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Halloween WITCH HAT CANDY DISH Bucilla Plastic Canvas Kit

Jewelry by Dawnya creates beautiful jewelry with a distinct Bohemian vibe! Be sure to stop by their booth! Make sure to stop by their booth in Columbus!

Calling all & - we are thinking of running regular here at what do you think? Get in touch if you would like to be involved :-)

Calling all ! The very talented Eva Kecseti will be holding a at the RBB in March! In this workshop you'll get to gorgeous sunglasses case from scratch. Spaces are very limited, so early booking advised.

Have you visited our Call for Artists page? Sort by state, show date, or deadline and get your work out there!

Useful from the much-anticipated was revealed at . The latest were taken from a sample of over 3,000 , with conducted by independent research specialists Linda Jones & Partners. Find out more:


Thanks for a lovely chat, ❀️ I’m Rebecca from πŸ”₯ and enjoy melting glass at the torch flame to make beads for makers and . I run courses too! This week I’ve blogged about β€˜the numbers’ and πŸ‘‰

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Vendors and Crafters Wanted -- ONLINE Events Dates: April 2-7 2019 Location: On Facebook Cost: $7 only πŸ‘‰To Sign up visit: Or Send us a message at

The market aims at embracing your passion for food, creativity, music and for fun while spending time with loved ones. We have seats for everyone to come and have a bliss experience.

and and please consider following my blog! I share snippets of writings, daily musings, cards and more! Friend to friend - id like to meet you! Here’s my blog - link to follow is at the bottom View Web Version πŸ™β€οΈ

The Graphics Fairy is a resource for Home and with over 5,000 FREE Vintage Stock images, , Old Pictures, Antique to MAKE projects, collage, , , etc.

Apparently some maker makes teddy bears for pet white rats .. you go girl!

Stamp & shows are a great time with a community of . They only happen 1 or 2 times a year in the same area. Good news on Friday 22nd & Saturday 23rd February we're going to be in Irving! Learn more here!

Tempting flavours such as Melogene Chutney, Sorrel Pepper Jam, Papaya & Cinnamon Jam and much more will be available at our Artisan Market : Sunday 24th Feb :

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Die letzten zwei Tage habe ich ja alle Umverpackungen etc. von Projekt - Kits, oder von Project - Life, entsorgt, und den Inhalt in zwei Alex - Schubladen, von Ikea, untergebracht. Einfach um mehr Platz zu schaffen, und mehr Übersicht zu haben. Alles an Ort und Stelle - ohne erst noch irgendwelche Stanzteile heraustrennen zu müssen… Um dennoch Übersicht zu haben, was befindet sich eigentlich in den Schubladen… habe ich mir eigens einen Ordner darüber angelegt… Das erinnert einen auch daran - was man eigentlich alles hat… Dies rückwirkend von 2012, das Jahr, indem ich bei SU angefangen habe… Die Alex - Schubladen habe ich dementsprechend mit Dymoband ausgezeichnet… : PROJECT SET‘S & PL… 💐 The last two days I’ve disposed of all the outer packaging etc. from Project Kits, or from Project Life, and put the contents in two Alex drawers, from Ikea. Simply to create more space and to have more overview. Everything in place - without first having to cut out any punched parts … To still have an overview, what is actually in the drawers … I’ve specially created a folder about it … That reminds you of it - what you actually have everything … This retroactively from 2012, the year I started with SU … I awarded the Alex drawers accordingly with Dymoband …: PROJECT SET’S & PL … 💐 #papierwerke #bastelzimmer #kreativ #stamp #stamper #stamping #stampers #craft #crafter #crafters #craftroom #craftroomorganization #craftroomstorage #papierliebe #dymo #stampinupdeutschland #stampinupdemo #stampinupdemonstrator #stampinupgermany #stamps #stamped #craftstudio

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Kleiner Drehturm für Accessoires von Stampin‘ Up! Passend zu den Artikeln, die ich in der Alex - Schublade von Ikea untergebracht habe. Staubfreie Aufbewahrung und, bei Bedarf, schnell zur Hand… 💐 Small turret for accessories from Stampin ‘Up! Matching the items I put in the Alex drawer of Ikea. Dust-free storage and, if necessary, fast to hand … 🥰🥰🥰 #papierwerke #kreativ #Bastelzimmer #stampinup #stampin #stamp #stamper #stamping #craft #crafter #crafting #craftroom #craftroomorganization #crafters #papierliebe #stampinupdemo #stampinupdemonstrator #stampinupdeutschland #stampinupgermany #craftstudio #ikea #paperlove

