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I'm so glad I got my story writing back on track, me and my writer and my friend just finished episode 1 and working on episode 2 right now.😁❤❤

, , and are contagious! Start practicing and people around u will sooner or later start following the path.!

Great Day today thinking about a Froebelian approach to Creativity. Inspiring talks and practical workshops. It was lovely to welcome practitioners from London, Kent, Herts and East Sussex. Thank you all for your positive feedback.

“Overall, we believe leads to , and those with a range of experiences add a great perspective to both the team and the quality of .” , Head of Insight & Innovation, » cc: ,

The residents of Fairview, Pinjarra Hills community have enjoyed a class. Residents keep their custom in their rooms, gift to friends or display around the community. The room is always full of .

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Under the trees in Japan

Beautiful Paintings on eBay!

Susi and Ueli Berger, “5 Minuten Stuhl,” 1970, 

Wire Mesh, Galvanized

A summer evening in 1970 at Bergers in the garden in Ersigen: there are not enough chairs! So, flux - in 5 minutes - creates an unconventional seating area out of a 318 cm long piece of wire mesh. 

The grid is assembled into a double cylinder, the ends fixed with wire and pressed to 42 cm, the seat height on one side. 

Reproduction, Museum für Gestaltung, Zürich, 

Photo: Umberto Romito, © ZHdK


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Un Verso 💃🏻 #music @robertrosariomusic 🎶#video @yaripecas #checkitout #miniatures #originalart #creativity #dance (at Los Angeles, California)

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It was such a touching Saturday…

After partying the overnight, my head felt a bit dull, but my heart was still in the Euphoria happy mode, I wanted to stay longer, sleep longer, enjoy longer . Checked the clock, damn it! It was already late, I had to do volunteer now! I rushed to the clinic, my hair was messy on my face, my jacket was open but still sweated a lot…

Hi! I said, finally I was one hour late.

Ah Miao you are here! H is waiting for you for a long time! 

Since I got to do the volunteer here, every week I took her to the cafe, eating cake and drinking small cup of coffee…the 86 years old child. Somehow it becomes our weekly essential.

She was just finishing a birthday cake from corridor mate and ready to clean up, I touched her back, to tell her I was here.

She saw me, and…started to laugh and clap hands, so loud! She grasped my arm, used her hands to tell me to go out and have coffee… I never saw her laughing happy like that. I was surprised, touched, and happy as well.

She cannot hear or speak, I am clumsy at reading people. I never knew her life story, she never came cross my daily life rather than the 2-3 hours every week. Somehow she just makes a bond with me, by every Saturday afternoon the half hour coffee and cake.

So I did, she constantly touched me, smiled at me, pointed to the toys and snacks that are good. For a moment I felt I was taking my own child for a treat, of course I know that is not my reality: I am a PhD student in biology, who is living alone in a foreign country, struggle to keep my career, my general wellbeing, my love, my friends, my daily activity in a balance…

No one should be alone, my life is unpredictable, I cannot change her life story, but this moment we are just be there with each other, and let a sweet love in the air.


Posted @withrepost • @mattashurst Details, details, details… • We’ll be posting an interview shortly with Matt about his fantastic artwork in our #selfportrait feature for @wreckthisartcollective

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So I’ve been in a creative slump lately.

Or, well, writing is something I still do occasionally, but I haven’t painted in almost a year and I really want to get back into it. I keep buying paint and brushes and get excited over the prospect of using them in the store, but that excitement seems to vanish as soon as I’m home. So I just decided to post some of my work on here, too, because maybe someone likes it and tells me so and manages to kick up some motivation? Idk. I’m pretty desperate but aso socially inept, so that may be why I’m so awkward x’D

I’d really appreciate some likes or comments or maybe even reblogs, even though the probability that someone even sees this is pretty low ^^

Thanks anyway for your attention (even if you’re just rolling your eyes at me). Here’s my artistry (if you can call it that):

(Also, if anyone would be interested in commissioning me, feel free to hit me up. I can’t promise anything, but it might be worth a try (: )

(My instagram’s kuenschtlerisch, if you’d like to see some more of this. Again, I haven’t been very active in a long time, but I really hope to be able to get back into it.)

