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Despite having a large vanity set, you may be concerned by your even larger makeup stacks. Look at some craft ideas we've compiled if you need help getting everything stored properly

Despite having a good sized vanity with plenty of space, you may still be concerned by your beauty product situation. Look at these crafts to get moving on an organization plan that might even be mildly amusing!

The Covent Market is hosting a series of kids programming in crafting. They teach a new craft every weekend in the month of March! Check out more details Covent Garden Market Canada

Even if you have a large vanity with plenty of space, you might sometimes be overwhelmed by the makeup situation. Its none of our business but check out these ideas if you need some help

Latest DIY Project: I made a hospital mask because I found they helped my allergies, totally not because I’m trying to copy KPOP 🤓 Used: -Bread twistie tie= nose adjuster. -Fabric scrap: sew in 3 pleats. -Elastic.

Despite having a good sized vanity with plenty of space, you may still be concerned by your beauty product situation. Look at these crafts to get organized and keep it that way once and for all

Do you need a place to hold your crafting group? We have a table you can book for FREE! Enquire instore or email us on

Introducing Cruplings! These little guys will help out by collecting resources for you! The more you have in your party, the faster you can collect!

Our March date for cross stitch has now completely sold out! We still have a few spots on our April date if you'd like to come and stitch yourself up one of these cuties. . . .

🍕Join me at 1pm today for another episode of Aunt Anne's Tree on ! Today's project is this whimsical pepperoni pizza ornament! Tune in for your chance to win one! 🍕

Today (Thu 21st) 7.30pm: The Stokes Crafters meet at the Poplar Rooms, North Road, Stoke Gifford

Despite having a good sized vanity with plenty of space, you might still be concerned by your makeup situation. Check out these crafts to get organized and keep it that way once and for all

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My Advice to You

You don’t know if you like something until you try it right? Failure is the acceptance that you might not always get it right the first time, but that doesn’t mean you’re a failure to begin with. A skill takes time and patience to master and plus you need to do it in order to realize whether you’ll like something or not, you just have to jump in and test the waters. It’s almost like never saying stuff that you should say or tell someone. You’re always gonna regret never committing the action until you finally end up doing it or the guilt eats you away. So my advice is to not fear failure, in fact you should embrace failure; for failure leads to success over time. NASA didn’t get to the moon on their first try or they didn’t always end up going to the ISS every time a space shuttle launched, the constitution of the United States has several amendments, and my teacher always fucked up saying my name and she knew it yet she still tried. Failure will always be a part of life. Regardless of it it’s towards your passion or life in general lol you just need to learn to live with it and to rise back up when you’ve fallen (: you just need to give things a try. If things don’t work out, don’t sweat it, but at least try your best and give it some time.

I may have mentioned this before, but I knit. I was a pattern tester for the bag above. Originally for dice. I had severe problems with it, but I decided to give it another go with the rainbow yarn. So how much easier. I am going to make the rainbow bag into a tarot bag to hold my cards.

I also need to put a design on the gray bag and I am going to put a special design on the rainbow one. I am excited!

I wanna make a weighted blanket but I can’t afford those plastic pellet things for a project that might fail,,, can I just use like, gravel

I made my friend a sweater with her italian grey hound puppy on it for her birthday! She loves it and is so happy and that makes me so happy!!! I was able to finish this sweater in only fifteen days, too, which has to be a record for me.

The pattern used is called “Brick”!


Working on some #fun #epoxy #resin #pendants that #glow in the dark! I used the traditional #green glow powder and mixed in some #blue dye to get this #magical aqua color! #StayTuned for more #photos of the #workinprogress
#diy #epoxyresin #resinepoxy #epoxyjewelry #WhatIsHeMakingNow #glowinthedark #crafty #crafting #craft

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Do you have collectible lithographs? I made a light up box hanging shadow frame today for some of mine, and hung it where we usually put our holiday light sign (why there’s a spare nail between the frames!). My crafting skills go way beyond Ears… if there is something you would like created, but just aren’t quite sure how… Send me a message, and let me make it for you! We can work out the details and work out the pricing and get you set up for the perfect thing for you! Have a terrific Tuesday everyone.

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@loadingterrain came up with this cute idea of making your crafting recipe with 3 blocks, 3 misc, and 3 of whatever you want!

ill go over real quick why i chose what i did to those who’d like to know!

(btw the texture pack is mizunos incase u want to try it)

- spruce leaves are my favorite leaves and favorite wood

- i’m a big optimist and try to be positive, so the beacon represents my optimism (if that makes sense)

- the color of blue terracota was one of the inspirations for my minecraft oc’s color scheme!

- i’m softvwoops… the ender pearl explains itself


- the enchanted book is an infinity book! the infinity sign has a personal and special meaning to me :)

- lilacs are my favorite flower!

- i ALWAYS have to have a water bucket with me, no matter what

- i have a good memory about sponges in minecraft. me and my brother would make air bubbles with it before minecraft made the water have physics!