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Visionaries see into the future. | Formulate Studios

In a time of , create something. Instead of worrying about what you cannot , shift your energy to what you can .

The Dome is your canvas. The palette is your imagination. The possibilities are endless.

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Unseen Danger

She’d never had one of her drop sites flagged as dangerous before and while she didn’t want to believe it was true, she couldn’t deny that someone had gotten hurt. It was a complicated feeling. She hadn’t been present when the shit hit and so she had no way of knowing if it was dropper error or a real threat. Somewhere in her site, someone saw a hazard and it was impossible for her to say if it was a trick of the light or a true threat to the people. In the end, did it matter? It was flagged.


So this Jagua piece was a little different. When this Queen contacted me she stated that she possibly had a weird request but was willing to ask anyway. To do henna in and on her ear. Without even knowing what design she wanted I said yes, because how DOPE is that!

Long story short she trusted me and allowed me to create what I wanted, so I utilized a few adinkra symbols to create this piece right before her birthday trip to Africa. Thank you for allowing me to be your artist.

She loved it and so did I💛.

Everywhere is a blank canvas🙌🏽

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People Watching

Each day they trekked to the nearby mall for lunch in an attempt to escape the mundanities of the office. They enjoyed the variety offered by the food court, and knowing that each could choose their own meal without imposing upon the other.

More than that, they enjoyed people watching. There was motley crew of department store employees, who they had named after their nearest sitcom lookalikes. There was the old woman who sat alone and ate diligently, her eyes focused on her newspaper. The Greek restaurant worker who would yell, “Opa!”

They rarely considered they were watched in return.


Cookin’ with Dreux & Miller. Music coming soon. #create #music #beats #composition #vocalist #overtimerecordsinc #lavibeproduction #original #

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Race to the Vault

There isn’t always time for a lie. Marco kills the guard and continues moving toward the vault. Dressed in the uniform of Pryce’s mercenaries, he has yet to raise any alarms, but with Rocky going rogue it was only be a matter of time before the full force of the security team was upon him. If Rocky didn’t go out of his way to sell him out, then the traitor would be racing for the vault himself, and that was sure to alert the entire compound, if not the better part of the county. Rocky was neither stealthy nor discrete.

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Who you truly are, doesn’t exist but only in your world. You’re an entirely different person to others in their world. Every person you meet, another version of you is born in another world, their world. Every being you have come in contact with was your birth in their world. You have already established who you are, who you’ve become or who you were to all the people in your life. I’m not sure if you can take back who you’ve created or who you’ve become to those people but that is totally up to them now. Who you choose to be from now on will determine the person you become in other dimensional realms to come. First impressions are extremely important and can be the rest of your life in those worlds. But an honest impression, not a pretended one. An expression of yourself with truth entirely at all times. ESPECIALLY honest with yourself is when the creations of the highest supreme being of yourself become. Do that and karma can’t touch you. Be that and hell or nothing can harm you. Science can’t prove this not. You are truly a figment of your own imagination. Create yourself, the best version of yourself in all worlds. That’s what God is. That’s what loving thy neighbor is. That’s what reincarnation is. You don’t have to become a believer to understand this. You don’t need science to prove this. It just is. Be Godlike my friends and you will have found the love you have been searching for. Create yourself in your own image, as God did and you will see a big bang. 


Almost folded and ready
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