Day 4 & 5 of Social Media Detox

Things have been going well. I haven’t posted in two days but that’s because I have been busy. Have things been going well because I’ve been busy? Maybe? I guess we’ll have to see when I’m not busy.

It’s still the usual pattern - Social Media before getting out of bed, Social Media before getting in to bed. I think that’s something that I want to keep up. I do enjoy Social Media, it makes me feel like I’m involved in some way. But I’m getting more and more bored of it, and when you’re attached to excessive scrolling whilst being bored of what you’re seeing, it starts to feel a little mad. They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. And that’s kind of what happens with my Social Media. I keep opening apps & going to websites expecting to see something new but there never really is. 

I still haven’t written, though. I’ve kept myself busy, and this type of busy-ness isn’t me doing stuff to avoid writing…. at least I think. My roommate and I do this thing where we meet up at the beginning of the week and make weekly goals. I think I’m going to make writing a goal for next week and maybe then I’ll follow through.

Anyway, das it. 

This Blog Is Not About Coffee
External image

People find this blog by searching for coffee.

Which is weird, because this blog isn’t really about coffee. This blog is the exploration of the intersection of leadership, creativity, and spirituality.

But according to analytics, people find this blog because they’re searching for coffee. (I have several posts about places where I’ve had great coffee in various parts of the world).

For those who land in the space searching for coffee, I can’t help but wonder about their disappointment. This blog isn’t about coffee - only a few particular posts are.

I’m disappointed because the people I want people to search “Creative leadership” and find this place.

But, at the end of the day, is it really about the ever-shifting algorithms of search engines?

I’d like to think it’s not - but It is actually. You can’t ignore the omniscient power of Google on the Internet.

So my options for increased traffic are:

  1. Make this blog about coffee - which doesn’t work. I don’t want to write about coffee. If it’s just a matter of mere traffic I could write about anything that’s currently popular or seductive. Flying monster trucks or a celebrity “nip-slip”. I don’t want to write about any of those things.
  2. Spam and advertising - You can pay for attention. Paid ads and spam will get clicks. But this will also lead to more disappointed people looking for coffee. This time they’ll click on an add expecting one thing and finding this blog. I don’t want clicks. I want community around issues that are important.
  3. Increase value to a few, who will invite a few more: This makes sense to me.

My job is to answer the questions people are asking and to solve the problems people need solving.

Value in a space is answering the right questions.

The hard work is figuring out what those questions are.

And I clearly have a lot of work to do.

Je crois que je suis prête pour une imprimante couleur 😁

Que de belle couleures pour cette création unique et utile 😉

Concours sur @cults3d avec @xyzprinting

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Sometimes the creative process can feel so overwhelming, sometimes it can feel completely amazing. Deciding to live a life of creativity is a wonderful, terrifying and adventurous way of being.

I don’t know what will be the end result of my new creative adventures. But I’ve decided that even if I fail completely, I want to try. The old saying that not trying guarantees failure is so true.

I’ve also learned that success comes from the inside.

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Really working hard to build skills and confidence with our Year 10 D&T students to enable them to make informed choices when they get their NEA in June (already!!!).

As you know, we’ve been building skills over the year, such as creating different types of timber joints, using polymers in different ways, and using different tools and equipment. Today, the Skills Test gave a simple instruction and the students, relying on their teammates only, had to decide how best to approach the task to ensure a quality finish. They were great! I was asked only a few questions, none of which I gave direct answers to, but they completed the tasks and did them well too! At the end of the lesson, I asked if they had enjoyed it - answers came such as: ‘Yes Miss, I felt independent’, ‘I felt grown up’, ‘I liked working with my team’, etc. Perfect! Fingers crossed this will encourage their creativity and harness confidence and great working relationships…