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It’s 🥙 time which means there just 7.5 hours lefted to get your tweets in and to show off your creative products or business. Don’t wait until 8pm

Here we are again, another at the Might be able to move back into my today, we shall see. If not, that won't stop me muhahaha Whatever you're working on, have a good one!

Last Call! Makers, crafters and artists if you want to participate in our summer evening markets, forms must be in by Wednesday! Email me if you still need a form! . . . . .

Find out more about our latest Show and Tell craft demo and join the Happy Barnet Facebook group to watch and take part! This month, fellow craft challenger, Jackie Cameron will be talking about Corner 2 Corner crochet!

Lovely day here in Join us until 3pm at The Magdalen’s Pub, Princess Road, HG4 1HW

Loving the in People sharing their craft skills and great opportunities to sell what you make

& thoroughly enjoying excellent expressed through has written a moving & informative book A for all & those interested in & working together

Drop by the WVerley Legion today, there will be some great treasures to discover! 9am-2pm

52nd Annual Fiesta Days August 2-4, 2019, Frazier Park, CA. , , sign up soon! Spaces going fast, details at . .

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Any other fellow crafters just melt in the heat and give up on making anything?

plush commissions

Hallo Tumblr!

I’m in need of recommendations! The market is SORELY lacking in adorable Tony Stark plushies and I so desperately want one! I’d also like to support an artist! Can I have some recommendations for artists here on tumblr (or etsy I suppose or wherever!) that make plushies and who take commissions? 

And\or if you know of somebody who makes Tony Stark plushies can you point me in their direction? NOT Iron Man…Tony. 

Thank you!
Voltron Makers Zine/Voltron Legendary Crafters Zine
This is a survey form to gauge interest in a Voltron zine centered around the Crafters and Makers of the Voltron fandom. This can include: props, cosplays, customized figures/dolls, plushies, papercrafts, kigus/hoodies, embroidery, sculpting, crochet/knitting, needle felting, and more! Pretty much anything you can think of that doesn't fall into the typical categories of written works or digital/traditional illustrations (with the possible exception of traditional mixed media works, illustrated papercrafts, etc) This survey is to gauge interest on what possible contributors and those who are interested in purchasing a copy want to see from this zine if it does move forward.

Calling all makers/crafters of the Voltron fandom!

This is an interest check for the possibility of a Voltron zine centered around the makers and crafters of the fandom. There are so many awesome zine projects out there featuring the talented artists and writers of our fandom, but often forgotten are the crafty inclined! We have so much talent and variety in this fandom that falls outside writing and illustrative arts and this zine is to give those creators a chance to shine!



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Whether it’s thanking a teacher, a repair person, or a volunteers at an animal rescue, scented bookmarks make a great, small, and affordable thank you gift!

These bookmarks and more are available through my etsy store:

Omg more pin ideas!!!

So we need a Benjamin Button pin (or 13) and a Je Suis Calme! Pin plus:

  • The butterfly mural
  • Taylor as a cat (like the one Ellen gave her)
  • Taylor as Aurora/Sleeping Beauty (bc there’s obviously something there with the whole pink/blue thing)
  • All the different wax seal stamp colors

I forking love my job. The people I meet are interesting and creative, and I feel, are changing ideas of what a Crafter looks like. For examples of who I talk to:

I had a man come in, in his early 20s, and say to me, “Hi, I do embroidery, and was wondering where your floss and embroidery hoops are?” Superb!

A man walks up to the register with yarn literally bursting out of his arms, saying, “My wife went to the car, she didn’t want to stand in the line,” and was talking about the hats that’ll be made from the yarn. When I asked if his wife was adding the ½" tall baby Easter chicks to the hats she was making, he replied, “I’M making. I’m the knitter. My wife suggested I take up a hobby besides being on Facebook on my phone all the time.” He loves it, and donates the hats to shelters, and does fundraising with them for children’s charities.

The small, elderly woman who marches in, looking like the organ player at church, complete with tiny hat, and demands to see our selection of model cars, because she customises them to look like they’ve been rusting in the yard for decades.

The woman who does scrapbooks for each of her children’s lives, including all their awards for extra curricular activities, and needs hockey stickers, which we barely have. She stands in the middle of the last sticker aisle, hands on her hips, saying, “Well crap, I know your business is an American-based company, but this is Canada. Where the heck are all the hockey stickers? Nobody cares about all this baseball here! I’m contacting the head office; we need hockey stickers!”

The man who was making a glitter bomb.

The man buying art supplies for his nephew, who ended up inspiring me to continue drawing.

The painting artist who comes in and talks to me like we’ve been friends for ten years.

The family (mom, dad, bro, sis) who encouraged the smallest (girl) to identify the stones making up my necklaces today. She got all but the howlite and the slice of agate, but I was pleased that they’re teaching their children about stones and crystals and said so. I didn’t know why I wore so many necklaces when I put them on this morning, but I’m glad I did as it gave her an opportunity to see them and learn.

The elderly lady who refers to crochet as “crotchetting. Because so many old people are crotchety. Not me though, I have sense, and respect for others, and I’ll stand up against rude old people because I’m also an old people and they listen to me.”

I love my job.


Kittles says she’s over me crocheting

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