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Keeping it og . Cacio e pepe for 2 thanks to 's recipe

Vaya Preserve keeps your food warm for upto 6 hours thanks to its double walled insulation and VacuTherm technology.

Loving my cravings cookbook❤️ Butter Lettuce and Cayenne-Candied Walnuts

My new favorite from . Avert your eyes if you are calorie conscious! LOL! Trying to not make this a go to meal... but it’s soooo delicious... 🍕

I don’t know what it is about your Cravings cookbook but I finally feel comfortable in the kitchen. My parents and I thank you more importantly! 🙌🏻

Dal makhani is a popular dish from the Punjab region of the Indian subcontinent.The primary ingredients are whole black lentil, red kidney beans, butter and cream. Contact: 03 9731 0177

Preparing for Snowmageddon and just set off the fire alarm Oh well, nothing was actually on fire, just roasting tomatoes!

Today I had overwhelming . I wanted to give in so badly, yet I knew it was the wrong thing to do. I was utterly torn. So what did I do? I pulled a card and I drew the five of cups... To read the full story, please head over to my Insta

Finally getting to look thru my Christmas present from my hubby! What shall I try first ?

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Getting drug tested but have a filthy house

To meth, or not to meth, that is the question.

I noticed something… Since becoming vegan, my taste for sweets have greatly diminished. Like before I used to love eating pies, cakes, donuts, whatever. But now I just don’t crave that stuff anymore. My stomach literally frowns upon seeing it.

Cake on a plate? No thanks. Grapes on a vine? Yes, Mr. Mine. 

Tao is a fancy restaurant in Hollywood that features a wide selection of Asian specialities from lobsters to crispy ducks. When we went, we ordered the following items: glazed salmon, shrimp tempura roll, green bean tempura, crispy chicken, edamame, and the giant fortune cookie for dessert. The foods we tried were unique and exceeded our standards. Although they were all pricey, we believe the customers get what they pay for, a delicious and stylish five star dinner. All the foods were served medium hot and brought to us within 10 minutes, but the portions were somewhat smaller than we expected. Our favorite was the giant fortune cookie; we thought it was the best dessert for the best price. The waiter was friendly and thoroughly explained the menu since we weren’t familiar with the names of Asian foods. The overall meal was very light and healthier than most restaurants. The setting of the restaurant was also very impressive and unique as it had two floors and several large statues of Buddha and Quan Yin. The downsides to this restaurant are that it is expensive and only opens after 6 pm. We would recommend visiting Tao at least once for the experience but it is not somewhere that we would go frequently.

food: 10/10

service: 10/10

environment: 10/10

would return? yes

[ jan. 12 ]

We met with the high risk doctor yesterday! D had his blood drawn, so she wants to see us again in 3 weeks to discuss his blood results and for an anatomy ultrasound. We also heard her heartbeat for the first time! I’m so excited to meet our little junebug. It’s so weird to think that i’m 17 weeks now!!

Current cravings 🍽

mayo… ?? 🥪🍔

pickles 🥒

pizza 🍕

I’ve been making avocado egg burritos for breakfast, they’re wonderful 🤤

Whole 30: Day 2

Breakfast: banana, cutie orange

Lunch: Roasted Chicken salad with homemade raspberry vinegar dressing

Dinner: Pork chops, spiced applesauce, spinach

Snacks: sugar snap peas, celery, baby carrots

The cravings were real yesterday…if I was not around it then I was fine but some of my co-workers were enjoying some cookies in the back of the clinic and that was hard. I am very quickly finding how easily I gave into my temptations and cravings. I almost grabbed a cookie yesterday without even a thought, then I had to remind myself I was on the whole 30. The idea that I did that without evening thinking shows how comfortable I have gotten with convenience. Even driving home last night I kept wanting to stop and get something rather than just driving home to cook. After a full days shift, it is hard to want to go home and stand on your feet for even longer to cook a meal you could pick up in your car. However, this is the purpose of whole 30 is to change these habits, and your mindset. I do not want to be so dependent on other places to cook my food. There was a point several years ago when I use to basically live off of the whole 30 without even trying or thinking about it. I have just continued to cave into easy and convenient for too long and it has affected my judgement. 

Breakfast wasn’t really breakfast. It was more like grazing through out the morning. I have to be to work by 7:30 am which does not leave much time to cook a meal. For some people there is enough time in the morning, but my animals take up most of my mornings leaving little time for me to fit in coffee, food, and getting ready for the day. So I usually cut out food. Although I didn’t seem to get hungry until lunch time I really don’t feel like I ate enough. When I would find time between patients I would eat a piece of fruit. I need to consider some plan-ahead breakfasts that I can make so when I have early mornings I can just grab and go. 

So far I am loving my salad bowls I made. I prepared about 8 salad bowls for the week for Sam and I to eat through out the week for lunch (factoring in leftovers for a few days). It has made it so nice on days when I work 12 hour shifts to come home and just be able to sit down and not stress over lunch. I stress about enough things in a day, lunch should not be one of them.

Dinner was the bomb! I posted a picture from my phone last night of it with the picture in the book, and it was damn near perfect might I say. :D It was sooo simple to cook which made it nice. The applesauce (mush) that was on the side was…interesting. I would have it again, but I could also care less if I ever ate it again. Sam says I needed to adjust the spices and add some cinnamon which I agreed with. I also threw in some garlic which I think I could leave out next time. But the pork chops turned out amazing! I was so scared I ruined them because when I went to put them in the skillet they were still slightly frozen. So I placed them in the microwave and was going to check on it after a minute or so and got distracted. When I went to check it the edges were starting to cook, which made me worry I had made the meat tough. I didn’t so that is what I write off as a victory! 

Last night was my first night ever using ghee also, but I think I’ll be a fan. It got a lot hotter than I expected so I almost burnt one of the pork chops. I think I am going to try them on my eggs tomorrow morning and see if it makes a difference compared to olive oil.