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Isn't waiting to hear back confirming details & availability often the hardest part of being a broker? Some other agents are great & follow up promptly while others take forever requiring several reminders.

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Date Pretty Hotties Tonight!

here I am again. crashing down. feelings tumbling. mixing into confusion.

I know it will get better, but I also know I will be back here again. so this isn’t a surprise.

I’m just so tired of it. I’m so tired, I just close my eyes and breathe and the thoughts are gone. the feelings are gone. but then, I look up, and I see it all again. I feel it all over. and I am so tired that I don’t feel anything. just…normal?

this makes zero sense. I make zero sense.

I am still holding on, still waiting, hoping, to get saved by someone. but I guess today is not that day.


Desde hoy haré el esfuerzo de no preocuparme por ti. Igual estoy casi segura que no piensas en mi. ¿En algún momento me extrañaste? Pero igual, estoy leyendo un libro, me atreveré a tomar como costumbre arriesgarme, espero que me vaya bien :D yupi