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If you question the nature of reality and your place in the universe then The Daily Larb is for you. I made this show for and minds, check it out;

Our next stop is in Iowa, where Nicole DeSalle greets us with her fantastic creative nonfiction offering, “Tables for Two.” Enjoy it and much more here:

With many of us suffering from , Justine Chow's 100 Catalysts is a , , compatible filled with strategies aimed to solve the creative's dilemma.

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new art
enjoy tutorial !


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Special game time!

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For those of you who aren’t aware (read as: everyone), I practice witchcraft. This includes reading Tarot! For those who aren’t aware, Tarot cards are used as a form of divination. Different spreads of cards can help answer different questions, or offer advice on a particular matter. And since I’m already in Halloween-mode, I thought that this would be a fun way to kick off the spooky season!

So, from now until October 31st, I’ll be accepting requests for readings! Readings will be posted with images, card descriptions, and interpretations based on the questions! 

Requests should be submitted with a specific question with an open end (no yes-or-no questions, as tarot is used for deeper, more insightful answers), and if you feel so inclined, one of the spreads listed below!

  1. The “Three Card” Spread

This spread is most often used to gain a closer look at one’s past, present, and future. This is the simplest, yet most versatile spread. Each card position can mean something different depending on the nature of the question! Some ways it can be used, for example:

  • Past/Present/Future
  • What helps you/What hinders you/What are your realized and unrealized potentials?
  • Current situation/Challenges/Guidance
  • What you think/What you Feel/What You Do
  • You/Your Partner/Your relationship
  • Strengths/Weaknesses/Advice
  • Mind/Body/Spirit

     2. The “True Love” Spread

In spirit of this blog, I’ll include this popular spread! This spread is very useful to evaluate your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual connections with your partner. This is a 6-card spread!

     3. The “Success” Spread

This spread is great for the person faced with a tough obstacle! This spread helps you to better understand the true nature of the obstacle you face, as well as helping you to identify what skills and resources you have at your disposal to not just face, but overcome these obstacles!

And there you have it! I’ll still be taking requests as per normal, but this game will be open until the end of October! I’ll be looking forward to your questions, and if you ever feel the need to ask me a personal question, my inbox is always open! (I’ll also be finding a Halloween-themed ask meme, for those of you without tarot questions!)

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101 word short story #4

Wednesday Night

Who knew that food was crazy expensive?

I nudged to Cameron, glaring at him, pointing my finger at the Wednesday Night Only couples discount.

He just glared back at me as if to deny my request.

I wanted my horribly made pancakes to be cheaper dammit.

The waitress walks over to our table to take our order.

Cameron and I order our food,

at the last second I tell the waitress he’s my boyfriend.

She walked away, this was the third couple like this she’d seen today.

101 word short story #2

‘Tis the Season

I swear someone just told me that it’s October.

It can’t be. Impossible. I hadn’t bought all my supplies yet. I needed to prepare harder.

Gosh how stupid can I be?

I have the food, the weapons, the shelter, and everything else.

I hear the fallout sirens, “Spooky scary skeletons send shiver down your spine,”

I felt shivers down my whole body.

I raise up my fences, I lock all my doors, and board up every window.

The sky goes black. I hear the jingling of bones and the smell of pumpkin spice in the air.

The skeleton war has begun.


I wish I was a firefly
I wouldn’t want
to brighten up the entire sky,
but just her life.
Like a firefly
I would have been
there in her dark moments
lighting up everything
that seemed in the dark.
I would have roamed
near her face
just to see how beautiful
she really is
And would have
kissed her too.
I would have sat
on her open palm
and shined even brighter,
because how often does
one get to feel
the softest touch
of a lover’s hands.
Every day, I would have
flown to her at night
and watch her sleep.
Every day, I would have
lighted up her dreams too,
whenever she would dream of me
because like a firefly
I would have glown
in her dreams too.


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