Act

Yesterday I wrote how I’ll accept and consider all criticism. I just want to add that some is more helpful than others. For example, if someone says my book ‘just sucks’, I’ll nod and move on. They’re not giving me anything to work with. On the other hand if they say ‘I didn’t like it because …” and provide reasons, then I can consider their criticisms and decide whether to act on them. I might not. The reality is you can’t please everyone. However if I think they’ve raised an important point I’ll act on it.

Wow. What has tumblr become. I just read: „Men are trash“

How did this happen? How could one even think of using hate to fight hate? Something went terribly wrong in this place. People get celebrated for saying things like that. But they would get smashed if they‘d say that to a person of any other gender. Why don’t you stop pretending you’re a better person. You aren’t as long as you fight hate with hate. And that’s the tea by the end of the day.


A couple of days ago a friend forwarded a piece work from someone she knows requesting a critique. I have no idea who wrote it but I suspect it was a fairly young individual. This posed a problem for me. I could recognize the work needing to be done to improve it but at the same time, I realize some people find criticism demoralizing - and this needed a lot of work. I’d never want to tear down someone who spent the time and effort creating a manuscript - and make no mistake, considerable time and effort is required. On the other hand, if someone can’t recognize problems - and no-one would submit anything for publication if they thought it was less than stellar - then the kind of recommendations I made are needed..

I accept all criticism of my work even if it is contradictory. I take it away, look it over, and make such changes as I deem are warranted. Sometimes I’ll reject the suggestion. Mostly I’ll accept it. And sometimes I’ll spot a third and better alternative I’d missed before. Criticism is your friend. Just don’t take it personally.


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Criticism vs Abusive Speech

So apparently, some people don’t understand the difference between abusive speech and criticism.

Criticism is:

  • Words delivered with the intention of improvement for someone
  • Something that includes a way for the person the criticism is being delivered to to improve
  • Something that must be delivered in a calm and neutral tone

Criticism is NOT:

  • Belittling someone
  • Something that includes any physical harm
  • Something that includes aggressive words
  • Delivered in front of an audience to make them laugh at the receiver
  • Intended to make the receiver feel frightened, even if it’s a little
  • Intended to make the receiver feel conscious of themselves
  • Delivered in a rough tone
  • Refraining the receiver from responding and starting a civil conversation to discuss the criticism delivered

Stop using criticism to back yourself up when you deliver an abusive speech or action. Stop using the term “freedom of speech” to cover up abusive things you do. 


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anonymous asked:

thoughts on the last Prodigal son ep????

I’m going to break this down into sections!

Things I Liked

- Jessica’s “You brought a screwtop.” Highlight of the whole episode. Couldn’t tell you why. 

- Meagan Good blessing the NYPD with her presence. 

- Malcolm and his former nemesis cop teaming up to track down Martin’s mentee. They had great chemistry, and it’s a shame they’ll never be on-screen together again.

- The set-up for the series return in January. 

Things I Was Ambivalent About

- I still don’t care about the girl in the box. In fact, I might care about her less after this episode. I do not understand her significance to the story. Her being real changes nothing except maybe the way people perceive Malcolm, and while he was right about her, it’s clear his memories are still fraught enough to be concerned. 

Things I Didn’t Like Thought Could Have Used Improvement

- The fact that the writers needed to justify the girl in the box’s enduring presence in the story with Jessica saying that they can finally put Martin away for good. Uh, writers? Martin’s in solitary. You put him there. He currently has no contact with anyone including the NYPD and FBI, despite his involvement in the ongoing serial killer investigation. Do the writers not watch their own show? 

- Ainsley asserting to Jessica that she’s telling her story when she only told Malcolm’s, and she told it badly to elicit a reaction from Martin. 

- On that note, the writers expecting me to believe that Jessica Whitly needed her daughter to remind her to take control of the narrative? Please. Jessica weathered her husband’s arrest with aplomb. She didn’t need Ainsley to figure out that the media was hers to command. 

- Malcolm still not clearing rooms or using any of his FBI training (or common sense). 

- GIl for not using his common sense and letting Malcolm out of his sight during an investigation. 

- This is me being nitpicky, but Meagan Good’s FBI agent getting saddled with the line clapping back at Malcolm for accusing the serial killer of mommy issues. She works in profiling, so she knows how Freudian psychoanalysis informs basically everything she does. There were other ways for her to assert her dominance over Malcolm than undermine her own abilities as a profiler.