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From the Archive; The Death Of The Local Shopkeeper The Death Of The Local Shopkeeper I visited a local shopkeeper this morning. It's a a fruit and veg place

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What is more badass than a velvet painting of Warren Oates? Pic from the Museum of Velvet Art

Packing for , turned in a NEW BOOK to my agent 😬😍, prepping to teach two 3-hour , a book tour, book launch speakeasy party in , AND laundry / meals for my fam. And oh yeah, school starts in 2 weeks. Booyah. time.

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Train passing through Kanchanaburi, Thailand

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               Hey, All the time music is good, & music is good all the time!!

Doin’ all I can to keep fighting, keep reaching, keep believing, KEEP GROWING!!

Growing in all ways, in heart, in intellect, in efforts, in career, in music/creativity, & in life!

                                        YOU ALL TRULY ARE THE BEST!!

Without a way to share, connect with, & learn from all of you every step of the way,

NONE OF THIS is even possible. I enjoy either giving a vibe that everyone can feel, or

something that can fuse with an individual, speaking to them or experiences in their lives.


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I do fight for every bit of progress & do truly, deeply, & sincerely appreciate ALL LOVE!

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Poem 3

The anger builds up & builds up

To the point, its burning on the inside

Trying for the life of me to not let it show on the outside

Don’t know where this severe irritability is coming from

Say one word,

And I’m jumping the gun

Feel like I’m losing control

I may say something,

But nothing like the rage I feel in my soul

Why the anger?

Why the depression?

Why the anxiety?

Why me?

Feel like there’s something more…

I mean, why diff diagnosis’

Should just stamp the word “fucked up” on my forehead

They say I’m stable,

But I feel any day I can crack

Any day I can snap

The day when the pain and self-torture will somehow overlap my lack of assertiveness

My “let it slide” passive shit

And I’m afraid of that day

How atomic will the explosion be?

Who will be disappointed in me?

Who will leave in the aftermath?

What kind of destruction will I leave in my path?

Ill do anything to not succumb to the pain,

Anything to forget about this overcast over my head filled with this ominous rain

Poem 2

Some people last out, on the outside;

Screamin, Yellin, throwin projectiles to embellish,

Some lash out on the inside;

Imploding instead of exploding,

Hateful words that add to the self-loathing

See, I’m an imploding type,

Always scared of not holding onto it too tight,

Always scared of letting it all show,

But then, it got to a point where as, it’s buried so down below –

So buried, I can’t shovel it out

I can’t reach ALL the pain

Can’t scream it out,

Paralyzed for holding it in for too long

Now, that decision,

I can’t say if that’s right or wrong

But I was always wondering’

If and when, that ticking’ time bomb would stop ticking

If I’d be un-masked

And where the lightning would strike?

And who would be inflicted?

Would my family be victims?

Any casualties of war?

Cause, that’s what this is… A never-ending war

Overwhelming battles waging,

And, my mind is where they’re stored

Poem 1

It’s depressing’ how depression has become my normal routine

No tears dripping’ from my eyes anymore

It’s abnormal if I don’t feel this void inside of me

But I’d be lying if I said, I love what I see when I catch a reflection of me

I see myself, and hear all the phrases that were repeated to me

I remember the continuous times, they said I look like a man;

And that may be true

I mean, I do have more testosterone than any “normal” female do

And thank you PCOS, for making these words more believable

For making my appearance so repulsive that, sometimes I wish I was invisible

But I must admit at school,

I was pretty good at hiding, though

I remember when that teacher marked mt absent,

When I was actually front row

I remember every single day,

The anger boiling inside of me,

Felt like flames engulfing’ me,

Ready to burn me alive,

Or a bear clawing, at me,

Tryna tear me apart from the inside




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  • Citylines / who tells our stories?
  • do not seek absolution
  • Convocation
  • Drown the Truth
  • Influence
  • and wings of gold unheard


  • Eternity 
  • Ivory & Indigo
  • Andromeda
  • Castle of Glass
  • and an eerie tune to follow
  • broken stones
  • do not go gently
  • Counterfeit
  • Vixere
  • everyone has paths not taken / simple dreams
  • not a saint (not a sinner)
  • we’ll live and die in these towns
  • Orion
  • A Mile (in another’s shoes)
  • let the moon be full 
  • here, chasing shadows


  • dusty old ghosts (of what we could have been)
  • Piracy and Other Sins
  • remember when it rained


  • Lucas Daher 
  • Amara Daher 
  • Alexis Daher
  • Hana Daher
  • Nadia Daher
  • Antonio 
  • Mal Riviere
  • Ronan Quinn
  • Naomi Lancaster
  • Jamie Brighton
  • Jaylee Luis
  • Sage Fawcett 
  • Ruth O’Connell
  • Dev Law


Please note; Specify which universe you want, because they vary, depending.

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  2. Character aesthetic 
  3. Song I associate with that character 
  4. A quote from that character 
  5. A short story about that character
  6. Landscape/setting/background sketch
  7. Landscape/setting/background picture
  8. Universe moodboard
  9. Song I associate with that universe
  10. A sentence from that universe
  11. A short story from that universe