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Do you love to knit or craft? Then come over and join our Craft Club. We are opened every Tuesday from 1-3pm, everyone is allowed to come. We are at the Seaside Community Hub on Seaside.

Do you have extra yarn laying around? Why not make a beautiful wall hanging to enhance the decor of your favourite space? DIY: via

Vintage French Kitchen Digital Collage Sheet Instant Download Découpage Images

Whether it’s making pillows, or creating vintage ottomans, Heritage is the place to be for fun activities. Check out our calendar to join in the fun. 

This PUL fabric is BPA free, food-safe, water-resistant, washable and super durable! It's great for making food bags, diaper bags, diapers and much more! Shop:

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There are lots of methods for fabric marking including using tailor’s tacks and tracing paper and a wheel, but this is the method my Mum taught me years ago and the one I normally use.

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Amazing Geometric Decor ideas for your Home.Join @1minutediycrafts for interesting crafts and hacks.    

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Just finished my pride and joy! My first crocheted amigurimi! A soft octopus!

He is precious! The pattern I used was actually for those octopi the folks in the NICU use to comfort preemies. Apparently the legs mimic umbilical cords in the incubators, and the babies hold them, and it makes them feel better. So wholesome. I know a certain someone who’s having a baby soon, so this may be part of my gift to her!

Today’s color is…. purple! 💜 I surprisingly haven’t made that many mostly purple items over the years. It’s never been one of my favorite colors, but I do quite love these ten purple/lavender weirdos I’ve created.

All of these have since been shipped off to new homes but I can remake almost anything I’ve made in the past if you ask nicely. 🤗 Simply send me a DM and I’d love to work with you to make something custom!


Here is a demolding of a see through pastel-ish(?) Ash tray/ trinket dish I poured for next release! I wanted to do lighter colors since I know everyone is not about the dark life like I am 😂
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Jedi Holocron

For the time being, I think I’m gonna alternate between posting new crafts and stuff I’m working on and older stuff.

The new stuff will have progress pictures and such (hopefully); sadly, I don’t have many of those for the older crafts.

Anyways, here’s the first of many things I’ve made! It’s a 3D-printed replica of a Jedi holocron from Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV show. The panels are frosted colored plexiglass. Magnets let me change how it’s oriented (since my lack of Force powers keeps me from opening it like Anakin does in the show).


ENCHANTED TANNERY - 4k textures for leather crafting materials

  • 4k texture options for leather crafting materials (2k and 1k in plans)
  • aimed to be realistic and semi lore-friendly
  • for Frosty Mod Manager (v.

Download on NEXUS

Ps. Thank you all for nice comments and support! I think my progress won’t be possible without all that love and inspiration I received from the community and KNY discord family. I hope you guys will enjoy my work. 

Happy modding!