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Learning to use new materials ‘mod rock’ to develop our ideas to create a ‘volcano’. When it dries “ hard as a rock “ we are going to paint it then make “real lava”

Love the marketing release behind the having the actors and movie accounts post their individual imagery at once. With Gray being the "Fallen", Very cool ad push.

Sam and Medina have just had a afternoon at Highfield Hall Primary School, discussing what a society is. The Year 5’s have then created their own!

CPL Aromas perfumer Tim Gage creates a scent inspired by a passage from the new Joanne Harris novel ‘The Strawberry Thief’ set to launch 4th April.

We love it when gets ! “Nightingale House is home to elderly residents and nursery children by day, with the two groups uniting for a variety of activities – from gardening to arts and crafts,” says .

Looking to get into the sector? Attend 'Get into Automotive' to find out more about the programme working across the Automotive sector as well as , & Pharma, , and

Both Rocks stores have been designed in parallel and express a common design language across many elements – the material finishes, colour palette, window display and bespoke display cases all reflect a confident brand style.

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Flaws and weaknesses

Ok, so we all probably know, that its good for a character to not be perfect. It makes him/her relatable and blah, blah, blah - lets be honest, who did hear about it?

Ok, but I have a character and I m not sure if he has flaws or if he has enough flaws. He is already a complete character and I dont feel like renovating him.


Here is a magical trick.

Make flaws of his good traits by making them bigger. Example:

Jenny is very hard-working and responsible.

Those r good. How to make them not so good?

Jenny didnt answer her best friend calls in two weeks, cause she was working. Workaholic, thats who she is.

Another one:

Harry is very empathetic.

Well, thats great Harry. But is it for sure?

Harry secretly cries his pillow every night, because this sad add of a charity that helps sick kids he saw week ago.

Is that good? No, Harry, its bad, that people r in pain, u can help, but u also must live ur life!

U can something like that with every trait. Its pretty useful.


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Keep Pushing !!
Thesis WIP Self Portrait

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Be gentle

I’ve been gone awhile now on…. Business…. Yesss… That.

I don’t know a lot of this new algorithm or interface. Whatever whathaveyou. Don’t know where ¾ths worth of content has gone or had to be removed.?

Things are different.



     For Module 9 I decided to use graphical analysis found through Google searching between various countries. The parameters included individualism, uncertainty avoidance, power distance, creativity, and others. It was a quick, visual insight into offsets between countries. Studies were performed by one Geert Hofstede in a World Economic Forum Competitiveness report. Characteristics that stood out instantly were: the United States creativity was up nearly double that of China, but beneath Russia. The power distance of Russia was vast, as seen in yellow on the top chart. Individualism of the USA trumped the other countries in the study as well. 

      A brief look at the second graph below is the power distance of China being double that of the UK, while ‘indulgence’ was nearly triple for that of the UK versus China. With this in mind, individualism of the UK was up four times that of China, similar to the range of the United States.

Captain Marvel is No Super Saiyan

A Spoiler-free Captain Marvel Review

This review is for the person who has yet to see Captain Marvel. This is for the person who is on the fence because the trolls scared them off the bridge and now they are afraid to cross over into “it’s just a movie; enjoy yourself” land. Yes, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has set the bar pretty high. Movies like Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Black Panther, Civil War and, of course, Avengers: Infinity War have changed the landscape of what we have come to expect from Marvel as a standard. But, the truth is, excellence is an exception and not the norm; even for Marvel.

It delivers in a way that is poetically reflective of the time period in which it takes place. It is very much at home in 1995 as much as any of the fun films of that era. That year brought us Toy Story, Die Hard With a Vengeance (also starring Samuel Jackson), Batman Forever, Golden Eye, Seven, Waterworld, and Jumanji. Properties which have all seen their highs, lows, and reboots to spare.  And, I think Captain Marvel captures that ‘95 action and tongue-n-cheek cool factor that many of us, in the age of social media dominance, have forgotten.

Captain Marvel is a good movie. It is a fun movie. It is a popcorn chomping treat for those of us who go to the movies to just kick back and enjoy the ride. Remember those days? The good old days when you went to a movie for nothing more than to allow your imaginations to be tickled and your thrills to be fulfilled. That’s what Captain Marvel does. And, in that context it delivers.


Granted, I avoided all the online reviews that began weeks before anyone had seen the movie by critics who probably would not have approved of Michael Keaton as Batman. I refused to buy into the man versus woman arguments questioning our need for a female superhero. In my mind she us a superhero. And the world could never have too many of them, Male or Female. Especially in Marvel’s sandbox. The more the merrier.

Captain Marvel is not a drama although it has its share of drama. It is not a thriller although it has its thrilling moments. It is not a comedy although it is very funny at times. It is a sci-fi space adventure sharing as much with Buckaroo Banzai as it does with its kin Thor Ragnorok and Guardians of the Galaxy. Will it win an Oscar? Absolutely not. Will it entertain you? Absolutely. And, if it doesn’t; you probably didn’t like the Mummy Returns starring Brendan Fraser either.

In sum, Captain Marvel is a great placeholder in the Marvel Cinematic Universe continuum; providing foundation for the future the titular character intends to occupy as well as more cement to hold the brick and mortar storytelling together. Higher, faster, stronger. Captain Marvel is just getting started. Fasten your seat belts, put away those grandiose expectations, and enjoy the ride.

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RANDOM- Man & Girl

They inhaled each other’s warm breath and shared each part of their body making desperately sure to get enough of the other. It was the time of love to be paid its due. But what a euphoric due it was. The more they both gave, the more they occupied. Their bodies were merged into one another; it was just the beginning.  They were so alone together but this loneliness was desirable. It was tenebrous but such darkness that enlightened them profoundly. No sound but only the sound of their love they could hear. The appetizer was soft kisses all over the face. He left no place on her countenance that wasn’t touched by his lips. Assuming control over her but such a relished reign. And she powerfully wished to be prevailed by him. He restrained her while the vehicle of kisses reached edges of her ears, just surging everything. And it made her the happiest cause soon he was to get inside her and fulfill her for eternity. His handsome hands grabbed her face, so to wander slowly on her thin neck. It tickled. A beautiful smile came on her.

‘Is this a dream? How could someone touch me like that’, she thought. ‘Is it really true, your mine!’ It was not simply a make-out phase. You don’t know how much she and he longed for this union. Not just of the flesh, not at all but in actual, of emotion to the soul. You could not know what is this conjugation. Sigh. The meeting of two souls, its greater than skin to skin. And she knew now.

His kisses weren’t stopping. She could feel this caress of his, humbleness, infinite affection, care and gratefulness were in it. ‘Am I this special to you?’

……to be continued. 

BY PARISA FAROOQ.    @writeworld  @storyboard @love @quotes @wnq-writers @writersontumbl-r



@alexberesfordtv Thank you for using your platform to speak truth live on @gmb

It’s unfortunate that the reporting in the media of this necessary contribution to this argument has been negative. The disparity between how different races and genders are reported is staggering.

Words have more power than we realise so publications should really take more care.

Alex, thank you for speaking up in spite of any potential repercussions that could have come from this, you just spoke truth.

Theresa May, government, local councils, MPs, it’s really time to pull your finger out.

Cuts to policing will obviously affect the amount of violence that happens in a country. But, cuts to youth centres, safe places for young people to nurture their gifts and talents - this is also a huge contributory factor. As well as the lack of role models and mentors!

This is a huge issue that can in no way be addressed in an Instagram post, I simply wanted to further this conversation on with the platform that I have.

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