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If people believe you should give up because things don’t move at their pace, they weren’t the support system you needed. You go at your own pace, OWN YOUR SHOT, TAKE YOUR SHOT. 🎉👏🏾🎀

After hearing If I Built A School by our fantastic 1st graders used to and draw what they want in a school

How to live a simple life PRO-TIP #3 – At times, do nothing. It helps declutter your mind & think about the things you really want to do. It gets better with Kintoro!

...I would caption this under Cyrus's release but for a different reason...for the facade that pop justifies all genres of an industry's standpoint of success by the $$$ in this pop plague over |

YES manifest your success. See the light at the end if the tunnel. Envision the bright future ahead of you. Anything is possible.

Robotics training was AMAZING! Thx and for the opportunity to . PD bonus - practice 👍🏼

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Lil texture/crosshatch study via /r/Illustration by binchlette


Positive Vibrations are important to the world around us! #goodvibes #goodvibesonly #create #createcultivate #inspire #art #mindfulness #enlightenment #enlightened

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Do not suppose you’re safe for now

Just because the sky stopped burning. 

The moon still hangs above. 

Nurse your flesh while you can,

Try not to tremble when She walks among us. 

I found a couple of my paintings from high school 😱 it’s interesting seeing what’s changed and what hasn’t. I was really happy to run into these because 90% of what I made before school I either painted over, destroyed, or just threw out. . . .


C r e a t e #art #lace #painting #painted #fabric #driftwood #dreambranches #branches #diy #string #colors #crafting #paint #create

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