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What is this mixture of green sparkles for? You’ll have to see at @therockhousepub on Saturday June 2 to find out! Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door! Message me to secure yours! 💜
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Diary of a Gallery Volunteer

A Fossil Fuelled Thursday held at Bilston’s very own Craft Gallery.

The exhibit looks at Bilston’s industrial past highlighting the creative objects we produced and the origins of the fuel we used to produce them. Enamels, oil paintings and jewellery were fuelled by the coalmines and steelworks in the area. The craft session was held in the smaller exhibit room. It was an opportunity for the kids to make their own fossil, taking inspiration from the different fossils around them. Rob led the fossil making, showing the children what colours to use and giving them ideas. Insects, spiders and leaves were the most popular to draw today. We had colouring pages of the dinosaur and motorbike featured in the picture above on offer for the children too young to paint. 

Helen the face painter from Oodles of Doodles transformed the little explorers into spider-men and fairy unicorns. We didn’t have a dinosaur face paint request, but we did have a Batman dressed up T-Rex chasing Rob around the Gallery trying to eat him! As Bilston is a smaller lesser known gallery the groups of children came in steadier and I got to see how Rob tailored the explanations of the activity to each child or group. The relaxed pace compared to previous days allowed me to chat to the parents, instead of doing crowd control and apologies. Today was the last of the activities put on by Wolverhampton Arts Gallery for February half term but we shall be doing it all again soon, see you at Easter little explorers!


Covered in glitter bc bath bomb but also. I have 14 weeks left until I get to meet my small human. August can’t come soon enough.

Spring 2018
iPhone6s+ Hipstamatic Photography  
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Lowy Lens, Otto Film, No flash
Chakra Dream Catcher in Malaysia - #Malaysia #dreamcatcher #dreamcatchermalaysia #chakra #diy #handmade #7chakra

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A #morning #badidea? Too many ahah
Do you know anyone who could #craft inox 18/10 #barspoon? If yes please send me the contact =)
Don’t worry i promise that i’m also going to #improve my #english !
Thanks, peace and chicken
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I started playing around with the pieces and seeing what I could make with them. 


Sea ponies! Pinkie and Rarity :3

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For the balance project I already knew I wanted to look at type, but I didn’t want to create straight forward type design, as I’d done this before and I couldn’t think how to make it fit ‘balance. I started trying to work this out by searching through the materials I had as my disposal, and came across the laptop I dismantled in 1st year. This got me thinking about the interaction between analogue and digital. The computer parts I had to my type out of are physical objects, which is then captured digitally and transferred into a digital type. However it can be printed and made physical again. Does its meaning change with each transaction?  Is the physical worth more? The laptop is more expensive than the font because of the function it performs, yet the same parts go to make something worth less. This is a project about digital worth and physical worth. Is a photo on a laptop worth more or less than a printed image, and why is this so? Because of the craft involved in the printing process?


Made a quick stop to see the horses of Ocracoke Island and checked out the Village Craftsmen.

See the full set of photos on my Instagram.

Handcarved wok spoon from local cherry.

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Project Overview

So the first shoot’s film didn’t come out very well. Even though it was quite dark, I could still more or less figure out the composition of the picture, so I was able to see which would look good if I reshot. The problem was that I was indoors in very dim lighting, as I got access to a massive studio in Camberwell that was off limits due to it being underconstruction, so it had no electricity. So naturally the camera alone couldn’t do it without flash. I managed to get an idea of the elements of the pictures, so I scheduled a reshoot. 

Learning from this experience, I took both a 35mm film camera and DSLR, just to be safe. It was actually a good turning point for the project, as it became an experiment between the effects of digital vs. analogue on not just how an image looks but how it feels. The process of learning through doing was apparent through my first failure, so in a way it was a blessing in disguise. With the second shoot, I felt more confident with what I wanted the models to do and they were more comfortable having already done it before. Quite a valuable lesson to show that you really do have to practice something, you can’t just wing it. Sometimes you can. But not in this case. 

I was pretty happy with the digital shots, but it only ticked off one part of the brief: balance. There really wasnt much craft in terms of pointing and shooting, especially that I’d done the art direction before. When I got the film back, I was pleasantly surprised. As I shot the same image, same place twice, on different cameras, I was able to create a comparison between the two and could make out a clear list of what made them different - couldnt justify why. The flash was off in the digital images, which made them soft but lacked contrast. The film ones had a lot of contrast, and were brighter due to flash, but had a lot more depth. 

I think I achieved my goal of portraying balance through colour and composition as I wanted, but not sure if the idea of inner balance came through. So I decided to make a little booklet of the images with a graphic interpretation of inner balance - and immediately thought of this: 


It’s a conflicted smiley face. It also works really well because it relates to the emoji culture of today’s gen. which kindof just works. I put it all together and got it printed on recycled paper, which flicked through really smoothly, and another copy on Munken card, which held itself much better and was more grounded. Again, very different results simply by changing one element. 

To make the project better, I think I would have explored more venues and better shoot locations, not for the aesthetic but simply somewhere with more width and room, to give that feeling of grandioseness. 

Preview of Pluto. Still need to figure out how to reinforce her rod to keep it from bending…(me thinks it’s time to go shave down some bamboo skewers again)


My first try building a doll house.
The house part wasn’t hard but the details, specially without understandable instructions. Everything was in Japanese. 😕

Finally, I can give my Harrison Ford Sims a minor face tilt that will give them a slanted nose.

And also bigger man hands.

I wish I had free time right now so I could boot up my game.

Hng… 😍😩