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Rapunzel is always day dreaming! Find this design on our website here:

Working on getting vector designs for more pokemon vinyl decals to decorate all of the things. I am still deciding on pricing but thinking 3-10$ each plus shipping depending on size.

Cookies for Santa or snacks for your Christmas guests will be more delicious when you serve them on this charming owl platter! has a full line of Christmas decor.

Anyone else? Neatly Nesting for the majority of my house, but more like Cluttered Crafting for my office.

These mini dresses are so cute and will fit all sizes of pets to keep them looking so adorable. has a full line of pet supplies and Christmas decor.

Bridal shower gifts from my friend Dawn's wedding I thought of! Everyone seemed to love it!

Crafting has many benefits for seniors and the holiday season is the perfect time of year to work on projects! You can decorate wreaths, decorate ornaments, and so much more! What's your favorite holiday craft to work on with your loved ones?

A shadow box I did years ago for my best friend's engagement. I wish I had a better picture.

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I think massive would be an appropriate word. I sure hope bigger is better.

Merry, um, Christmas?

Proof that I’ve been hanging around my BFF’s husband far too long.  I’m picking up recipes for a torch I’m working on, and see this, and in my head I hear this in his voice:

“This Christmas, give her the gift that keeps on giving.  Give her … the Gift of Wood.”

I sat and giggled for like 10 minutes straight.  I’m a terrible person.   XD


These DIY polymer clay earrings are perfect for a girls’ crafting night.


Loving your crafting space? Upgrade it with a professional dust cover. Many fabrics available. Link in Bio.
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Wow!!! 😍
This diy fountain looks so real.
What do you think about this decor idea?
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So, some things have happened since I was away! I mean, clearly, since I haven’t bothered to clean my little side table. :p

The biggest thing to happen is that I spent the evening shopping with my Aunt Shari. We both had a nice time. She asked me to do something for her that I haven’t done, yet, and I hope I can do a good job for her. She’s diabetic and dealing with renal failure, and they’ve put a port on her right side, but they’ve also put something in her left arm that is permanent to do dialysis. 

She finds it excessively cold in the hospital, where these treatments take place, and so she asked me if I could make some alterations to some of her sweatshirts for her. She’d like me to cut off the sleeve and put on some snaps so she can just snap it on and off. Far enough up so that when she snaps it off there’s nothing in the way of the nurses working on her arm, and she can keep her sweatshirt on other than that, and then just snap the sleeve back on once she’s done with her treatment. I’m going to try to do a good job for her! But, that’s what those snaps and the little adorable baby hammer is for. :)

Moving on. I got a zipper for my knitting needle bag, the packaging says it’s lilac. I like light purple for this. Unfortunately, none of the zippers were the right size, either too short or too long, so I’m going to try to put a new stop in this zipper. I’ve never done that before but hopefully I can manage it. I’ve seen other people do it, so I theoretically know how. :p We’ll see.

And what’s that little jar of buttons? I can’t remember if I mentioned it before so I’m mentioning it again if I have. I went to Dollar Tree a little while back and this little jar of buttons was an impulse buy next to the register.

Now, what’s that book?? It’s a project planner. It doesn’t have any blank pages or graph paper in it, but I don’t use that anyway. I’m actually finding it really helpful. It was less than $5 at Walmart and it solves my problem that I had with my previous project planner that was specifically for crochet. It actually solves more than one problem. With this planner I can cluster all of my crafts together, without having to have three different planners for each thing I do. If I want to do some sewing, I can use this planner, and if I want to do a crochet or knitting project I can do that and all of them can be planned out in the same planner, all in one place.

It may not be a fancy book or even specific to anything, but I like it and it works for me. :)
Nerdy cross stitch patterns by CrossStitchParlour
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a current idea on my mind is creating a little work space in my apartment. my dad has a big table i can get for cutting fabric. my sewing machine will be there ofc but on another table and i will put up my crafting tools on the wall together with a mood board and other inspirational things! there will be a drawer for all my fabric. ideally, there will be an adjustable mannequin/dummy/doll as well. and light ! lots of lamps and light. oh how thrilled i am just thinking about it!

Maybe it’s weird but getting into more crafts and stuff has done more than anything else has teaching me how to be kind to myself because the thing is that you make mistakes! That’s a part of learning to make things with crochet or knitting or anything else and you can see where you messed up and see how to fix it. It’s kind of wholesome seeing something you put hours into and it can be frustrating seeing the flaws in your finished project but at the same time there’s something healing about it? The mistakes are there and more often than not it’s obvious to you what you did, and while you might never make the same thing again you still know how you would do it the next time

And starting new crafts has also done a lot for me in regards to me being kinder to myself like I’ve been trying to learn how to tat (a form of lace making) and I’m really frustrated because I keep messing up my tension at important parts but I’m still working at it because I can do it I know how to do it because if seen how it’s done and read how it’s done and have gotten a few stitches right. I’m also trying to learn embroidery and I have one of those kits with the lines drawn on there and it’s annoying how I keep messing up and leaving the lines out there in the open but I can do it. Just because I’m having trouble now doesn’t mean I will later. Learning things is a process

There’s something that I just find so empowering about the whole process of taking raw materials and creating something out of them. You’re granting form to whatever materials you work with, shaping them into something beautiful, and it’s a process. I’m not the best at any of these things that I do but I’m working at them and seeing how to get better and what I need to get better. I’ve learned patience watching the yarn turn into a scarf or a hat because of me, and the thing is I’m a work in progress, too. We all are, and we all make mistakes. The thing is that we can get better, and we can heal, and it’s hard but we can do it. I believe in us.