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Rockin her new cable twist head band mom is ready to head out to the town and stay warm too.

"The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before."- Neil Gaiman

At Create, we encourage our users to make our space yours. The small bespoke details make your experience that much more special We have several spaces for hire with hourly rates perfect for freelancers and creatives Oh and we also offer free wifi, tea and coffee 😉

Last week the wind forced Forest School inside, so we made some forest friends in the warm. Today we released them in the fog!

It’s , and Healing Headbands is celebrating with laughter specialist Jeffrey Briar — because big laughter and big hugs go arm in arm!

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Customer: Do you do samples?
POP ATL: Ofcourse we do!

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Sweet sunset dereliction,
When striding through forest,
Cold climbing cloud-thick moon
Unveiling her face, a pearl undressed.

Tall space looks massively down
On little you, a tree dwarfed speck, 
Among the leggy brambled undergrowth. 

Remnants of the day play
Something like the last fiery notes
From a long, deep, old, 
Forgotten, mortal-forbidden tune.

Of which these faintest notes float 
Somehow through your ears
And you shiver at the half-caught
Thought which suggests with awe
And perhaps a little fear a sublimely clear
Harmony, maybe, or something more.


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A funny shade of blue

Make a game about grief

Of your family

Of those you love

Of yourself and the person you used to be

Of the land and it’s dirt

Grieve for the past and the future

Where you go through hell

To the end, and rob the place by taking your own life back

“Those that escape hell don’t talk about it, and nothing much bothers them after that”

Make art about love,

Of your family

Of those you love

Of yourself and the person you used to be

Of the dirt that’s held you up in the face of oblivion

Love the past, and the future, and who you will grow into

But for fuck-sake don’t stand still or look back with nostalgia


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This is the key for all of us - build your community. I want you to realize that you choose who is around you. You get to curate your influences through the friendships you invest in, the voices you listen to, the content you consume, the people you value, etc. ☝🏽👨🏻‍💻🎐

It starts with 1 person, and it leads to 10 or 100 or 1,000 or 10,000 or more. More positive/encouraging voices, less negative/doubting voices. Choose the people you have around you, and then invest in them like crazy. People are everything ☝🏽🔑🌿
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The Myriad

They shot a hole in the side of the Myriad. It would have been a disaster if there were more than a handful of people on the old cruiser but instead the explosion rang through empty corridors, automatic doors sealing shut to keep the nothingness away.

“They’re launching their escape pods at us,” Liz said. “Who does that?”

“Crazies?” Drew said, he was struggling to push the old barge out of range of the onslaught as fast as he could.

Carson’s voice rang tinny through their console. “Carson to control.”

“What’s up?” Drew asked.

“There are people in the pods.”


My tree’s I stated twisting together.

28½ hours for the Tree

29½ hours with the swing included

124 wires for the trunk

10 main branches

84 individual branches in the top

23" Tall x 23" wide branch spread

9½" tall trunk

Terry Lee

The First Step To Creating A Better World

I’ve noticed kind of a troubling thing: So many claim that they want a better world, but so few are willing to believe it’s possible.

I’ll give the example that prompted this perspective: On my personal social media, I made a couple posts describing a couple ideas for much better processes than we have now that would potentially be profoundly beneficial to this world. These were things like desalination of water, a new way of looking at geothermal and finally - The concept of unlimited free energy via self perpetuating magnetic engines. The point of this post isn’t to discuss those ideas themselves, but in presenting these ideas to my friends and family, I made a very startling and troubling observation: In light of being presented with even just IDEAS of how to make positive change, and even in presenting proof of what’s already been done and proven possible - All but two people I know had the exact same instant knee-jerk reaction: They immediately started looking for reasons why these ideas WOULDN’T work, even though in doing so, demonstrated their obvious lack of understanding in how these things would work.


To be blunt, I was shocked and deeply troubled by this. I couldn’t even begin to wrap my mind around why someone would WANT to immediately shoot down an idea that would benefit them immensly, just because it was even slightly outside their scope of understanding. One friend flat out called one of these things impossible, even though it already exists. Another said it couldn’t be done because they had tried this particular thing, and couldn’t get it to work.

In response to what I could only interpret as resistance for the sake of resistance, I explained to the first friend that not only DOES this thing already exist, but suggested that he’s in disbelief simply because he hadn’t seen it yet. Kind of like how 200 years ago, it was considered impossible for humans to achieve flight. I told the second friend that I can’t build a car and make it work with my current understanding, but that doesn’t mean cars are impossible or don’t exist.

Even though I was simply trying to emphasize that these amazing things were possible and express hope and excitement over them - I was met with complete hostility.

And these particular friends are among those who quite often have something to say about all that is wrong with the world and what needs to be fixed to make the world better. So why would these same people instantly throw up their shields and instantly campaign against the things that would MAKE a much better world?! I was absolutely beside myself, and if I’m honest, a bit upset over the INSTANT doubt that was cast at my very notion of progress and hope.

To me, this was the symptom of a much greater disorder that we’ve been collectively suffering from so long that we think it’s normal - Fear. So many of the lower frequencies and emotions are built upon fear as their basis. And interestingly, I noticed that fear does something else - It keeps us in the habit of assuming the future based on the past. Surely, since we may not have heard of these things before, they certainly cannot exist now - That is to say we’ve discovered EVERYTHING there is to discover and now cannot go any further. Pretty much, right? And I say this is based in fear because it only applies to fear based principles, but never those which are positive, so it would seem. For example, a very close person to me told me recently that they don’t think world peace is possible because we’ve always fought with eachother. I would counter that with arguing that prior to 1903, airplanes must not even be possible since we’ve always been on the ground, yes? This is shallow reasoning at best, obviously. On the flip side, take something positive like money for example. To us, this is positive because we like having money, and that’s fair. Yet so many constantly cry defeatism over money, assuming it can never come to them, even though they’ve experienced HAVING money thousands upon thousands of times in this life!

My point is that we’ve allowed ourselves to become conditioned to assume the worst. This is identified as fear because the word “assuming” could also be switched with “fear” and the context will remain consistent.

To keep this short and sweet, I probably need not elaborate on these examples. But the point is that we all truly DO want the same things out of life, and having a better situation in which to live is always on everyone’s list. So why would we fear what we want?? (Coming full circle here, as we just explained that!) More importantly, this of and within itself clearly demonstrates exactly how fear keeps us from believing in what we want, and if we don’t believe in what we want - Then we’re CERTAINLY never going to actually MAKE it happen. Never in a million, zillion years.

The the first step is as simple as it is self explanitory: We need to drop fear if we want to create a better world. It’s absolutely that simple. Once we drop fear, then there’s no voice inside us that discredits our own hope, and we are then able and automatically equipped to ACT on our hope in any way, shape or form we wish. Ironically, prove me wrong!


How much have you grown so far this month?

Have you been working towards your monthly goals?

Create a list of your accomplishments - use your calendar/ planner to go through your past and current week

Where can you improve ?

Did you have any filler days?

Create a list of your future asipirations

Are there any mantras that connect ?

Any thoughts or quotes that you want to apply to your future self ?

It’s time to manifest these things into your new self to re-create

Remember, you are not growing if you are not re-creating yourself ✨