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Limited to your imagination

Morning! I hope you had a great weekend! The photo side of is called SpacemanPics - It would be cool if you could check out the Instagram account - let me know what you think!

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••• : • “On the other side of being open about failure and being vulnerable is innovation, creativity, purpose.” —Sadie Lincoln •

Having some fun and taking a break from working on "Capitol Murder" during our meeting today! Rockin' the T-shirts, too!

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2019 year long painting update

I’ve forgotten to post progress on my year long painting the past couple of weeks. Oops 🙈

But, a few days ago on Instagram, a fifteen days of painting challenge started, where you paint every day on the same canvas, and I decided that, well, since I already have the goal of painting on one canvas throughout the year, I’d incorporate the daily challenges onto my existing canvas!

We’re 4 days in, so my canvas has managed to progress more in this week than it has in some of the previous, but I’m enjoying how these challenge prompts are shaping the foundation of my canvas.

After all, if you’ve already got a canvas for experiment and play, why not do more with it?

Today was amazing. My first #PaintingWithDA experience at the #ambitiousgirls event!.

The girls embraced the whole process and created their own masterpieces. It even turned into a therapy session for some girls.

Book me for your next creative experience.

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We all passively reblog things but its time to STAND UP and make our OWN gay tv and movies without all of the Queer characters being killed off just because they’re queer or making it a teenager finding themselves. You want good, solid representation in mainstream media? You have to make it known what you want by giving example. Make it happen folks. Let’s all collectively come together and CREATE. 


Class 4 of Visual Effects for Educators was all about building the appearance of three dimensional space out of 2 dimensional assets. This is just textures, masks and effects (no footage, no 3d elements). Was trying to make something that felt like the opening credits to a show - I can’t image what this show would be though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ / open to suggestions.

Still plenty of time to enrol in this course and learn some simple (but cool) visual effects tricks:
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On the Books

Sometimes she buys too many books in hopes that they will save her from her mundane life. She knows that they can’t. The worlds that flourish between the cover of someone else’s novel will never be open to her. Not really. Not in the way that she wants. The friends whose adventures she joins, whose pain she feels, whose loss and triumph she shares, those are not her friends. A book in the evening cannot save her from her alarm clock in the morning, or the doldrum of the workweek that inevitably follows the weekend. But it’s fun to pretend.

2019 is my year to step out and do things I’ve been talking about doing.

Today is step one.

‘Painting With D.A. 🖌’ is a paint experience unlike one you’ve ever been apart of before. Take a journey and explore your own individual creativity. Learn how to embrace your unique point of view while you enjoy finding new ways to construct a masterpiece. You’ll find the experience to be nerve-wracking, eye-opening, fun, and therapeutic.

Book me for your next event!

Message or email me for details.


The creation of “Lost in the Universe” by
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