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's 123rd . Connecting w/ Kent Swig, 's Jackie Hlavenka and Michael Rudin. READ our article:

Getting Economic Incentives Can Be Crucial When Looking to Relocate or Expand Your Business. Learn How We Can Help!!

What ways are best when appraising value in commercial real estate? onlinecommercialmortgage

The City of Joliet is looking for a of a 18,000 sqft City-owned building. Incentives including , Grants, Tenant Improvements, , & are available. Follow the link for more information: .

Had an awesome breakfast with Tuesday! We value their partnership and look forward to continuing to work with them!

Simple and easy ways to word your marketing for real estate investments

Bank Rates & Cash Out available? WHAT!? – Special Multi Family Pricing… $commercialmortgageloans

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[in Kapu Cave]
  • Big Island Mike: Looking for us?
  • Frank: What the hell, Pua? I thought we were friends.
  • Pua: I don't know why you thought that.
  • Frank: 'Cause you kept saying we were. We had hard plans to go to Niagara Falls.
  • Big Island Mike: So, Pua, you’re friends with this detective?
  • Pua: Nah. This thirsty-ass bitch is just desperate for attention.
  • Frank: "Thirsty-ass bitch?" Okay, Nancy, now I know you're going to step in and defend me.
  • Nancy: Well, you WERE begging me to compliment you earlier.
  • Frank: Oh my god! This is the worst day of my life!

Looking for office space? We have 30,147 SF available for lease near Downtown Wilkes-Barre. The entire space is fit-out as call center/office space with plug ‘n play possibilities. For more information, watch our newest video!

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(at Hanover Township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania)

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