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The Graphics Fairy is a resource for Home and with over 5,000 FREE Vintage Stock images, , Old Pictures, Antique to MAKE projects, collage, , , etc.

2019 dates just released! & shows are a great time with a community of . They only happen 1 or 2 times a year in the same area...... where will we get to meet you? See where we will be here

Tribal πŸ‚ A Gorgeous 7.8” wrap bracelet Strung on natural leather with beautiful coloured superduo beads finished with a handmade ceramic disc fastener and some size 6 beads on the tied ends! Β£15.00 plus Β£1.50 p&p

Thanks to all our Collectivist who took part in last Saturday's craft market at - we raised over Β£600 for homeless charity and church Guild projects.

People will send you their , and from there it's your that comes into play. : make art from people's memories. Join us on our -to-peer marketplace.

with people's memories! Can you found more original gift for the loved ones? What about a made of children drawing? An original way to preserve . Join

Avisamos! Muchos de los locales hoy y maΓ±ana en . Y ademΓ‘s con humor!

Don't forget to visit 's Makers Market today! With live performances, delicious , mulled wine and 30 of the best designers, and the has to offer. 8th December. 11am - 5pm.

So it’s SUPER STALL SATURDAY. First up is our new trader Little Lovers Ceramics. Little Lovers creates jewellery & home ware from porcelain clay. Everything is carefully hand crafted and kiln fired in their studio.

2019 dates just released! & shows are a great time with a community of . They only happen 1 or 2 times a year in the same area...... where will we get to meet you? See where we will be here

Hey - a Daily Prize in the A.C. Moore - Season of Surprises Giveaway! New prize daily! Click Link to Enter: Ends 12-24 **Please RETWEET!**

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@thesaltyraven is representing us at the Crafty Wonderland sale & handing out coupons for the store! Go see them & many of our other amazing vendors today!!
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More lovely #Christmasgifts from the Conscious Crafties gang the link is in my bio, why not have a look 👀
Christmas Shopping?🦌 Checkout the @conscious_crafties Christmas Section!! 🎁We have lots of Festive handmade Creations made by our talented Crafties 🎅
🎄 🎄
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Made by #crafters with #chronicillness #disabilities or #carers #Repost @conscious_crafties with @get_repost (at Spratt’s Designs)

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The Koficounter is open!

The Koficounter is a tumblr account devoted to helping creators on Kofi gain more support and exposure. If you are a creator or you know one on that you think deserves more recognition do not hesitate to submit an exceptional piece of work done by the artist and a link to their Kofi page!


-All posts must have a link to the creator’s kofi account. If no link is provided the post in question will be taken down!

-All posts with links will be checked to make sure the work presented belongs to the creator in question. If it doesn’t the post will be taken down!

-NO nsfw material can be posted! Let’s keep it PG-13 okay?

-A creator can ONLY be recognized ONCE on the Koficounter tumblr page. We don’t want over or under exposure for any one creator!

-Repost to your heart’s content on your own and other’s pages! That’s the whole point of the Koficounter to begin with!

-Fan Art or creative content creators are allowed!

Failure to follow guidelines will end in you being banned from the page. Now go support some Kofi creators!


🦑 What an awesome idea, and decoration! Maybe it will inspire something creative in you this weekend 👩‍🎨 #getcrafty #getinspired 🦑🦑 🦑🦑#Repost @wooodworking with @get_repost
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β˜Ύβš›Living Archereationsβš›β˜½ Volume 1 ⚘ Abstract Aspen Can Planters

How do you turn a bunch of grimy, tin cans into realistic, artistic, aspen-tree planters in an indoor garden?

Well, first off you eat a lot of soup and beans, but more vitally,

You create

Creating is a process, as anyone who has ever created anything as simple as crafts to as complex as a symphony knows.

What I want to know is this: what makes this process unique? Can anyone do it?

All you people out there who believe they have no talent and are about as creative as a pair of plain white socks, this one’s for YOU!

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I also forgot to post this! Hand embroidered Draecyon from Crystal Cursed. Writing that book helped me get into witchcraft, because of the research I did on some of the crystal associations. And look where I am over a year later!

I’m using this as an excuse to take more witchy photos, too ♥


Our set up! 💜💙 #knitting #knitters #knits #knitsale #craft #crafters #craftersofinstagram #knittersofinstagram #wearableart #fibreart #fibrearts #medicinehat

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Crafters of Tumblr, I need your help!

I purchased this needlepoint/tapestry canvas from the thrift store and I really want to finish it. I have never done this type of needle art before and I wanted to know if you guys know of affordable thread/yarn that I should use for it. From what’s already on it it looks like the first person used worsted yarn but I’m not sure. 

What do you guys think? Get worsted knitting yarn? Or should I get a different type of thread/yarn?

Crafty Secret Santa!

I think it would be a really great idea to have a secret Santa of sorts. Let me explain.

There are a lot of needlepoint and cross stitch works and things I see on here that I really like. It gives me so much motivation to try it, but I want one. But every time I look, I can never make a decision and just forget about it. I think it would be great if someone looked through my tumblr, see the things I liked, and then found a project they thought I would love. Or even made one that would be perfect for me! There are so many beautiful things and I don’t know what I would want.

I would pay for the item because, well, it’s for me. But I don’t know how I would even go about doing this or even if anyone would go along with the idea. But I just want some crafts.