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Today’s the day! My first ever sweatshirt workshop eeeek!! I will try and share some pics and videos later. •

Another back from the framer... “Bright Afternoon, South Coast”. Seeing the work on a spattered studio wall is one thing, but framed and on a white wall is even better 😁.

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True winners have BEGINNERS MIND. Accept failures to adopt new win strategies is crucial for learning new skills .Train your brain for life marathon !

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Al mal tiempo,buenas fotos…
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The Things I Miss.

in no particular order…

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- Being able to meditate properly. I haven’t been able to properly stop my negative thoughts from overtaking for the longest time. My therapist thinks that my body has learnt that ‘being anxious is the norm’, which explains why I feel so drained all the time (and have gained a large amount of weight). My catastrophizing has gotten severely out of hand and my ‘flight or fight’ is constantly trying to break through and break me. I’ve booked in a session for me to go to a Transcendental Meditation information session to try and combat this; it’ll be interesting to see if this method of meditation can help me improve on my mental wellbeing! I trust David Lynch, The Beatles and Jerry Seinfeld (lol). If it works for them, it should work for me, right??!?
- Having deep and meaningful conversations, without feeling rushed or feeling wanky. I’m not great at small talk.. I find it too awkward and shallow. I would rather sit in silence with someone than talk about what someone does for a living. I’m the kind of person who’ll, upon meeting someone for the first time, will want to know what makes them happy and want to know how they find meaning in life. This comes off as weird to most people and hey, yeah I TOTALLY agree - I am a weirdo. I just think people are so interesting and that talking about how cold the weather is, is such a bore!
- Time: I miss having time for myself. Time to just zone out in silence and breathe in my surroundings. 
- Spending time in nature: I live in the city now and because Melbourne lacks any good beaches.. this can, and does drain me. Inasmuch as I love living in the CBD, the busyness of the hustle can get to you at times. 
- Playing guitar and sketching: Man. It’s been so long since I’ve done either.

The Things I’m Grateful For:

- My Job: I’ve never felt so inspired to do my best work and the people I get to work with are AMAZING.
- My Partner: Mark is the sunshine to my sunflower. He continually reminds me of how strong I am and can be. Mark knows how to get me through the dark times and shines light on the situation to show me that things are actually not as bad as I perceive. I also love that he does THE BEST impersonations of celebrities and can quote almost every line of The Simpsons…and Bring It On!
- My Home: My home is my safespace and I am so thankful that I’m lucky enough to have one!
‘Love’ on Netflix: Season 1 was BRILLIANT. Season 2 was fine. Season 3 is FANTASTICAL! It’s the current show I put on when I want to just switch off my thoughts, giggle and relate.
- The Minimalists: I’m in love with Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus. I was lucky enough to see them live at the final stop of their Less is Now tour. I found seeing them in person to be a truly valuable experience. They ground me and remind me of what’s important in life.
- Spotify: How fucking great is Spotify??! I’ve re-acquainted myself with the art of making fun playlists to cater to my multiple moods.
- My Past: cue Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Stronger’.

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#50wordsongrey (at Lyon, France)

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Extra Short Story (2): Nothing Here.

Sid M

“You’re nothing.” She said it as if the words would change flavors. She said it as if saying it again would elicit a revelation, or a pivotal moment in the story arc. It changed nothing, and as she stared into two empty crystal balls, she wondered if living was nothing more than being.

It’s terrifying to think that being is the only thing that is. The whole process of screaming into the void only served to make her into a martyr. Self-pity is for cowards, and her partaking only served to show that she could never truly hate herself. Never brave enough to end what seemed to be a never ending loop.

She was more than nothing, surely. No number of bitter, jaded thoughts could change her state of being. Still, she had to think she was something. How could someone so self-aware be so useless. The worst part of it all was that she didn’t want to be anything she knew. The world was ugly, and she wanted no part of it. How could she become what she never knew. What shrouded avenue would she have to trek before this feeling dissipated?

“You are nothing.” Words spoken in anger. She didn’t mean them. No. She didn’t hate herself, she hated what the world thought of her. Perception. That cursed indifference. She had so much to say, and to give. The hadn’t ears to hear. Explanation too complex to package in shock value, or sell under the guise of entertainment. More to read than that could be said. They haven’t the capacity to absorb her subtext. A million words to say the same thing. A point that bounced from every heart that crossed her path.

Nobody loved her! WHY? She was worlds ahead of them. Light years away from the smoke that curled from their tongues. The world is static. White noise could say more than the flood that fell from their lips. How does she let the blind call her ugly? Or worse yet: boring.

Its so funny! They find things boring! Yes, let them fill their bellies with lust and self-indulgent gluttony. The grotesque, bloody beings that find themselves so enlightened as to call her mind worthless. She could spit bile at the stark realization: they would die in their ignorance.


Shattered glass is but a stereotype. Who doesn’t love a good stereotype these days? She lets herself wallow in the self-pity that she so despises. What could matter anymore?

Meaning has no value here.

It isn’t me who needs to lighten up. You, on the other hand, need to lighten up and realise that she is using you. I am done trying to drill sense into you, Adley. If you want to die via a brutal warmonger, then do it. I won’t have a word in it.
—  Aaliyah Harvey, V&B

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Saint Tokyo, Russia, Fall 2017. 💕🎨📔🖊


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You’re shapeless and that’s hard sometimes

I try to picture you and my mind just swirls

Like cream poured slowly into coffee.

This one thing helps,

That you’ve shaped everything I’ve ever loved.

Every contour and edge,

All the care and strength transcendent.

Everything captures much,

Nothing escapes that net called “everything”

Except you.

- Vagabond Prophet