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Hallo zusammen, heute möchte ich euch mein Sichttafelsystem zeigen… es nennt sich: Durable Sichttafelsystem, 585501 Sherpa Style 10, Tischversion, kostet 55 Euro auf Amazon. Es enthält 10 Sichttafeln, also können 20 DIN A4 Papiere untergebracht werden. Das schöne ist, es kann je nach Bedarf immer und jederzeit angepasst / aktualisiert werden. Ich habe mir unter anderem die HEX Werte der SU Farben ausgedruckt und einsortiert. Diese Werte brauche ich dann doch öfter - und so kann schnell mal blättern und nachsehen. Auch der Color Coach ist enthalten, und ein paar Anleitungen zum Thema Big Shot, prägen und Klebemittel. Die jeweiligen Blätter habe ich entweder aus dem SU Katalog entnommen, zugeschnitten, oder mir über die SU Seite ausgedruckt… ein paar Sichttafeln habe ich noch frei, habe da auch schon eine klasse Idee… 🥰 Diese veröffentliche ich dann direkt nach Umsetzung… 🥰💐💐💐 Hello everybody, today I want to show you my viewing system … it’s called: Durable Display System, 585501 Sherpa Style 10, table version, costs 55 Euro on Amazon. It contains 10 panels, so 20 A4 papers can be accommodated. The nice thing is, it can always be customized and updated as needed. Among other things, I have printed and sorted out the HEX values ​​of the SU colors. I need those values ​​more often - and so I can quickly browse and look. Also included is the Color Coach, and a few tutorials on big shot, embossing, and adhesives. The respective leaves I have either taken from the SU catalog, cut, or printed on the SU side … I have a few panels still free, there’s already a great idea … 🥰 This I publish directly after implementation … 🥰💐💐💐
#papierwerke #bastelzimmer #kreativ #stampinup #stampinupdeutschland #stampinupdemo #stampinupdemonstrator #stamping #stamp #craft #craftroom #craftroomorganization #craftstudio #crafter #crafters #durable #stampinupgermany #papierliebe

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Ordner Prägeformen… Pro Prägeform einmal ein Muster, geprägt auf Vanille Pur, aufgeklebt auf Trennblätter in Savanne. Vorneweg Anleitungen für die BigShot und zum Prägen, und ein Inhaltsverzeichnis. Schöne Muster, die schnell gezeigt werden können, wenn sich z.B. eine Kundin inspirieren lassen möchte… 💐 Folder Embossing Molds … For each embossing pattern, a pattern, embossed on vanilla pure, glued on dividing sheets in savannah. Previously, instructions for the BigShot and embossing, and a table of contents. Beautiful patterns that can be quickly shown when e.g. would like to inspire a customer … #papierwerke #kreativ #bastelzimmer #herlitz #stamp #stamper #stamping #stampers #stampinup #stampinupdeutschland #stampinupgermany #stampinupdemo #stampinupdemonstrator #papierliebe #craft #crafter #crafters #craftroom #craftroomorganization #craftstudio #crafting #prägefolder

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Athame, sword or Altar Knife

When starting out I did not know about what to about carrying a knife around when worshipping away from home, I settled for a letter opener, I picked one up cheap in the sales and had it for many years. Depending on your type of worship you Athame may need to be practical and Sharpe, a cutting tool as well as a magical tool. My Atame is purely for rites and rituals and I don't feel the need to take it with me when I go outdoors to worship - I feel my wand is enough.

so when starting out keep safety in mind and your local laws about carrying knives, make sure if you have a sharp knife that you wrap it carefully and keep out of the way of small children. and it like my son you have a sword that you are careful not to swing it around when working with others

I draw in the quarters with my athame, I believe the point allows a channel from the spirits of the quarters to physically travel and make contact with me as it does calling in the god and goddess - it is also good for drawing a circle in the back yard.

My current Atame I waited for and at one gathering a pagan crafter was selling his wares, he had crafted the handle from bog wood that is thousands of years old and he was also a farrier so he was able to make the blade - the pentacle was sourced from another crafter. It was expensive but I had specifically put the money aside for this item. it is now 30 year since I purchased this and is an integral part of my kit

If you make things, you are special to me. It doesn’t matter what you make or how often you share your things. It doesn’t matter if it’s my kind of thing or not or beautiful or silly or serious. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first quick try or something you’ve been working on for years. If you make things, you are special to me. I will always want to experience your things and will feel honored if you choose to let me. I will always be ready to talk about your things honestly and openly, whenever you want. I will always respect your ownership of your things. If you make things, you are special to me. You don’t need to justify your choices or interests or feelings to me. You don’t need an excuse to pm me. You don’t need an invitation to jump into whatever I’m in. If you make things, you are special to me. I have you in a part of my heart that’s warm and sheltered, that flutters when I see your name on my screen, that hurts when you’re upset, that glows when you’re excited, that has no lease or rent or dress code. It’s not much, but it’s what I have to give, and I want you to know.


Kittles says she’s over me crocheting

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Dates and times for the live crafting videos


🦑 What an awesome idea, and decoration! Maybe it will inspire something creative in you this weekend 👩‍🎨 #getcrafty #getinspired 🦑🦑 🦑🦑#Repost @wooodworking with @get_repost
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β˜Ύβš›Living Archereationsβš›β˜½ Volume 1 ⚘ Abstract Aspen Can Planters

How do you turn a bunch of grimy, tin cans into realistic, artistic, aspen-tree planters in an indoor garden?

Well, first off you eat a lot of soup and beans, but more vitally,

You create

Creating is a process, as anyone who has ever created anything as simple as crafts to as complex as a symphony knows.

What I want to know is this: what makes this process unique? Can anyone do it?

All you people out there who believe they have no talent and are about as creative as a pair of plain white socks, this one’s for YOU!

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Crafty Secret Santa!

I think it would be a really great idea to have a secret Santa of sorts. Let me explain.

There are a lot of needlepoint and cross stitch works and things I see on here that I really like. It gives me so much motivation to try it, but I want one. But every time I look, I can never make a decision and just forget about it. I think it would be great if someone looked through my tumblr, see the things I liked, and then found a project they thought I would love. Or even made one that would be perfect for me! There are so many beautiful things and I don’t know what I would want.

I would pay for the item because, well, it’s for me. But I don’t know how I would even go about doing this or even if anyone would go along with the idea. But I just want some crafts.