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Every problem has in it the seeds of its own solution. Stress and worry, they solve nothing but block your creativity.

Netflix’s ‘Broken’ covers the tangled mess behind Juul, Ikea, and more of your favorite brands

Creativity takes courage. As writers, we yearn to tell stories; to express a sacred part of ourselves and share it with the world.

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance " Admission Opens now. Hurry Up! Enroll Now." Call For Info - 9540033961 | 8750042643 Or Visit -

How does of influence employee ? This new study shows that a) self-efficacy and b) strength of the ties explain how creative performance is achieved!

Our Centre for in Professional Practice undertakes interdisciplinary research into resilient and creative . The Boosting Resilience project exploits creative assets and intellectual property to build this resilience

Sheffield Underground Cake club have a 'Cakes that make you go ooooo ' (not ew) bakeup tomorrow Join us every month

☀️Hello FABULOUS Some ppl help 2conjure , some ppl help 2spark , some ppl help 2facilitate , some ppl help to solutions & other ppl are assigned 2help STRAIGHT-UP 🎉IT ALL!

Come fail at the Wunder Gym in the new decade! Find out more at our exhibition opening next week. UNSHUT Thursday 28 NOV @schoolhouse_gallery 6-8pm

थोडी क्रीएटिव्हिटी Over Tea. पत्ता: तिरंगा चौक, अलाहाबाद बैंकेच्या बाजुला, नागपुर-440009

“The process of creating a company can sound a bit more business in description, but that hides the extensive that many entrepreneurs possess“ contends Why an & says are like artists

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Namaste 🙏 every one 😊✌️
Sharing my Vacation vibes,on the way to Grande Island,Goa for Scuba 🤗

Lovely sunny day,pure & fresh Air to breathe with a view of freedom flying birds all around & element water showing us the never ending path/route to explore infinite creativity of ourselves throughout our life journey.
I experienced this feeling by looking at sea water,shows me endless water all around.
Waves indicating the hurdles every second with which we all live/survive on daily basis/every sec/minute.

Mother Nature showing the picture of n number of ways to overcome our failure/weaknesses/obstacles to achieve what we really want to be.

We fall We rise all depends on our self confident/ believe/hard-work & last Sacrifice to achieve the best version of us Only 🌍🙏

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The Utopia

I’ve been to the land

Of the creatures with four eyes.

Their houses were shaped from gold,

And all their roads were paved with silver.

But the creatures were sooty and sickly,

And a thin, trembling child tugged on my dress, asking,

“Are the people happy in the land you come from?” 

Why I dropped out of college

I hated every minute of it. I hate the societal bullshit mentality that you need college to be successful.

Here is some free advice.

1. if you’re in high school right now and everyone and their mother is pressuring you to go to college, know that YOUR LIFE IS YOURS. It is your decision as an adult whether or not you choose to go to college.

2. There are plenty of things you can do as a C A R E E R without a fucking C O L L E G E D E G R E E.

3. Writing, acting, music, C R E A T I V I T Y, animating, art and running an online store. NONE OF THESE THINGS REQUIRE A COLLEGE DEGREE.

4. I, a sad, single, lesbian fucking kidult, knows how to write well and can make a decent living out of writing. in other words, WATCH ME, BITCH.

5. Any creative hobby you have career WITH OR WITHOUT A PIECE OF PAPER SAYING “I CAN DO THIS!”

6. Anything you can learn in college, you can learn online. If you need a social aspect of your day, then make friends. Try joining a gym or library, or connect with some old friends you haven’t seen in a while.

7. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO AND YOUR LIFE IS YOUR DECISION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope this helped anyone who needed to hear this.

I am not trying to make college seem bad, it was just a horrible experience for me.

Sometimes, if you want to be a brain surgeon, you need a college degree. But I never wanted to be anything in a healthcare-related field. I’ve always wanted to do something creative.

And you don’t need a college degree for creativity.


  • Roman, holding Patton’s arm: I own both of Logan’s legs and your arm
  • Virgil, without looking up: Oh so you’re a limb goblin

Check us out @seernovacomics at the end of the list haha
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SeerNova Comics LLC

New comic releases! Take a look🧐 @dillonmysliwiec also created something awesome for creators which is called an author page. You now can post social media links of yours, your name obviously or company name, have a profile pic, a small bio and it shows the comics you have on the platform.
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I Hate the Numbers Game
External image

Here’s a hard truth.

So much of what we do is a numbers game.

And I hate this.

I want to plant one seed.
I want to take care of and nurture that one seed.
I want that single seed to germinate, take root, and grow into something astounding.

But not every seed germinates.
Not every seed takes off and becomes something healthy.
Only a few seeds germinate, take off, become healthy, and fruit-bearing.

There are thousands of acorns under an oak tree.
Very few of those eventually become new acorn producing oak trees.

So we do have to play the numbers game, understanding the potential inside every acorn. We will have to work with more than one seed.