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Wait. Is this Craig Grossi and Fred?? &fred ?

If I could say titty sprinkles on national TV, I'd be so happy

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(2019, English) After a long time- satisfying, edge-of-d-seat kinda thriller! 😍 Just Loved it.. 👌 Sm portion at d 2nd half ws hilarious & d way thrill & fun blnded ws really grt to see! ❤️ 's prfmnce.. 🙏 , & all.. 🤟 Dir- .. 👍 Must-watch! 😄

I tweeted ages ago and know he’s cost us a goal fuck pawson

クレイグおめでとう🎊 トゥイークといっしょにお出かけしてほしい👨‍🚀💫🚀&トゥイークのお手製シナモンロールが食べたい!の絵

Sin duda la pareja más feliz, la más sana al menos, Craig es el mejor novio de South Park. Dibujo 24 de 365 666 de 10,000 horas

クレイグって大日本プロレスに留学してた選手を覚えてるだろうか?Craig Classic クレイグ・クラシックとも名乗ってた。最近、自分のTwitterで、いいね!を押してくる。彼は絶対に日本語は読めないはずだ!でも元気で居てくれるのは嬉しいね。

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The grade 8’s are learning strategies for dealing with stress from our student nurses.

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Congrats to the Craig Of The Creek Crew in getting to the 100th episode!

Thanks for this amazing show Matt Burnett, Ben Levin & Jeff Trammell and the whole Craig Of The Creek Crew!!


???: Dude, are you finished yet? I wanna start!

???: Oh, fuck off, dude.

???: You should probably stop bothering him…


???: Yeah, Clyde. Stop bothering m-

Clyde: Oh my god, you got it working. You’re the best!

???: Let’s just get this over with…


Clyde: Oh my god. Okay, okay. Where do we start!?

???: You’re shaking dude, you should really calm down…

Clyde: Just excited!

???: You’re not participating, Token?

Token: I’m the one who’s planning everything…

???: Fair enough. Mind explaining what we’re doing Clyde?

Clyde: Yeah! Umm, so there have been sightings of this little spot in the mountains where it, like… never snows!

???: Yeah, I. Oh, by the way, stop putting my name as ???!

Clyde: Sorry-

Craig: Anyways. Token did some research and says that it perfectly matched something called a ‘GateKeeper’s Garden’.

Clyde: So we’re going there!

Token: Yeah, and Clyde wanted to make this blog to… talk about our findings and answer questions I guess? Have at it.

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